Allegations without Evidence! by Fahad Malik





Allegations without Evidence!

Fahad Malik








Pakistan Army is one of the non-political but yet most important state institution. Army has been working not only for the defence and security of the country, but is fighting at many other outskirts including flood, and Zarb-e-Azab in North Waziristan. Since Army has started Military operation in north Waziristan, 900 of the terrorists has been killed, many of the weapon factories have been destroyed. The operation was launched by military forces on 15 June, and now since three months army is engaged there. Along with Zarb-e-Azab, Pakistan Army is also under attack, as India violates cease fire at Line of Control, frequently, resulting in to Shahadat of our soldiers. Now as massive rains resulted into flood in many areas of Pakistan, and civilian government was failed to carry on relief activities, again Army was called to rescue people. Pakistani Army’s rescue and flood relief activities are continued all over the Pakistan, and one soldier also lost his life during a rescue operation. In all this scenario, when Army is busy at many borders, and they have many other things to look after there are few lobbies, including some of the Parliamentarians, and some of the social media activists, who have started baseless propaganda’s against Army.

                  As many of the parliamentarians, “elected” members of the honorable Assembly, blame Army in current political situation, that Army is the script writer of the public protests going on in Islamabad. Although, ISPR and Army officials have denied these allegations several times, and Army was not interfering, but COAS General Raheel Shareef was requested by Prime Minister Pakistan that Army should play their constitutional role resolving the current political crisis. COAS talked with the protesting parties, to help resolve the dead lock between the government and protestors. Later on, there were also baseless news of five top military generals who were just to step in, in current political situation to over throw civilian government. The news about Army’s intervention and linking it with ISPR’s statement to protect democracy and rumors that Army’s top level command want Prime Minister to resign are totally baseless.

Army has many other important issues, dragging a national institution, in such a mess is nothing but a cheap tactic to damage their reputation, but that will be useless. As this nation know, that Army has sacrificed lives of their men, their soldiers for this country. Army is one the respected and most fair institution of the state. Please, let them do their work, they have other important things like Zarb-e-Azab, Flood relief and defending the borders. Dragging them in politics is unacceptable. Everyone should must know that Pakistan Army is totally neutral, and Military is not behind current political crisis.







Long live Pakistan.

Long Live Pakistan Army.

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