Letters to Editor: Pakistanis Angry At Gangsta Govt of Nawaz Sharif

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The PPP has been given four chances.
The PML N three.

In each of these tenures, the performance was worse than the previous one.

Why?Because as correctly pointed out ,’the vision for building solid foundations and Institutions on which Democracy is supposed to deliver does not exist.’

On the contrary,we have seen time and again,that complaints of corruption,rigging in elections and massive, governance blunders, surpass previous records.

We are not arguing against democracy.
We are not pleading for Milirary Rule.
We are not stressing dictatorial rule.

All that is needed is good CORRUPTION FREE GOVERNANCE by competent,highly educated and skilled people who are experts in their fields.

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Those who have the competence to correct and guide the country on a path from where, there is no turning back.Only going forward,
to improvement, betterment and welfare of the larger number of people.

The argument ,give democracy a chance, therefore is patently an excuse.

​ ​

A cover up for support of corrupt governing Mafias which have taken us down the path, in all facets of development.


Be that of justice,ethics,morality,economy,rule of law,protection of life and property or economy.

If we are in a reverse gear and visibly so,should we just wait,be onlookers?
Or  attempt to manage and enforce e change.
In my view we must reject the status quo.We must demand that these failed leaders and parties be held accountable for their monumental mistakes and corruption.I need not go into examples and details of their record of mischief based leadership.

Sixty seven years are more than enough.No more time to be lost.We must demand that the constitution should be implemented in totality which includes articles 62 and 63,indeed all articles which encompass the rights of individuals for being better governed,ruled and given a ‘better present and future.’
Why not?This is our country.

Shams Z Abbas


It has been seen in Pakistan, that as you give more time to the so-called democracy loving politicians, the more loot and plunder they carry out.
Just review their recent performance during the past 7 years.
After 5-year loot and plunder by Zardari & his PPP coterie, look at the current state of affairs. Nawaz Sharif and his gang have no time to improve governance, they are busy in signing lucrative contracts thru their external agent Saif-ur-Rehman. Just look at the LNG contract, Reko Diq, and other privatization ventures.
If we want to act stupid and close our eyes to the reality on ground, then by the time we wake up,  nothing will be left of Pakistan.
We should all understand that these corrupt politicians are using the slogan of democracy not for the betterment of the people but as a shield for their corruption.
Give Pakistani democracy the same time as was ‘Allowed’ to other decent democracies. Why discriminate and put hurdles before it ?
Dear sirs and madams

Pakistan is an ocean of ignorance , poverty , sickness , unemployment and helplessness . In its midst , there is an island of affluence (through fair means or foul , mostly foul  ) knowledge and apathy . The affluent ones’ bearing is unbearable and revolting   . The impression to the world is one of pity none the less disgusting.  
No matter how many times one shuffles the pack of cards , the same tired ,rotten  , crude and foul mouthed people come out as parliamentarians . This is our luck . However in other matters  These people are cunning and rotten to the core . However , they to borrow the words from P.G Woodhouse they are made of concrete from the shoulders upwards unless it is tempered with their self aggrandisements .
Mahfooz Rahman

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