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Twitter has much bigger problems than bots, according to its former head of security, who just dropped a bomb in claims to the federal government that the site’s security is so lax it’s a risk to national security, and the company allegedly has foreign intelligence agents on the payroll.

Well, Elon Musk may have his good reason to back out of the Twitter deal after all! A bombshell set of allegations from Twitter’s former head of security dropped Tuesday morning, a now-whistleblower who has apparently already been working with the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and Securities and Exchange Commission.

That former head of security submitted disclosures to those agencies, as well as Congress, detailing what CNN calls “reckless and negligent cybersecurity policies,” including that thousands of Twitter employees have access to central controls with no oversight, that executives have been knowingly lying to investors and regulators for years, and that that company likely has foreign spies on the payroll. (The story was simultaneously given to the Washington Post.)


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