Missing persons facts must be exposed

Missing persons facts must be exposed
Imran Jamali


From Sibi to Quetta the sight of beautiful train journey has now become unsafe because of attacks by foreign-sponsored terrorists. Of late UNO is concerned about ‘state terrorism’ in Balochistan. But strangely enough it is unable to see violations of human rights and state terrorism of Indian army in Indian Held Kashmir. It is not concerned about the genocide of Muslims in Arakan, Myanmar; the blockade of Gaza by Jewish terrorists and killings of Muslims are justified by the UN that is controlled and paid by Jews and anti-human government of the USA. The UNO does not object to the terrorists sponsored by CIA, RAW and MOSSAD enter Pakistan from Afghanistan, attack its defence installations, security personnel, the check posts on Afghan border, and murder innocent Pakistanis by attacking Pakistani markets. Why all types of human rights violations are visible to them only in Balochistan?
I believe media in Pakistan, knowingly or unknowingly, has played major role in earning bad name for the country. Does anybody know that in Assam curfew has been imposed in many districts of the Indian state from last several months? No, because to them the Indian media has behaved ‘sensibly’. In Madras and other eastern coastal areas with the drop of the night the rule and law of Naxalites prevails. Neither the UN sees the inhuman use of force by Indian machinery against them nor does Indian media publish or telecast any news that may defame India. Many among us try to prove Tipu Sultan as a failed ruler.
Real problems of Balochistan are not discussed. No campaign has yet been seen to educate the local people through media so that they are brought to national mainstream and get awareness about the sentiments of their fellow Pakistanis living in other provinces. Many of the locals terrified by the foreign-sponsored terrorists, mostly unfamiliar to the local population, do not speak because their word is not heard or communicated through ‘independent’ media. Their voice remains unheard because there is no attempt by media to reach them. This obviously adds to their sense of insecurity, otherwise they would have helped the law enforcement agencies in unearthing hideouts and torture cells of terrorists where they are also keeping the so-called ‘missing persons’.
A video being shared by various social media outlets of a Baloch youth who was rescued by the law enforcement agencies from the custody of terrorists is of a great value and speaks volumes for the biased approach of our media that has so far not aired or telecast it. The five minute video is a press conference by a law enforcement official, along with a local who was actually in the custody of terrorists, but was rumoured by the terrorists that he was picked up by the security forces. The young boy saw from a hole an FC official and screamed from his torture cell calling for help to rescues him. As a result fire exchange took place in which five terrorists got killed. One FC man also embraced martyrdom. During the encounter the terrorists tried to kill persons in their custody. This young man was one of the survivors who later told media the whole truth. It was understood to believe that if this press conference could be aired well in time by the TV channels, the people of country could have seen real picture behind this saga. Why this has not been aired, it remains to be a mystery.
What exactly happens is flabbergasting. Anti-Pakistan elements kidnap locals for ransom, inform their relatives to pay or else the hostage would be killed. There is hardly a chance of being able to pay ransom. So ultimately they are killed, their bodies are mutilated, thrown out on pathways. The very effective media propaganda being run under the psy ops of their foreign sponsors twist it by turning tables on the security agencies. But the same is not countered or handled by our own media, instead our media becomes pawn into their hands. This may not be the case in 100 percent cases. But locals admit that the suspected criminals, miscreants and locals said to be affiliated with terrorist organizations are nabbed by the security agencies and after investigation freed because of no evidence, they are intriguingly killed by the terrorists or picked up for suspicion of siding with agencies. Again it is propagated that they are disappeared by the law enforcement agencies while actually it is not the case. Eye witnesses have seen aliens training the youth for terrorism in Balochistan, arming them with latest automatic weapons for cultivating sectarian disputes through target killing.
Reports suggest that the US and its various think tanks are working on the agenda of Greater Balochistan. A similar wave of bomb blasts started in Iran as part of destabilization plan but Iran took it head-on while Pakistan failed to tackle it. Iran brought changes in the law especially on terrorism and ensured that terrorists were hanged in public. The result is clear no country or even UN dare talk about human rights violations in Iranian Balochistan or give protection to Iranian Baloch for fabricating conspiracies or plans of terrorism in Iran. “Then what is the problem with Pakistan that issuance of one trillion from federal government along with internal resources of Balochistan just for the 8.5 million population, the problems of poor Baloch are not solved at all. No one is holding talks with those countries that are hiding bosses of terrorism in Balochistan arming them with weapons, training and finances for target killing, abductions and terrorism.”
Missing Persons FraudThere is a need to understand and dig out real facts about the missing persons. There is no 100% truth while we blame the security agencies. The Balochistan chief minister must come out clear on the issue of missing persons. Secondly, there is a need to expose the hands behind the terrorist attacks in Balochistan, against Hazara community and Punjabi settlers. Politicians must also share part of the blame. The security forces and law enforcement agencies must also mend their ways and try their utmost to clear themselves in any case. The Nawaz Sharif government, while extending hands of friendship towards India, must keep Balochistan on top of its agenda. (ENDS)



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