Kashmiri Biradari Politics of Nawaz Sharif





The extent of the caliber of Sharif Brothers and  bias  in their hearts toward ordinary people of Punjabi’s  is blatantly exposed in the composition of a team mandated on behalf of PML-N  to discuss future Care taker Prime Minister of Pakistan with the government. 

 A notorious gang of four known Gowalmandi  goons are nominated by Don Sharif to  negotiate &  to decide the future Prime Minister.



  1.                     Khawaja Asif
  2.                     Khawaja Saad Rafique
  3.                     Khawaja Tariq
  4.                     Khawaja pervaiz.


 What a sorry state of affairs for the Punjabis to know that out of entire Punjab there is not even a single Punjabi worth to trust by SHARIFS.  No matter how much sacrifices one may give for these nincompoops but they will always prefer their own Kashmiri Ganda Anda over other true PUNJABIS.

  Be it Guhlam Hyder Wayne Mahroom, Khawaja Zaheer or General Zaiuddin Butt, one should only be of Kashmiri Clan, on other ordinary Punjabi they will never trust.

         SHAME ON KASHMIRI GARDI IN PUNJAB :  They live in Punjab but do not trust Punjabis.

Another classical joke of PML-N with Punjab

Mian Shahbaz Sharif  has recommended yet another Family Member belonging to his own Kashmiri clan  Khawaja Izhar as Care Taker Chief Minister of Punjab. Without learning anything from the past, the way Engineer General Zia uddin Butt of his family Clan was being put as Chief of Army Staff in 1999. Insha Allah this time Punjab will teach the a proper lesson  to be remembered by their coming generation.

 A Joke of the Decade, as Punjab is short of any Punjabi to be put as Caretaker.

 It is a Kashmiri Family Affair…!!!

Besides given set of jokers, PML-N also have the following from their own Clan

  1. Anusha Rahman  MNA
  2. Khawaja Asif        MNA
  3. Khawaja  Saad Rafique               MNA Lahore
  4. Khawaja Tariq      MPA Lahore
  5. MianYasin             MNA

There are scores of such other nincompoops whose names are not known at hand.

 Probably most of the friends might have seen this earlier as well. See once again the crooked faces of these Frauds.

No Metro Bus for PTI rally, police requests

Published: March 22, 2013

File photo of Metro Bus. PHOTO: EXPRESS/ ZAHOORUL HAQ.

LAHORE: DIG Operations Punjab requested the Punjab government on Friday to shut down the Metro Bus service for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s  (PTI) rally on Saturday,  Express News reported.

While reviewing the security measures for the PTI’s rally, which will be held at Minar-e-Pakistan on Saturday, police officials argued that the bus service should be closed for the day based on earlier incidents involving crowds damaging the Metro Buses, offices and blocking routes.

They stated that there would be a huge crowd en-route to Minar-e-Pakistan — a stop the Metro bus takes — therefore it would be better to either shut down the service for a day or limit the route from Gajumata to MA College, Lahore.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan had recently stated that the “PTI’s tsunami” would reach Minar-e Pakistan in Lahore by March 23, travelling on the newly operating Metro Buses.

According to sources, around 600 policemen will be allotted for securing the PTI rally, and cars will be stopped at Data Darbar.


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  • yousuf
    20 hours ago

    Great logic shutdown public transportation when there is a large crowd

    Exact opposite of what happens the world over


  • Vaqas Uddin
    20 hours ago

    They admiited that ‘They stated that there would be a huge crowd en-route to Minar-e-Pakistan’


  • asad
    20 hours ago

    tsunami doesnt need buses 😀 thank you very much


  • Mohsin Iqbal
    20 hours ago

    Shame on you PML-N


  • Blithe
    20 hours ago

    Good move !

    Assets must be protected from these “uncouth youth”.


  • 20 hours ago

    Noora league will do anything to stop the Tsunami, but InshAllah they will fail!


    19 hours ago

    Metro Bus is a national asset, it will be wise if it is not handed over to any crowd for destruction. Second for @Antebellum, any kind of Tsunami brings on ly destruction. I wish PTI leadership had a little sense naming themselves as destructors


  • ahsan mehmood
    19 hours ago

    the fear is in their hearts now


  • Angry
    19 hours ago

    It makes sense shutting it down. These rallies always go crazy in Pakistan and it is best not to waste the billions of rupees spent on this white elephant project.


  • Waseem Sarwar
    19 hours ago

    wow, waht a special reason. No wonder who CM currently is.


  • Jamil Bhutta
    19 hours ago

    Its not about fear of Tsunami its about being civilized. PML N doesn’t think that we Lahories are civilized enough to sit in Metrobus.


  • farhan
    19 hours ago

    Khurram, There is a difference between PMLN and PTI crowd. I think you are confusing the two.


  • Khan
    19 hours ago

    @KHURRAM MANSOOR, my friend thats the idea , bring destruction to status quo, bring destruction to corruption so on and so forth. If you have been unable to fathom the idea as yet then you deserve the leaders we have.


  • PakistanUnited
    19 hours ago

    Shame on Musharaf League of Raiwind


  • Tughral
    19 hours ago

    The people who are going to travel 100s of kilometers from different cities to get to Lahore for this historic day are not going to be stopped by blocking a bus service that only runs on 37 kms.

    Only made the government look scared. It wont dent the event attendance in any way.


