Media Neglecting the Nation’s War on Terror by Fahad Malik


Media Neglecting the Nation’s War on Terror



Fahad Malik



ZarbEAzb is progressing successfully, in its fourth month now. Since before the operation started, it was opposed by Govt. and some other parties. Despite of all the damage caused to Pakistan and the Pakistanis, government and its allies. They all were still in favor of carrying on with the negotiations, and even a common Pakistani knew that, negotiations will never bring peace to Pakistan. Since the operation was started, firstly it was opposed, but it was Pakistani nation, that stood with their Army, and supported their Armed forces. The operation has remarked great success up till now and as according to the leader, the COAS, operation will continue till complete elimination of terrorists. With the courage Pakistan Army is moving on, they will defeat terrorists soon. Taliban’s are now in real trouble, as on going military operation is going to remark their end, and they are failing to stop Pakistan Army from advancing further into strong holds of North Waziristan.

                  Over the weeks, as I have been observing the Pakistani Media very keenly, I came to know that Pakistani Media has stopped giving coverage to ZarbEAzb. Both Private and Govt. channels have stopped covering ZarbEAzb, PTV as it is a government channel, PTV’s bulletin at 9 has a news about ZarbEAzb of 1 minute or less after a day or two, but not regularly. Similarly, Private channels has also stopped conveying the operation updates to the nation. These days, the hot topics are on going protests in Islamabad, some anti-government movements, some coke studio gossip and some new movies launching soon in Pakistan giving a good hand to Pakistan Film Industry. That’s all fine, but how could they ignore nation’s war on terror? How could they forget about the biggest fight against terrorism?  

                  On the other hand despite of all the political blames, and attacks, bravery and courage on part of the officers and soldiers of Pakistan Army is appreciable. More than 82 soldiers have laid their lives, and more than 1000 militants have been sent to the hell. ZarbEAzb has marked great success, and is playing vital role in eliminating terrorism from the country. The big mile stones are achieved. But the saddest part is that media is totally ignoring the ongoing operation and is not providing the news to nation as it is required. Pakistanis are unaware of the major successes, like killing of Senior Tehreek-e-Taliban Commander, Gul Hassan Afgahani. The only valid source, now we can rely upon is official Army Press releases through ISPR. Major General Asim Bajwa’s press releases are given a slight light, but not major coverage to the most important operation is provided yet.

                  Media should play their role, of being the neutral and decisive news-carrier between the nation and the officials. They can cover the other protests and all those things, but they should not neglect Army and their struggle. ZarbEAzb should be provided complete coverage and Media should keep a fine justice between other news and ZarbEAzb.


Fahad Malik

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