India will Implode from within-Abject Poverty of Masses and Casteism

Demonic Casteism still rampant in North India

Dividing Humans into religious groups and then the sub-caste groups was part of the process of the demonisation of humans .

In India Brahmins consider themselves the most superior of all humans.

The Dalits are categorized as a group of lower class humans, who aren’t allowed into temples nor close contact with the upperclass Brahmins.


Many western scholars believe the true origins of Zionism was Brahminism.


Follwing is a report published in yesterday’s Times of India, report an encounter between the upper class Brahmins and the lower class Dalits:

Dalit attacked, prevented from entering temple


Kanpur: While the Brahmin-dalit alliance swept Bahujan Samaj Party to power in Uttar Pradesh last May, the political bonhomie between the two sections has not extended to the social sphere. The tenuous nature of the alliance was underscored when a dalit man was beaten up and abused by a priest of Mahadev temple here on Tuesday when he, along with his three friends, tried to enter the temple.

Shailendra Tiwari, the priest, allegedly attacked and abused the dalit, Sudhir Kumar of Gangapur village under Bidhnoo police station limits, as he along with two men named Bablu, both from Gangapur, and Dharmendra of Rajivnagar, tried to enter the temple.

Tiwari did not act alone; he had his friends Rajan Dixit and Shiv Singh Yadav join him in physically attacking and preventing Sudhir and his friends from entering the temple.

“They not only assaulted us but also threatened us with dire consequences and demanded money to purify the temple,’’ said Sudhir. “The priests used filthy language against us,’’ he further alleged. The news of assault created tension in the village with dalits holding a meeting in which they decided to inform senior district administration about the incident and make renewed attempt to enter the temple.

“We requested the police to act against the priest and others involved in beating up Sudhir,’’ a dalit said.

The incident took place in an area where the dalit-Brahmin collaboration had worked well for the BSP, enabling it to sweep the constituencies in rural Kanpur. BSP’s Brahmin candidate, Anil Shukla Warsi won the by-election for the Bilhaur Lok Sabha seat.

Dalit sets self on fire, MP looks on

Bhopal: A dalit man set himself on fire inside the collectorate in Sagar, about 200 km from Bhopal, on Monday afternoon, while local MP Virendra Kumar Khatik and his supporters allegedly looked on.

The incident occurred at 1 pm when Khatik, BJP MP from Sagar, was holding a meeting. Shiv Prasad Chaudhary set himself on fire while demanding land for a school in his village. Chaudhry had been demanding land since November, threatening suicide if his demand wasn’t met. On Monday, Chaudhary entered the premises with kerosene and a burning torch and asked Khatik for the land. Snubbed by Khatik, Chaudhary set himself on fire and suffered 50% burns.

Cabinet minister in charge of Sagar, Kailash Vijayvargiya, said the BJP supporters tried to stop Chaudhary but he was drunk and violent.


Girl’s relatives gouge out her lover’s eyes

Syed Rizwanullah | TNN 

Aurangabad: A love affair in a Marathwada village took a gruesome turn when outraged relatives of an upper-caste girl gouged out one of the eyes of a dalit boy who had eloped with her. The relatives then tried to inflict the same punishment on the boy’s friend but he managed to escape with injuries.

The incident took place at Sategaon village in Nanded district on January 6 but came to light only two days later after the police, who got word of the crime, contacted the two boys. Five of the girl’s relatives have been arrested and remanded to police custody until Jan. 14.

Nanded DSP Vasant Jadhav told TOI that Premala, the 18-year-old Maratha daughter of a daily wage earner, fell in love with 20-year-old Chandrakant Gaikwad, a XII Standard dalit student.

When both families refused to entertain their desire to be married, the couple fled to Kamareddy in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh on January 4. They were given shelter by Chandrakant’s friend Milind Jondhale. Premala’s relatives however tracked them down on the night of January 6, beat them brutally, and forcibly brought all three to Sategaon. When they reached the village, a few of the girl’s family members used knives to gouge out one of Chandrakant’s eyes. Doctors at a Nanded hospital are struggling to save his other eye though they said the chances are slim. The SP added, “They somehow spared Milind who got scratch wounds around his eyes.’’ The boys’ lives were spared only after they promised they would not file a police complaint, Jadhav said. Therefore, it was only with great reluctance that they finally narrated the sequence of events to the police. Five people have been arrested while six are absconding. Those arrested are Subhash Jadhav, Parasram Jadhav, Gangadhar Jadhav, Yadav Jadhav and Atmaram Jadhav.

Despite the economic growth and outsourcing of foreign jobs by western companies to India, majority of the Indian population still wallow in extreme poverty and disease. Behind India’s new-found economic strength are three hundred million poor people that live on less than $1 per day. Government figures may indicate a reduction in poverty. But the truth is, with increasing global food prices, poverty is spreading everywhere like a swarm of locust. Conditions are worst in the rural areas where close to 70% of India’s population resides. Statistics show, that 2.1 million children under 5 years old die of malnutrition yearly.

India is not be rated as the most corrupt country in the world as far as the figures go but corrupt practices exist here in India like any other place in Africa. Public school teachers rarely go for classes but still get paid at the end of the month. The ministry of education in India is struggling to identify thousands of so-called ghost-worker names of teachers that only exist on payroll – yet victory is far-fetched. 

Mumbai is beautiful and businesses are flourishing but that is for the privileged few. The poor, who are majority, live in slums. They can only see and fantasize about the beautiful things in the city of Mumbai, but can’t benefit. The streets of major cities in India, like the rural areas, are populated by persons who can’t even get the minimum amount of calories that is required for survival due to the low quality of food they eat. To many Indians, basic amenities such as proper sanitation, portable water, and health care are luxuries they can only get in their dreams.

Many young girls have resorted to prostitution as a way to escape from poverty and provide for their families. Increasing number of girls are dropping out of schools to look for jobs. In some extreme cases, parents force their girls out of school themselves. This ugly trend spells doom for India’s economy in the future.

As families cut back at the number, quality and quantity of food they consume per day; meat, a source of protein, is no more an option in the menu of many families. People now opt for less nutritional meals – just to put something in the stomach— which has a bad effect on child’s growth. Meanwhile, it’s estimated that 40% of children in India are suffering from stunted growth.

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