Lt Gen Tariq Khan’s Superb Riposte to Professional Ranter Javaid Hashmi: A Nawaz Sharif’s Mian Mithu & Mole

From Lt Gen Tariq Khan:

Of late, a politician by the name of Javed Hashmi has taken it upon himself to accuse me of planning some sort of a coup in my time and day. He has been saying this in the past as well and I usually ignored his childish tirades on the grounds that having suffered a stroke he is probably mentally challenged and knows not what he says. His age was another factor. But his diatribe continues and even worse than before. Had it just been my person, I would allow this to fade away as most nonsense does but this involves a whole institution, belittles its leadership and defames it in the eyes of the people for no reason and as such needs a response. I have already asked the authorities concerned to deal with it officially and they have confirmed that they would.
It would suffice to state that a man involved in the Mehran Scandal and jailed for treason earlier in a similar case of defaming the Army through false allegations is standing true to habit and his personal character. Being of dubious moral standing he is passing judgment based on his own low standards. I would like to inform all that I do not know this man nor wish to know him in the future. I have never known any politician for that matter nor discussed anything with anyone in politics. Never visited a politicians house nor invited any to mine. I have never attended any celebration, ceremony, marriage or funeral with politicians in attendance. This is not because I think of politicians any lesser than myself but simply because my life, its conduct, and its meaning never needed me to engage with politicians. As such these stories that Javed Hashmi is coming up with are a figment of his own imagination and I am surprised that his mental handicap is being exploited by the media. It is an obvious case of downright false hood, childish accusations and manufactured narratives fed to a retard with intent to defame the Army. If this gentleman is of sound mental health then his accusations make him a liar lacking in self-respect. I would request for a government level inquiry into this matter to put this fellow’s rubbish to rest.
Please share this so that all know how Army bashing is done at the behest of some unscrupulous scoundrels.

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