Rescuing Goodwill : An episode to remember

Sachin Pandurang cannot contain his huge grin as he walks down the gangway at the Pakistan Navy dockyard. All around him, people are celebrating the safe arrival of the rescued MV Suez crew.

At one end, a navy band plays national songs. Jubilant spectators carry banners welcoming the sailors. Media personnel rush to interview the freed men as balloons are released in the air and they are showered with rose petals. There are tears of joy and smiles on every face. It is indeed an emotional and well-deserved reception. The 22-year old Pandurang is among the multi-national crew of sailors from MV Suez, rescued from Somali pirates after a ten-month ordeal that ended after the payment of a hefty ransom.

This is the first time he has set foot in Karachi, and is thrilled not only to be here, but knowing that he

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