Anti-Pakistan Army-ISI: Indian Intelligence Website Masquerading As Pakistani



Security Alert For All Pakistanis At Home & Abroad


Indian Intelligence RAW has received a significant boost in the Narendra Modi Government. It is part of Anti-Pak Army Anti-ISI operation launched by Narendra Modi with a two -pronged objective:

1.Undermine the Reputation of Pakistan Army & Inter-Services Intelligence.Its is a joint operation or PSYOPS conducted in collaboration with Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Agency.

2.To Support and consolidate Nawaz Sharif’s position, so he can exert control over the affairs of Pakistan Army and in particular, de-fang and neutralize the power of ISI

In support of such effort hundreds of websites have been establish to propagate views of so-called common Pakistanis against a rogue Pakistan Army & ISI.  One such example of this web based initiative is the Hindu owned and operated Trojan Horse website:


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