Pakistani Americans and People of Global Community, Please write to US Senators and Congressmen, about the blowback of Shakil Afridi Affair and its relation with the killing of Health Visitor Nurses, our Shaheed Florence Nightingales

Pakistanis please act. Your representatives in US government will listen. Don’t be lazy, because, if you do not do anything against this heinous act, you will have to answer to Allah Almighty. AND FIGHT AGAINST THE ENEMIES OF ISLAM, THE CRAZY FANATICS CALLING THEMSELVES “PAKISTANI” TALIBAN.”  

Dear Senator or Congresswoman: You have supported all of Obama’s action, without thinking of the consequences, To get the terrorist Bin Ladin, CIA used Dr.Afridi, to set-up a vaccination program to get DNA from Bin Ladin’s children. But, did you ever consider the blowback of this naive action? Here it is Senator, people in Pakistan have stopped giving children polio vaccine. As a nearly seventy year old constituent, I also got childhood polio, for which I have suffered consequences of pain and disfigurement. I know you will find a rational explanation for this action, but there are principles, which if not upheld, may not have accountability here, but in the Hereafter, unless, we don’t believe in it. Please re-read the foriegn policy of our great Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, these nations (Pakistan) were our staunchest US allies, but, by implementing a foreign policy of “Might Makes Right,” we have turned our friends into enemies. We support corrupt rulers like Asif Zardari and Hamid Karzai, because, they follow our line. These are corrupt opportunist. America is NOT a corrupt nation, by aligning with them and supporting them, we are tainting ourselves for times to come. We are a nation of ethics and morals. Are we going to do deals with these devils?  I urge you to speak out. Will Jesus approve these kinds of policies? Or his courageous stand for truth, morals and ethics have lost their meaning for us. If yes, then heaven help us. Our international problems are our own creation, God Almighty is Just, and blesses those who are peacemakers. Here is the blowback effect of our reactive approach to the region, as published in a Pakistani newspaper, please have the patience to read it.  Please read this article, because if polio pandemic starts, it will have no boundary and will effect whole of global infants. The following article appeared in a Pakistani newspaper:The CIA and Pakistan polio attacks By Fareeha Khalid Dec 19th, 2012

The UN children’s agency UNICEF and the World Health Organisation have suspended a polio campaign in Pakistan after nine health workers were killed in two days across the country. Pakistan is one of only three countries (Afghanistan and Nigeria being other two) in the world where polio is still endemic, and such attacks are only adding insult to the injury. While the Taliban, who are vigorous opponents of such campaigns, may be behind the killings, the US intelligence agency, the CIA, also shares the blame equally for obstacles in polio drive in Pakistan. In 2011, the CIA showed its stupidity when it faked a vaccination campaign to get DNA samples from the children in Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound to know his whereabouts. The killing of health workers cannot be justified. But the fact is that the CIA only intensified the perception of most Pakistani people that the US agency runs a spy network under the guise of such campaigns. The intelligence agency hired the services of a Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, for the purpose and used its heinous means, thinking the end would justify them. But it didn’t. Now it has become more difficult than ever to run a polio campaign in Pakistan where, according to health officials, the suspension of such vaccinations can put the health of 240,000 children at risk. There is already a strong anti-US sentiment in Pakistani for various reasons, and the CIA with its agents like Fanatics of WaziristanRaymond Davis and bogus vaccination campaigns is making the situation worse.

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