INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Pakistan Hires Pharmacist to Solve Energy Problems: Musadik Malik, an American Import, who failed to find a job in America

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Abraham Lincoln

Musadik Malik, a Pharmacist from Boston, has fooled mediocre and incompetent power elites of Pakistan and ended-up holding a key position in Pakistan’s Ministry of Water & Power.

There are many Pakistanis who are jobless in America. They are very hard working and extremely talented people but have fallen on hard economic times.

But, there are a few exceptions among them. These include those who hail from well-connected families of Pakistan, the so-called Waderas, Zamindars, Industrialist, Bureaucrat, and Jagirdars,

Johnnies like Musadik Malik surviving in US,  always have a Plan B.

Plan B is the fall back position for unemployed  progeny of Pakistan elites in US. They use their connections with the high and mighty in in Pakistan to land on their feet not in US but in Pakistan

A classic case is that of Masadik Malik.

He was unemployed in US for a long time, because he had a Ph.D degree in Pharmacy tooo high a qualification to work in a neighbourhood drug store. At that  time there was a glut of B.Pharms in the US job market. Therefore doctorates were considered over-qualified.

Musadik Malik tried every possible approach to keep his head above water but still could not find a job in Boston, Massachusetts or for that matter anywhere else in US

He followed through with Plan B and using his connections in UAE he landed on his feet. And founded a nebulous company by the name of DNA. This was a paper company, where, he wanted to pad his resume.


Musadik Malik Gift for Gab or as they say in American slang, a tendency to Bullshit

Any forum, where Musadik Malik can talk he finagles his way into it. 

He is full of form, but has no substance

Musadik Malik utilizes his gift for gab to climb the career, as well as the social ladder., or as they say in US, he is a “Bullshit,” Artist. He right away found an advisory position in the “gang that could’nt shoot straight, cabinet of the Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani. But, since there is no Ministry for Pharmacist, Musadik thought it convenient to try for the Ministry of Power.

So, Musadik Malik, a US Citizen did not renounce his US citizenship and ended-up according to his self-promotion Website:

Appointed Federal Minister, Water and Power of the Pakistan Government in April 2013, Musadik Malik is also CEO and Managing Director of the Boston Innovation Group based in Bahrain. – See more at:

Musadik Malik’s greatest asset is the Art of Bullshit. He uses his gift of gab to advance not only his career, but also, his social status 

In Pakistan, he developed his own neural network of connections among the power elites. he hit the jackpot with the senile PM Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani with whom he latched on using his charm and gift of gab.

When the Pakistan Government was being transferred from Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani to Nawaz Sharif, Musadik Malik had to give a presentation on the achievements and plans of his portfolio. Well, that became his direct entry into the

inner circle of power in Pakistan.  Nawaz Sharif, who has a knack for choosing hacks (because as they say, “it takes one to know one,)”became a fan of Musadik Malik’s “Bullshit.” The rest is history, and folks that is how

Pakistan got a pharmacist to solve its humungous load -shedding problems.  

This also demonstrates the calibre of leaders Pakistan has produced, as Prime Ministers. Likes of Gilani were followed by Bijarani, who in turn is followed by the three timer himself, none other than the Coward of Kargil, Nawaz Sharif a.k.a. Bhagora.

Incompetent Nawaz Sharif, could not find a single electrical engineer, among the thousands in Pakistan to run the Federal Ministry of Water and Power. He had to import, a “has been” pharmacistfrom the United States (who still hold his US Citizenship) to the most critical ministry in Pakistan.

Of course, Nawaz Sharif cared the least if this man had even a remote expertise in this crucial ministry. It is possible, since, Load shedding was the biggest head ache facing Nawaz Sharif, he decided to bring a pharmacist to run the Ministry of Water & Power. One can conjecture that Nawaz Sharif needed a pharmacist to relieve his biggest head ache:The Pakistan Power Crisis. 

Nothing changes in Pakistan, where square pegs have filled round holes almost all the time for the last 65 years.

So why NOT, have a Pharmacist running the Water & Power Ministry.

That shows Nawaz Sharif’s acuity in recognizing talent and giving it position and power, where it can show its maximum incompetence.

But, 180 million Pakistanis don’t care. They are too hungry and suffering from economic deprivations. They are still in a honey moon phase with a Prime Minister, whose IQ in problem solving runs into negative numbers.


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