Need Justice for Furrukh Shan Alam. The Killer is Walking Free since August, 2011

Need Justice for Furrukh Shan Alam. The Killer is Walking Free since August, 2011 

Justice for Furrukh Shan Alam

The murderer
, Bruce Fuller has been walking free since August 10, 2011 and has yet to be charged or arrested. The case has since been under investigation by the Maitland Police Department and the District Attorney of Orange County of Florida. The grieving parents and other family members are very upset at the slow pace of investigation. They want to bring the killer to justice as soon as possible in order to bring some peace and closure in their life. The only way to expedite the process is by filing a Petition signed by at least 2,000 people. 1,224 signatures have been collected. However, 800 more signatures are still needed. Let’s all try to bring closure expeditiously to a horrible chapter in the life of the Alams. Please Click here to sign a petition for justice for Furrukh Shan Alam. Your prompt attention and immediate action to resolve this miserable situation will be greatly appreciated. Please do me a very big favor and also forward this email to all your friends, other family members and acquaintances for a quick resolution in this matter. Thank you so very much for your great humanitarian gesture. May Allah bless you all.A tragedy had struck the happy family of Mahfooz and Farzana Alam on August 10, 2011 when their young son, Furrukh Shan Alam was shot to death in a Florida home during a business trip. Furrukh S. Alam was unarmed and the murder weapon belonged to the murderer, Bruce Fuller who called the police and admitted shooting and killing Furrukh Alam, but in self defense. There were no eye witnesses. Shortly after, the body of Furrukh Alam was brought and laid to rest in California.

Personally I know Mahfooz Alam in Los Angeles since the late sixties. He has been one of the most senior and a very active member of the Muslim community in Southern California. His wife Farzana and my deceased wife, Shahana had attended the same college in Karachi, Pakistan. I remember distinctly,  the entire Alam family was very happy at the Valima reception of Furrukh Alam. Especially, Br Mahfooz Alam was jubilant at the fact that the name of his daughter in law is the same as his wife, Farzana. He told me and Shahana,”When I call Farzana aloud at home, both my wife and my daughter in law come running to help me out. I am so lucky.” May Almighty Allah bring peace and justice to the Alam family very soon. Ameen!

Rafique Ahmed 

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