Soraya Aziz: A Prayer for Pakistan


 A Prayer for Pakistan

Love pakistani flag wallpaper


Let Pakistan be Pakistan again

Let it be the dream Quaid e Azam wished it to be

Let us remove the suffering, fear and pain

And seek a home where each man is free


Let Pakistan be Pakistan again

Let it be a land free from corruption, economic and mental slavery

Where leaders do not connive nor scheme

A land where people have the freedom of thought and expression


Let my land be a land of Unity and Equality

Let all our children have a right to quality education

Where our nation is free from the shackles of illiteracy

A land where effort and ability is rewarded and celebrated


Let my land be a land free of religious Extremism and Injustice

Let our nation practice their religion without fear of persecution

A land where our people are tolerant, moderate and respectful

A land which can be a role model to the Islamic world


Let us turn our dreams into Reality

May Allah (swt) give our nation wisdom, self-belief and courage to bring Change


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