Mr. Altaf Hussain and L K Advani


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has condemned the assassination of Zahra Shahid Hussain, senior vice president of the Sindh chapter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), in the upscale Defence neighbourhood of Karachi on Saturday night.

Speaking at a news conference in the wee hours of Sunday, MQM deputy convener said that while his party shared the grief of PTI, it was important to understand the motives of the gruesome murder and who were behind it.

“It’s yet to be confirmed whether this incident is a street crime or targeted killing,” he said, adding that the blame game at this stage would affect the investigations.

“It is unfortunate that PTI Chairman Imran Khan showed his political immaturity and blamed MQM chief Altaf Hussain for the murder,” he said and called upon the government to take notice of Imran Khan’s statement.

Dr Sattar said that Imran, by issuing such an irresponsible statement, denied them the opportunity to offer condolences to the bereaved family. No matter how much hatred Imran has for Altaf, he should have kept in mind the situation called for support from the MQM, he said. There is no different between Jamaat-e-Islami and PTI or even between the politics of the Taliban.

Dr Sattar said that Zahra Hussain murder could be a conspiracy to derail the democratic process in the country.

He said the MQM demands a judicial inquiry into the murder of Zahra Hussain and exemplary punishment for the killers.

Dr Sattar said that the MQM would file criminal and civil defamation lawsuits against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for character assassination of MQM chief Altaf Hussain.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 19th, 2013.
The London Post
Blackwater-MQM Ready to Fight in Karachi
elite MQM terrorists arrived from South Africa
By Dr Shahid Qureshi
Sunday 07 February 2010

MQM has ordered its elite t errorist wing to move from South Africa to Pakistan for the final round with the Armed Forces and make Karachi Beirut of Pakistan leading to the separation as independent territory. Though it might not be relevant to the South African government now but may become problem in future. It is understood that elite terrorist unit is active by looking at the targeted killings of 18 Haqiqi (Mohajir Qumi Movemnt) in the month of January 2010 alone, and 81 members from June 2009 – December 2009 in six months period, the total number of Haqaqi workers killed in the past eight years from 2002-2010 is shamefully 154. There are other groups whose members have been killed allegedly by London – Edgware based MQM-Altaf group. 

Approximately 16 or more members of MQM Elite terrorist wing have entered into Pakistan with some with different IDs in the past four weeks. Some of the people arrived in Karachi had bounty on their heads and are wanted in Pakistan for heinous crimes. The master mind of the group is known as Qamar Ghalib Teddy (Johannesburg), Sohial Commando, Rizwan Haider, Nadeem Mullah. 
Minister for Ports and Shipping Nabeel Gabool, claimed in an interview published on 25th January 2010 that an MQM assassination team has arrived from South Africa to eliminate him. The minister claimed that, ‘he was called in by the Intelligence Bureau and warned face to face that his life could be in danger.’ The minister confirmed the names of the elite terrorist unit mentioned above. 

South African MQM assassins will be taking over the command of the local elite terrorist group known as ‘Shurfa Committee’ aka (Gentlemen’s Committee). Some of the members of this committee are Sultan Keel, Ejaz Gorchani, Naeem – East Sector (Maleer) nephew of a cleric Shahturabul Haq, Manzoor Landhi Wala, Sohial Commando, Farooq Baig, Aslam Chor, Anawar Alam, Hishamul Zafar and ring leader Saleem Shazad. Some of the members are not known to the local sectors as they only report to MQM London Head Office and mobilised to do elite operations. They are provided every facility in the world. Their families are protected and supported. They are the real hired guns.

On the issue of confiscation of spying and recording equipments from senior MQM leader Waseem Akthar (MNA) by the Paramilitary Forces (Rangers) a senior security official told, “it is a very serious violation of the national security of the country as venues of the meetings with Presidential and Prime Minister are debugged and checked as Standard Official Procedure (SOP) but if any invitee or invitees bring some recording device with them that is a serious violation of the security of the state”. We don’t know for whom MQM leaders were recoding? Was he recording for USA, India, Mossad or any one else?

While commenting from Islamabad on the MQM spying matter a Senior Pakistan Army General and security analyst told me over the phone that, “MQM is heavily infiltrated by Indian RAW and Altaf Hussain admitted to him being close to the Americans”. One can not comment on the closeness as Americans are known to sleep and forget their girlfriends behind with illegitimate children, like in Vietnam.

