To Fellow Pakistanis,    – URGENT by Mahboob A. Khawaja

Sept 10, 2023

To Fellow Pakistanis,    – URGENT
To Fellow Pakistanis,    – URGENT
Our country and all of its mainstream lifelines are mismanaged, systematically corrupted and its essential energies drained out by the few neo-colonial families; the nation-building was ignored and more thugs, indicted criminals called politicians have undermined its futuristic sustainability. I have a bigger view of our national affairs from North America.  You know for years that as a scholar in global affairs, I am truthful, honest and do not subscribe to any political affiliation in Pakistan. Therefore, you must understand the exceptional urgency of affairs and do your best to raise your voices of REASON for the best of our nation and its future-making. It seems that few mindless Generals once again are indulging in a monstrous scheme of things to undermine our national freedom, security and nationhood. They HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF TIME AND HISTORY AND CRITICAL CHALLENGES WE FACE AS A NATION. They could surrender again as they did before without any accountability. Therefore, this sadistic authoritarian MARCH must be stopped and our country must be returned to responsible and  a legitimate system of political governance.  OUR ENEMIES HAVE READY MADE PLANS TO HIT US AND MAKE US REDUNDANT – BE AWARE THAT I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH AS A RESPONSIBLE FELLOW PAKISTANI.
There must be  an elected legitimate govt in place in our country at the earliest. Every second counts, and any intentional delay will undermine our security, our national freedom and a sustainable future.
A govt overwhelmingly operated by few egoistic Generals is evidence of the failure of our political governance, national freedom and sustainable future.  It is a completely disdained culture of failure in all parts of the body.  Some of you have served the nation with devotion and sincerity. As a fellow informed Pakistani, I ask you – I request you to please realize the urgency of TIME  in our history and make your presence known in public that you support a fair election by all genuine political parties including the PTI, and that Imran Khan must be set free immediately to participate in a fair national election. Your indifference could harm our national freedom- it is that important under the challenging circumstances.
Please WAKE-UP and be heard to realize that our national freedom and Pakistan’s future must be protected by the new young, educated and intelligent generations of people, NOT the old neo-colonial guards subservient to foreign masters.
A navigational change appears challenging under the circumstances but is logically possible.
Mahboob A. Khawaja
The Author

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