Muslims are suffering at the hands of security forces all over the world

Muslims are suffering from security forces all over the world. Since the Muslims are generally like everyone else, scared for their safety and jobs, so they say and do nothing. But, the insurgents on the other hand are not suffering from these security forces since they play by different set of rules and they would kill security personnel quickly as seen played out now in Algeria and Yemen. Since the rank and file Muslim is quiet and not looking to fight, the insurgents have taken up their cries for justice. Once, these quiet and docile Muslims would not cheer for Al Qaeda types, in privately these days they are rooting them on to kill these security forces. Security forces are trained by Euros and Americans for the very purpose of abusing soft target Muslims! These security forces are not equipped to take on insurgents without the help of Euro and or American Agents. The security forces hunt, kill and abuse unarmed Muslims and now Al Qaeda types are hunting the security forces. This is a important region and one that is for the taking if the Muslimeen can gather forces and run out the turncoat and secular government

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