Hamid Mir of GEO has been shot at in Karachi and injured. It is detestable and deplorable. Hamid Mir is a journalist and TV anchor of his self-styled ‘Capital Talk’. The viewers of Capital Talk differ drastically on likeness and approval of viewpoints expressed by participants and those of Hamid Mir. At times his 50 minutes programme is good and at times boring and waste of time.


Attack on Hamid Mir could have been made by TTP, Afghan Terrorists, miscreants, target killers of Karachi and/or agencies or for that matter some bored viewers too.  But GEO wasted no time to display the picture of Gen. Zaheer, the ISI Chief as a sure shot killer. GEO kept the display for some 40 minutes and tried all and sundry, directly and indirectly, connected with Hamid Mir and kept pestering that it was the general in uniform as the main accused, just because Hamid had secretly said this to his family and close ones. It was like the quickest trial and fastest judgment passed by GEO.


 I consider this ‘drama’ by GEO as most condemnable and more condemnable when GEO totally overlooks the death of 42 in Pano Aqil bus accident. This has exposed GEO and its ulterior motives. GEO is watched the world over and by friends and foes (Hardly any friends—mostly foes) and they made mockery of our uniformed army generals. Some even went on to classify our army and generals as ‘uniformed terrorists’. What a shameful thing for GEO to show?


 I have same questions which I had in case of Malala.  Is Hamid Mir (Like Malala) the only victim of terrorists whom we are fostering and now negotiating with? Is killing attempt on Hamid Mir a remote and unique incident? Is Hamid Mir the last name in the comity of journalism? Why can’t we stop GEO to stop maligning Pakistan with their cheap self projecting and popularity-gaining stunts?


And lastly, where are true and patriotic journalists to step forward and call spade a spade and why can’t they expose GEO and its anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan stance?  Let us expose those anti-Pakistan journalists working for fat salaries and perquisites for the enemies of Pakistan.


Let us save Pakistan. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD



Lahore, Pakistan


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