As September 6, 2010 approaches, Pakistanis should be proud that they vanquished an enemy, who came to drink a “chota peg,” in Lahore Gymkhana. Pakistani nation is unique on this earth. It is facing devastation from both the heaven and the earth. Yet, it survives. Other than a plague of locusts, Pakistani people have bravely faced an air disaster, an earthquake, a biblical flood, war from the East, war from the West, and war from within. The glaciers, the rivers, the mountains, and the skies have launched a battle against fragile bodies of Pakistan’s humanity. But, we are still there. Is there a silver lining in the black cloud, none whatsoever. As we say, “sonay pay suhaga, “we have one one the most corrupt government on this earth. It is little wonder, when the Pakistani people meekly take its corruption in a stride, nature has unleashed its own revenge against the head of the state. We may feel impotent to remove Zardari, but, nature is not impotent, it will wreak its havoc, until Pakistanis or nature get rid of this pestilence. Zardari is Bhutto’s revenge from his grave. If Pakistanis do not pay heed more revenge will follow in the shape of Bilawal Bhutto. Pakistanis did not rise against the unjustified hanging of Bhutto. Pakistanis kept silent about catching the killers of Benazir. Pakistani are now paying the piper with the like of Zardari, Fauzia Wahab, Altaf Bhai, Babar Awan, Nawaz Sharif alias  “Waja,” the cowardly son of national Abaji, whose legs were shaking in front of womanizer Clinton, when contemplating exploding the A-Bomb. These hypocrites suffer from a diarheal amnesia. The forget their crimes and misdemeanors and act as if they are the saviors of Pakistan. 

The fate of Pakistan lies with its Creator.  No human power can destroy it. We are masters of our fate. We are captains of the ship of the nation. Are we ready to rise like Phoenix from the Ashes? Are we willing to pick up the gauntlet? Are we ready to destroy the evil beings, who brutally murdered, two young men? Are we ready to stop target killing? Are we ready to act according to the tenets of the most modern and futuristic faith, our Maker has gifted us. Our Beloved Prophet, who conveyed this message, will he recognize us as his followers? Are we going to live at Peace with the World? Or are we going to let the world push our “HOT BUTTONS,” by calling us terrorist?

Even in these cataclysmic floods of biblical proportions, our nations muddied name, prevented our flood stricken innocent from receiving global help. The sins of its leaders bring disasters on the nations. Pharoah was the apostate, but in the floods and plague how many common people perished.

Pakistan is run by a ” Coterie of Corrupt,” mainly feudals, industrialists, and business tycoons. They are the core of Pakistan’s problems.  They have their svengali hold on Pakistan’s governance and economy.  They have kept this nation of 170 million strong in shackles of illiteracy and ignorance. They feed a toxic mix of hope and religion, to keep the masses occupied. You see their “pups,” cavorting half drunk or snorting drugs in dark corners of shopping centers or palatial houses of Islamabad. The Zardari clan belongs to these same Waderas, and Zamindar luteras. They send their children, all expenses paid to Ivy League Colleges of America or England. These parasitic leeches feed on the carcass of Pakistan.  The billions given by Pakistan are squandered by the corrupt elites of Pakistan. They have forgotten Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, and Baluchi. Their “mother tongue,” is English. They consider our rich heritage as mundane or decadent.  Allama and Jinnah are too fuddy duddy for them. They have flats in London, New York , and Paris. Ironically, these noveau riche Pakistanis are frowned upon by Western societies, they so much want to gain acceptance.  Let this flood wipe out the power base of the the corrupt from Pakistan.  Let the flood remove the Zardaris, the Legharis, the Mazaris, the Wattoos, the Wariach, the Jakranis, the Jamalis, the Jatois, the Chaudhries of Gujrat, the Makdooms, the Qureshis, and the innumerable waderas, zamindars, and luteras and their “biraderis,” parasitically destroying Pakistan. Let us resolve to kick these scoundrels out.

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