1. ISI especially the DG ISI himself does not have to pick up on such small people as Hamid Mir. He is nobody. He is not more important than the security of Pakistan or for that matter more important than Pakistan. He is a maniac minting money and a traitor since he plays the game of the our arch enemy, India. 


  2. It seems that Mir Shakil Ur Rahman is another person who is disloyal & insincere to Pakistan and totally pro-India & traitor to our sacred homeland. His game is clear, to malign Pakistan’s military and ISI to satisfy his masters, the USA-India-Israel nexus. The game plan will end with control of Pakistan’s strategic assets by this ‘nexus of evil’ for Pakistan. 


  3. Hamid Mir is a mouse & a rat in the entire game plan, who is fed with dollars to fill his appetite & greedy demeanor that has no bounds of religion & nationhood. As long as he is fed with dollars, he will continue barking as a dog. And let the dog bark! 


  4. His other anchor colleagues are no better. Let them also bark and bark with Hamid Mir in chorus. Our country and honor is more important than these barking dogs. 


  5. Now for the Government of Pakistan! The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), the  party in power and helm of affairs is now the focus of attention. What decision will they take in the interest of Pakistan! Ban this Geo TV right today, take away citizenship of Mir Shakil Ur Rahman, and let him beg his masters to give him their citizenship, try all the Anchors especially this tadpole, Hamid Mir for treason OR indecision, wait & see policy, which is the characteristic trait of Nawaz Sharif.


  6. Without any basis, proof, signature or evidence of ISI’s involvement in the attack on Hamid Mir, the nincompoop, they all are threatening the very security of Pakistan by maligning state security institutions. 


  7. Wake up Nawaz Sharif! Or are you happy sitting with the two  ‘Khawajas’ and happily rejoicing with what’s going on the Geo TV! 



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