The Evil School of Thought! By Mehwish Zia

The Evil School of Thought!

The start of military operation ZarbEAzb, June 2014 against the terrorists in North Waziristan took Pakistan into the last round against the terrorism. The Pakistan Army is steadily clearing all the areas where terrorists have established major footholds. It has been months; since operation has started Pakistan Army has achieved massive success, by destroying many weapon factories killing more than 1000 terrorists and destroying many weapon factories. Zarb-e-Azb is progressing successfully, and it has been expected that operation will end up in rooting up terrorism from Pakistan.

images-4But.. But the question is that How eliminating TTP, or killing all the terrorists would eliminate terrorism from Pakistan? The answer might be No. because crushing Taliban’s is not the only solution. The need of hour is to eliminate the mindset that has been working behind TTP, it’s not just about Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, it’s about “what” is behind Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, which theory or which perspective has driven Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan to such violence that they started using religion for their activities. It’s not about TTP, it’s about extremism, in our society. Now, the question is who is promoting that extremism? What comes to your mind? Mullah! Yes. Mullah and their Madrissa’s are the extremist factories in Pakistan. Clearly, Mullahs have hijacked our religion. They have made a wretched rendition of Islam that fits neither in the past nor in the present. They modified religion for their own purposes. Mullahs assumed control, politicized and adulterated religion, and brought it to this peculiar stage that it is in now. The presence of a Mullah relies on upon weak debates like how covered/veiled a lady ought to be, how long Muslims must have beard, ladies should not drive, girls should not be educated and others of same sort. These Mullahs sold out their God and headed his followers off track.

TTP is a Tehreek, pounding Tehreek won’t have any effect, unless what that is behind TTP is smashed. Terrorism will be disposed of, if that school of thought is dispensed with that is raising those brains. Unlawful groups, Madrissa’s, jamats, still get awards underneath money related help. To kill the bases of terrorism, these groups ought to be banned from promoting feeling of violence and roughness against state. There ought to be some check about these Deeni Madrissa’s, and they ought to be observed in order to recognize their fund and to verify that they’re not promoting terrorism.

So for making Pakistan a terror free country, we must take a step to eradicate the actual cause of terrorism and that means to check around, in our surroundings, about the extremist Mullah’s and madrissa’s. Zarb-e-Azb is a fight, and we have to stand with our military.

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