Dearest Chinese Friends of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif is a Stealth Double Agent: Do not trust him




Chinese history and philosophy is embedded in the aphorisms of Confucius. As a Pakistani who loves and admires your great nation, I would like to tell you that the corruptly elected PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is a Kashmiri. In our part of the world there is also an aphorism about Kashmiris:

Agar Qaht-e-Rajal Bashad zeeshaan az aun na geree
Yak Kamboh Doyam Afghan Soyam Bad zaat Kashmiri


Never trust three castes/creeds:

1. Awal Afghan ( First: Afghanistan )

2. Do-am Kamboh ( Second: Kaboh )

2. So-am Badzaat-E-Kaashmeeri ( Third: Inferior & felonious Kashmiri )

 Throughout History Kashmiris have backstabbed their benefactors. Even, US will find one day Nawaz Sharif, the Scion of an Amritsari, Kashmiri Family will back stab them. These are felonious people, who have been punished by God and put under the slavery of Hindu (115000 gods)
This aphorism from a Muslim Sage, Saadi Shirazi, alludes to the untrustworthy and backstabbing nature  of Kashmiri psyche. Nawaz Sharif is a Kashmiri Trojan Horse for US. He will act as if he is a friend of China, he will work against Chinese interests. His first stealth act of treachery against China, will be in the form of foot-dragging on the Gwadar Port Agreement. He will delay Chinese help on the Reko Diq Project. He will also use dilatory tactics in the Power Sector, and do his utmost to politically sabotage the chashma III IV projects. He will appear overly friendly to China, but, he carries a dagger to stab China in the back.
People in Pakistan love and trust you and hate your enemies. Rely on the trust of people of Pakistan.  In the next five years, Nawaz Sharif will try to disengage from China in a stealth mode. He is completely in the corner of your enemies. One day, when Pakistani people are free from US servitude, under their agent Nawaz Sharif, China will Rise again in every Pakistanis heart. Till, then please wish us well well, so that we come out of this nightmare Kashmiri  Nawaz Sharif’s yoke.  

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