Homecoming of American Troops

At long last, the American soldiers would start returning to homeland. The end of a decade long war on the soil of Afghanistan seems to be in sight. The return of the American fighting force from Afghanistan is markedly different from that of Vietnam.
Although both these wars were triggered to defeat the enemy without any conclusive outcome, yet the comeback from Vietnam was sheer humiliation and complete disaster. The American troops coming back from Afghanistan are definitively in a more gratified situation as it is not a retreat in haste or the result of a rout or panic but a peaceful drawdown.
The enemy in Vietnam was egregiously tenacious, lethally ferocious and highly organized and nationally motivated to brace against a mighty war machine unleashed by a super power to annihilate the ranks and file of the communism and to check the advancing menace or bulwark of the ideological enemies.
Because the Vietnamese people

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