PAKISTAN’S PRESSTITUTES & MUNAFIQS: More “Top” Journalists Bribed With Small “Favours” Sing Nawaz Sharif’s Tunes


More ‘top’ Pakistani journalists siding with PML-N against ‘small favours’







MARCH 25, 2014

By Kiran Bokhari



Islamabad, March 25 (Pak Destiny) The Nawaz government continues to bribe anchors and journalists one way or other to have its positive image in media.
After obliging Muhammad Malick (PTV MD), Irfan Siddiqui (special assistant), Iftikhar Ahmed (PHA vice-chairman), the PML-N government is organising free tours abroad of some other journalists.
In the ongoing tour of PM Nawaz Sharif to Hague, Netherlands, journalists like Javed Chaudhry of Express media group and Salman Ghani of Dunya TV have been obliged. How cheap price tag they carry…shame.
Although both are already on PML-N payroll but after getting further obliged they will narrate stories of PML-N government achievements in the nuclear conference in Hague.
The PML-N policy to make some so-called top journalists subservient to its government is working at the moment.
Shame on these so-called journalists who are getting obliged in this manner. – Pak Destiny



Blend of press and prostitute


presstitute (comparative more presstitutesuperlative most presstitute)(of media or reporters) misleadingly tailoring news to fit a particular partisan, financial or business agenda   


presstitute (plural presstitutes)

  1. A person or media entity reporting news in such a biased manner.

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