Mr Bhutto Zardari, son of the murdered Pakistani opposition leader, Benazir, is a student at Christ Church College, Oxford and his Facebook profile has been highlighted by The Mail on Sunday.

The 19 year old, whose profile now appears to have been removed makes references to being “hungover”, despite alcohol being banned under Islamic law and is friends with a bisexual couple, despite lesbians facing a 100 lashes in Pakistan.

Bilawal and the girls – Julia Caterina Hartley and Kirini Kopcke who are listed as “engaged”, are pictured looking the worse for wear at at the annual annual Cardinals’ Cocktails event where, for a £10 entrance fee, students can drink as many cocktails as they can stomach.

Only a select group of students at Christ Church College are allowed to join the Cardinals Society, where they are initiated by forcing down a bottle of port after eight pints of beer. There is no evidence that Bilawal drunk alcohol, although The Mail on Sunday claims there were references to ” the joys of “free alcohol” on his Facebook profile.

The newspaper says he has not been seen at the University’s Islamist Society, a member saying: “He doesn’t come to any of our events. He has chosen instead to spend his time with gregarious new friends.”

The newspaper also claims that Bilawal’s wall conversations following the assassination of his mother says: ” “There is a void in my life now, it’s a deep dark hole in my sloe [sic] … that can only be filled with … boozie suzie!!”

In another thread, Bilawal apparently announces his intention to “do as much work as possible, go to the Coven, turn up to my tute [sic the next day hungover and with incomplete work.”

Another allegedly said, he “misses his secret lover” another: “what free alcohol! I may take you up on that when I get back to Oxford!”

Facebook had previously said that it had disabled a number of “fake” profiles, although the photos of Bilawal appear to be genuine.

“Facebook has disabled two profiles purporting to be Bilawal Bhutto after an investigation found they were not authentic and violated the site’s Terms of Use,” the company said in a statement.

“Facebook examines a range of criteria to determine whether a profile is authentic, including reports from users, profile content, the e-mail associated with an account, length of time the account has been open and network affiliations,” it said.

Although Bilawal’s alleged friendship with a bisexual couple will likely please LGBT campaigners, it will not go down well in deeply conservative Pakistan.

His mother was president of the Oxford Union and later prime minister of Pakistan.