  • Saaz
    19 hours ago

    PMLN is SCARED of tsunama


  • 19 hours ago

    @Angry @KHURRAM MANSOOR @Blithe:
    True Patwari Logic. Hats off to you.
    — Metro Buses (and for that matter all transport systems) should be closed for Rallies to ensure security.
    — All official buildings, shopping plazas, underpasses, bridges etc on the Rally route should be lifted & moved to some other place to secure them.
    — Better yet all citizens should be sent to ‘Chaanga Maanga’ to ensure their safety from ‘uncouth youth’.
    — If any mishap does happen, Khadim-e-Aala may distribute fake cheques to the affectees to satisfy media cameras (who cares if they bounce later). Huh
    Hum ne badla hai Punjab…… Hum Badlenge Paistan…. whatever


  • Ali Ghumman
    19 hours ago

    @Angry: Its a government resource made from our tax money, doesn’t belong to their abbay! Will they shut it down during PPP’s rallies? during their own? obviously this is a political move by an opponent that is scared


  • Atif Hussain
    18 hours ago

    Metro Bus belongs to every Pakistani ! Lets suppose if they hold rallies near airport than govt will shut that too ? Protection of assets is the responsibility of police and police should do their work.Tsunami is a disciplined group of people and will purchase tickets for the service and directly benefit the national chequer. Imran Khan will show all that change is now imminent and these zardaris and sharifs have to go now


  • Ch. Allah Daad
    18 hours ago

    Great move. Unlike chairs, buses are public property, therefore must be saved from destructive Tsunami. What kind of youth is this? they want ride and seating, why cannot they walk to concert nor stand for few hours.


  • UC
    18 hours ago

    @Khurram Mansoor. The name “Tsunami” implies the destruction of the filth ridden status quote that is the incumbent regime (PPP, PMLN included)


  • Saad Noor
    18 hours ago

    The awkward moment when a party who spend .7 to 1 Billion Rs on media campaign is crying for Transportation


  • Syed
    18 hours ago

    We will make a new Pakistan InshAllah:

    Peace & Justice for all, Cheap electricity , health , education , infrastructure , merit , winning teams in all sports , crime free Pakistan , respect of Pakistani passport, state of the art defence.

    Come on IK we are with you captain


  • Syed
    18 hours ago

    We will make a new Pakistan InshAllah:

    Peace & Justice for all, Cheap electricity , health , education , infrastructure , merit , winning teams in all sports , crime free Pakistan , respect of Pakistani passport, state of the art defence.

    Come on IK we are with you captainRecommend33

  • Fakhir
    18 hours ago

    “There are no pacts between Tsunamis & Metros” …. with excuse to Homer. 🙂


  • Usman
    17 hours ago

    Even being a PTI fan, I think its not a bad decision.


  • Falcon
    17 hours ago

    This will actually add to the passion of people.


    17 hours ago

    Good decision because Metro Buses are our precious assets”.


  • Mubashir
    17 hours ago

    The Brave Punjab Police is unable to protect Metro Bus. Lame Excuse … In reality The Shareef’s wouldn’t like PTI to utilize their creation!


  • Voice of D.I.Khan
    17 hours ago

    Good Luck Shaheeno… 🙂 .


  • Hamid
    17 hours ago

    There is a difference between PMLN and PTI crowd. DG Lahore Police is confusing the two


  • sensible
    16 hours ago

    Do whatever you want, now no can stop tsunami of IK.


  • Adi Bhai
    16 hours ago

    There was no Metro Bus on 30 Oct either. Who needs Metro !!! ?? PTI all the way


  • Cold trend
    16 hours ago

    Pakistan Muslim league – Naan


  • longislander
    16 hours ago

    They used the same tactics before October 30, 2011 and we all witnessed that history was made on Oct 30. Jungla bus will remain open when shareef brothers will do a jalsi at bhaati chawk. hahahahah. wake up. Lahore AND Pakistan belongs to PTI.


  • Baloch Insafian
    15 hours ago

    If it’s so difficult to protect Metro Bus then why was it built on first place??
    PTI has been saying this from the beginning that this Nation needs education before such projects, & PMLN today has proved that..!


  • anwar
    15 hours ago

    I think its a good decision. Its not a matter of inability to protection but prevention of mob mentality. Imran Khan is not the end of the world.; Nor does he have what it takes to pacify a crowd


  • naeem khan
    14 hours ago

    IK himself in one of his speeches has directed PTI troll to use the bus for his jalsa meaning PTI trolls have the licence to vandalize the buses


  • Bashir
    14 hours ago

    @PakistanUnited: Raiwind party is actually Zia League. Not Musharaf League They were born and brought up by Ziaul Haq


  • Truth and justice
    13 hours ago

    Though I am a supporter of PTI, I do not agree that Pakistani youth knows how to value the things that belong to them … Let’s take a lesson from history … Having said that, I wish that pti stage a record breaking jalsa without the need for metro buses … That would be amazing …


  • reasonlight
    11 hours ago

    Metro Bus is a useless project.. It is a permanent liability and a weak point for Govt..


  • Muslim Leaguer
    11 hours ago

    A great move! Unlike chairs, buses are public property, therefore must be saved from destructive Tsunami. What kind of burgers party is this? they badmouth it, condemn it and then want ride and seating… why can’t they walk to the concert for few hours??


  • Abid Khan
    10 hours ago

    This is Rehman Malik approach, close cell phones as they create terrorism.


  • Arsie
    7 hours ago

    Pti kids have been praying for the failure of this service from day 1. we r talking of desperate kids of a desperate leader. Now that transparency int’l has given a green signal to the project & imran khan failed to provide any evidence of corruption. Punjab govt has all the reasons to believe they will try to harm it physically.


  • Arsalan
    6 hours ago

    Well actually shame on the party whose rally is affecting public transport and the common man’s life


  • fawad
    2 hours ago

    What else do you expect from a highly politicized police.


  • Ali
    2 hours ago

    someone is afraid for sure.


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