Sindh Babies Die of Starvation & Malnutrition: Euro-Sindhi Bilawal Zardari to Spend Rs 2.5 Crore Looted for Bhutto’s Death Anniversary


Pakistan Think Tank Super Sleuth Obtained this Sindh Government Document


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Bilawal Zardari to Squander Rs.2.5 Crores on ZA Bhutto’s Death Anniversary

Thar Babies Are Still Dying of Starvation and Malnutrition 

Euro-Sindhi Bilawal Zardari Will Skim from Sindh Development Funds

Bilawal Zardari is a ZARDARI

Like Grand Father,Hakim Ali Zardari, Bambino Hijacker, Asif Ali Zardari,Pakistan Army’s Internal EnemyNo.1,

Like FatherZardari,  like Son Bilawal Zardari.












Sindh Government Spending on Lavish Dinners,while Thousands of Thar Babies Die of Starvation and Malnutrition





CM House meeting for Thar famine, and Lavish Lunch by sherdilk2




CM House meeting for Thar famine, and Lavish Lunch


The Sindh Corruption Tree

Parasitic Dynastic Politics Led By Sindhi Waderas of Zardari Family


Sajwal Khan Zardari, Grand father of Hakim Ali Zardari

Haji Hussain Zardari,father of Hakim Ali Zardari

Hakim Ali Zardari, the patriarch of Zardari family

Asif Ali Zardari, son of Hakim Ali Zardari and husband of Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto, wife of Asif Ali Zardari

Bilawal, son of Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir Bhutto

Azra Peechoho, daughter of Hakim Ali Zardari

Faryal Talpur, daughter of Hakim Ali Zardari

Abid Ali Zardari Assistant Editor Sindh Awaz Sindhi Magazine


Zardari Family’s Ingrained or Genetics of Corruption, an Inheritance of Bilawal Zardari


In October 1998, Pakistan indicted Mr. Zardari and Ms. Bhutto for accepting kickbacks from the two Swiss companies in exchange for the award of a government contract. On April 15, 1999, after an 18-month trial, Pakistan’s Lahore High Court convicted Ms. Bhutto and Mr. Zardari of accepting the kickbacks and sentenced them to 5 years in prison, fined them $8.6 million and disqualified them from holding public office. Ms. Bhutto, who lived in London, denounced the decision. Mr. Zardari remained in jail.

It has been reported that the government of Pakistan claims that Ms. Bhutto and Mr. Zardari stole over $1 billion from the country. During the period 1994 to 1997, Citibank opened and maintained three private bank accounts in Switzerland and a consumer account in Dubai for three corporations under Mr. Zardari’s control. There were allegations that some of these accounts were used to disguise $10 million in kickbacks for a gold importing contract to Pakistan. According to the New York Times, in December 1994, the Bhutto government awarded Abdul Razzak Yaqub, a Pakistani gold bullion trader living in Dubai, an exclusive gold import license.

Asif Zardari waited for more than 5 years for the start of his trial on charges of killing his brother-in-law, Murtaza Bhutto in 1997. The law stipulates that detainees must be brought to trial within 30 days of their arrest. Under both the Hudood and standard criminal codes, there were bailable and non-bailable offenses. Bail pending trial is required for bailable offenses and permitted at a court’s discretion for non-bailable offenses with sentences of less than 10 years. In practice, judges denied bail at the request of police, the community, or on payment of bribes. In many cases, trials did not start until 6 months after the filing of charges, and in some cases individuals remained in pretrial detention for periods longer than the maximum sentence for the crime for which they were charged.




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