New Evidence Establishes that Narendra Modi was Directly Monitoring Tulsi Prajapati Fake Encounter





New Evidence Establishes that Narendra Modi was Directly Monitoring Tulsi Prajapati Fake Encounter


While researching the conspiracy behind Modi’s IT story, we also looked at the antecedents of Narendra Modi’s own website “”. We discovered that the registrant of Modi’s website is a gentleman named Parag Shah ( While researching Parag’s background, we found his LinkedIn profile:

Parag Shah's LinkedIn Profile

What caught our attention in Parag’s LinkedIn profile was his appointment as the “Officer on Special Duty (OSD)†to the Gujarat Chief Minister for the period 2003 to 2008 and another fact stated by him: “Associated with cyber cell of Anti-terrorist Squadâ€. This accidental finding lead us to the missing link of the Sohrabuddin-Tulsi Prajapati fake encounter!

Thereafter, we looked at the supplementary charge sheet filed by CBI in the Tulsi Prajapati case, specially where the CBI has elaborately dealt with the Call Data Records (CDR) of Amit Shah and Rajkumar Pandian, who were in constant touch with each other while monitoring the movements of Tulsi Prjapati between Udaipur (where he was jailed) and Ahmedabad (where he was being brought to attend a criminal case). We reproduce the extract of the CBI charge related to the month of December, 2006 (Tulsi Prajapati was murdered on 28th December early morning near Ambaji, Rajasthan-Gujarat border):

6.21. On 11.12.2006, an escort party from the Reserve Police Line, Udaipur, headed by Sub-Inspector Shyam Singh accompanied Tulsiram Prajapati and Mohd. Azam for Ahmedabad by train. On this date also, the mother and wife of Mohd. Azam had accompanied them to Ahmedabad. After reaching Ahmedabad on 12.12.2006, both Mohd. Azam and Tulsiram Prajapati were taken to the Sabarmati Jail, Ahmedabad, from there they were produced via video conferencing before the competent Court instead of being physically produced in the Court. The next date of hearing was fixed for 26.12.2006. The escort party while leaving for Udaipur in the night of 12.12.2006 at the Ahmedabad Railway Station made efforts in furtherance of the criminal conspiracy to separate the mother and wife of Mohd. Azam from Tulsiram Prajapati and his co-prisoner Mohd. Azam, but were prevented by the unexpected vociferous and vigorous protest by the mother and wife of Mohd. Azam that resulted in a large gathering of bystanders that deterred the police from succeeding in their objective of isolating Tulsiram Prajapati, a necessary preparatory stage for his murder in a planned fake encounter.

We are also reproducing in here the Call Data Record (CDR) from the CBI chargesheet for the relevant period:

Amit Shah Raj Kumar Pandian CallsAmit Shah Raj Kumar Pandian Calls

The CDR fully establishes the contact between Rajkumar Pandian, the SP of Anti Terrorist Squad and the Home Minister Amit Shah in the murder of Tulsi Prajapati and both of them have been charge-sheeted as the main accused in the case. In fact, Rajkumar Pandian who was the SP of the ATS played a vital role in abduction of Sohrabuddin and Kauserbi and killing them both on 26th and 29th November, 2005 at Ahmedabad. In that case as well, both Amit Shah and Rajkumar Pandian are charged as accused.

As we had the CDRs of the accused officer Rajkumar Pandian, we searched within Pandian’s CDR for Parag Shah’s number after coming to know that he was appointed as the Officer on Special Duty for the Anti-Terrorist Squad. This appointment attains special significance since the Chief Minister’s office had declared their “No Tolerance” policy towards terrorism “and it was Mr Parag Shah as the OSD to CM who was to monitor the functions of ATS and report to the CM”. To our surprise we found a large number of phone calls between Pandian and Parag Shah inter-spaced with phone calls of Amit Shah and Pandian (Call Records reproduced at the bottom of the post). In light of the call records, it becomes abundantly clear that Mr Parag Shah was in constant touch with Rajkumar Pandyan IPS, the man who planned and executed the murder of Tulsiram Prajapati, and in turn Parag Shah was reporting to CM.

This piece of vital information read with the fact that Mr Parag Shah was working as the Officer on Special Duty for Narendra Modi, CM, it becomes obvious as day light that the CM was fully aware of the Tulsi fake encounter which was carried out entirely by the police officers working in Anti-Terrorist-Squad led by DIG Vanzara. In light of this irrefutable evidence, we can now interpret the statement made by D G Vanzara in his resignation letter recently tendered to the Government of Gujarat. His statement reads as under:

We, being field officers, have simply implemented the conscious policy of this government which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from the very close quarters

Would the CBI now care to explain to the nation why it has failed to investigate Parag Shah’s phone calls when they had the entire CDR with them? Was it to obfuscate the role of Narendra Modi?


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