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“ HRI will issue the most comprehensive “FACT SHEET” in respect of constant and severe violations of human rights, keeping in view the fundamental rights of the general public. In this regard adequate and relevant facts are collected by the coordinators of HRI from all over the country, the rural as well as urban areas. At present the verifications of the collected facts are in process.

Furthermore, we are going to establish ”HUMAN RIGHTS AWARENESS FORUM” at country level and the branches thereof will be opened at district level” announced by Syed Anwar Aleemi, Advocate, Chairman HUMAN RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL-HRI. 

The main issues and observations are given here in under, which are under consideration of the “POLICY COMMITTEE OF HRI” told by Syed Anwar Aleemi, Advocate, – CHAIRMAN- HUMAN RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL- HRI.
1. In the process of the preparation of “FACT SHEET”  we  are compiling bitter facts in respect of different governmental institutions, prisons, hospitals, educational institutions, police stations, courts, income tax departments, excise and taxation offices, provincial and federal boards of revenues and all other departments working under district, provincial and federal governments. We have also decided to suggest the possible reforms for the rectification of anti-human designs prevailing in all the structure of the state for the betterment of the citizens of Pakistan.
All the coordinators of HRI working here at Pakistan have collected facts with adequate proofs along with irrefutable evidence in this regard. We believe that every citizen of the country has the right to know the realities and we are bound to unveil the existing facts.   
2. Keeping aside all threats to our lives we will continue to work for the awareness of human rights. We are determined to adopt all means and measures for the promotion of people’s consciousness about their fundamental rights as envisaged under our Constitution and Universal Charter of Human Rights as adopted by UNITED NATIONS. We want to make it clear to everybody that our motto is “LIVE FOR HUMANITY – DIE FOR HUMANITY.” We will not hesitate to prove it by our actions in future. We, the visible majority of the people of Pakistan are victims of injustices by the governing groups in past and at present in our beloved country.   
3. Our democracy at Pakistan has its worst style in its nature. Mere fictitious, false, fake and so-called democracy have no positive influences at all on our collective, social, economic and political lives of the nationals of Pakistan in any manner.Keeping aside all threats to our lives and non-cooperative behaviour of the higher-ups of Pakistan, we will continue our mission with our more affective and result oriented capabilities in the most peaceful manners.
Anyhow, we in Pakistan, will make all possible efforts for awareness of human rights as are determined by the Constitution of Pakistan by all means and measures as laid down under Constitution Of Pakistan. We should have to work to solidify our democratic system in the most positive way to achieve the goals as set out by the founders of Pakistan. No effort or practicable step will be left for the establishment of Pakistan as the real democratic and the most modern welfare state on globe.
4. The Ghost of terrorism is dancing in condemnable satanic style in almost all the street and bazaars of all the cities of Pakistan. Extreme poverty, gruesome hunger, condemnable fears, lack of opportunities to get the basic necessities of the lives, illiteracy, the curse of unemployment has become the order of day in our beloved country. Rulers are not fair towards the general people of Pakistan. It is the most tragic aspect of our politics. We will continue our struggle against the anti-human practices of all nature. We are determined to arrange rallies, public meetings and workshops at all levels to create general opinion against the usurpers of all the fundamental rights in all over the country.  
5.The most delicate issue having importance in this political era, the resolution of all the problems of all natures faced by the 200 millions of the people of Pakistan has become the sole responsibility of the factions who are enjoying power in Pakistan, without wasting further time in this regard.
Visible and the vast majority of the people of Pakistan are shouting for food, shelter, clothing, and other basics requirements of their lives. All administrative actions and to take all adequate legislative measures in this regard is the prime obligation of the highest administration of the country and all the concerned legislative bodies existing at federal as well as provincial levels. Now the rulers alone are on the wheel of new challenges faced by the country at present. The offices of President, Prime Minister along with his cabinet and allied members of Senate, National Assembly including Provincial Assemblies are bound to restore all the fundamental rights as provided by THE CONSTITUTION OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.
6. The government alone shall be bound, in accordance with The Constitution of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, that the country shall be transformed into a “REAL WELFARE STATE” without any delay, otherwise the time shall bring them on the wheel of accountability in accordance with provisions of the Constitutions of Pakistan.  
7. Our national politics revolves around few old styled feudal-lords, capitalists and aristocratic type of conventional and politically professional families and personalities instead of the common people of Pakistan. This is the most tragic aspect of our national politics and our democracy. HRI condemn this mode of false and fake democracy.
8.The policies adopted by the government, and the existing political, administrative, economic, social, legal and judicial system all are not in line with the vast interests of the common citizens of the country which should be seriously understood by the responsible authorities.  All wise, sane, and possible steps in the interests of general citizens of Pakistan should be taken at all costs for the benefit of the general public of Pakistan. Not a single political party, group of political parties or any faction of power grabbers of Pakistan can claim itself the sole ruler of the country in any stretch of the philosophy of “DEMOCRACY”.

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