The sales of Afghan Mobile phone Sims continue in Tribal Area of Pakistan

The sales of Afghan Mobile Phone Sims continue in Tribal Area of Pakistan

Peshawar : Pakistan | Oct 21, 2013 at 1:04 PM PDT

Miran Shah , Afghan mobile phones Sims are openly available in Miran Shah and Meer Ali area of Waziristan and mostly tribal used it to contact with their friend whose works or live abroad. According the investigation report the Afghan mobile companies didn’t follow the rule and without a name and identity card everyone can activates the mobile Sims, that’s why mostly militants in Waziristan are using the Afghan Mobile Sims and they are using into China Mobile.

Tribal are interested to use the Pakistani mobile Sims, but because of the low quality of services and voice they now give preference to Afghan Sims.

According to the investigation report Mir Ali which is situated more than 15 kilometers of the Bannu District, Afghan Mobile phone Sims are openly sales in Markets and more than 100 shops keeper are selling the Afghan Mobile Phone Sims.

The Shop Keeper Kashif informs the media that in the last six month more than 100000 Afghan Sims are sold in Pakistan tribal area, he confirmed that NTM (Afghan Mobile Sims Company) is on top position, the second position to Afghan B Sims and third company is Roshan in Tribal area Mir Ali.

He further added that Afghan Mobile Phone Sims price in 100 Pakistani Rupees , people whose use the Afghan Sims also found 100 Afghan Rupees free Balance for calling, he confirmed that the most interesting thing which is make best seller the Afghan Sims , without Name and Identity card every one can buy the Sims and Activate it.

In the area of Tarhobi near to Pak Afghan Border Afghan Mobile companies install the tower for the Mobiles and their waves are strong that’s why Afghan Mobile Sims Activate and work in Pakistani area. Tarhobi area is 30 kilometers Far from Pakistani Border.

Afghan Mobile Companies hire the locals for selling the Afghan Sims in Tribal area; the company announces bonus and schemes for the Retailers. a salesman of the Afghan Telecom Company NTM has said that’s since 3 years we sell more than 170000 Afghan Sims in Pakistani area.

During investigation it’s also found that militants from the Waziristan area now using the Afghan Mobile phone Sims and they China Mobile Phones and they are using Afghan Sims.

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