The worst thing is that current so called political regime has no idea of national pride and national security. I spoke to Fozia Wahab (MNA) political spokesperson of the current Zardari regime. She asked me, ‘who was recording MI (Military Intelligence)”?. I said, ‘no MQM leader Waseem Akthar’. FW: ‘oh he was with me in a TV program and there is problem between President Zardari and Altaf Hussain. President would have told himself to Altaf Hussain about the meetings. I explained to her that Presidential meetings are state secrets and not party political broadcasts’. It sounds she was more worried about Military Intelligence recording who is paid by the state to do this job then MQM recordings for India, USA or smuggling state secrets outside Pakistan. The whole regime is full of apologists, criminals, fraudsters, and opportunists.

It looks like as if ‘current regime is using the ‘new trick of treachery’ BY PASS THE SYSTEM, which is undermining the state institutions especially State Security, Law Enforcement, and Defence. For example:

(1) When they see Zardari regime and MQM working on the Indo-US plan of dragging Pakistan Army into civil war in Karachi because armed forces refuse to expand useless war in the FATA.

(2) When they see MQM and PPP are heavily infiltrated by RAW and following its agenda.

(3) When they see Rehman Malik not asking half Jewish US citizen David William Hedley aka (Dawod Gillani), alleged mastermind of Mumbai Bombing’s handover to the Indian authorities as Ajmal Kasab, who admitted to be remain in the Mumbai police custody long before the bombings.

(4) Why Rehman Malik is too keen to implicate small group ‘Let’ following Indian agenda?

(5) Rehman Malik is a foreign national, chief protector of the Blackater/Xe and mercenaries in the country. He is following Indian agenda to divide Karachi into ethnic zones and start a civil war with full co-operation of MQM whose many leaders including Altaf Hussain are foreign nationals. His idiotic statements sound like a curse and shame on the nuclear nation of 180 million. 

(6) Eshrat Abad Khan MQM Governor of Sind is also a foreign national and allegedly providing safe heaven to terrorist involved in targeted killings. 

(7) State security, defence, and intelligence institutions especially lower ranking officials who don’t have foreign dollar accounts or have kids studying in Europe and US are feeling helpless, unsupported, demoralised, and betrayed.

(8) surely they have genuine reason when they see Rehman Malik doing ‘pimping’ and applying foreign agenda of fanning sectarianism in Pakistan ignoring national interest of the state of Pakistan.

(9) When they see MQM and Rehman Malik working on the agenda of dividing Karachi and DI Khan into Shia –Sunni sectarian and Punjab-Pashtun – Sindhi and Mohajir ethnic zones.

(10) When they see President Zardari deliberately putting Pakistan into IMF debt trap (friends of Pakistan)

(11) When they see transfer of million of dollars outside Pakistan into foreign accounts of the corrupt and compromised. 

There are ways these challenges can be countered: (a) informed public opinion (b) support of ‘MQM feared media’ (c) support of judiciary (d) elimination of infected elements in the police and security agencies.

How to counter terrorism in Karachi:

a) Exposing the real faces of MQM terrorists’ involved in the targeted killings of civilians, armed forces personals, and 650 police officers of the Sindh Police.

b) All political appointees in the Rangers, Police, and Law Enforcement Agencies immediately transferred into other parts of province into interior Sind outside Karachi as their loyalties are with the mafia more than the state of Pakistan. For example cold blooded killings of 4 innocent injured patients as reported on 6th February 2010 at Abbasi Shaeed Hospital proves that MQM – Altaf is a terrorist mercenary group part of Blackwater and not a political party because even in war one don’t kill injured enemy prisoners.

c) All the political prisoners including Mohajir Qumi Movement’s leadership Amir Khan and Afaq Ahmed immediately released if no cases have been proven against them on bail following the law.

d) All community police recruited on the political basis must be disbanded as they have become part of the problem and not part of the solution.

e) Data collection of all arms licence holders

f) Data collection of all the landlords of the foreigners in the city/country

g) Strict monitoring and managing of print and electronic Media propagating Indian propaganda, and become part of Indian Psychotically Operations in Pakistan especially media groups emerged in last ten years and owned by dodgy jewellers, businessmen and smugglers. 

h) Stop MQM fake registration of votes into the voters list as they plan to register 5 million votes before local bodies’ election.

(i) Complete ban on nonsensical international politics telephone politics. If you want to do politics be brave come in the country and stop ‘sofa–cell politics’. Shamelessly Altaf Hussain has never voted in any Pakistani elections since 1992.

People of Karachi must stand up against the foreign mercenaries of MQM and Blackwater.

“Though brave don’t live longer but cowards don’t live at all”

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)


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