An Open letter to Stealth Indian Lobbyist Fareed Zakaria, “GPS,” CNN








An Open letter to Fareed Zakaria, “GPS,” CNN

For quite some time, I believed that you were an honest person, with no bias against anybody. At least, one did expect you to be neutral. However, the faith did 

not last long.

First shock came when you were suspended for plagiarism. Then you devoted a whole segment to a tirade against Pakistan’s nuclear program. Nuclear material 

has been stolen in many countries. Five cases were reported in India. There has not been a single case in Pakistan of pilferage of nuclear material. Still, you speculated on possibility of theft only in Pakistan. And a few days ago, you used the Waziristan girl to criticize Pakistan. You did not have the honesty to admit that North Waziristan, the last hideout of terrorists, had been cleared finally.

You have never said anything positive about Pakistan. That is not surprising. After all, an Indian is always an Indian – and hostile to Pakistan. Your Islam is a fig leaf, over your hatred for the second largest Muslim country.

GPS ceased to be my favorite program long ago. Now I change the channel if I stumble upon your program on CNN while surfing. 

محمّد عبد الحمید

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