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Bushra Rahman, popular writer, poet and politician, is a bold and daring woman, free in her thoughts and actions. She is known as a popular writer of digest magazines, author of around 25 collections of short stories, novels, travelogues, and as newspaper columnist.

She is a creative writer of great merit and a master of narrative. Her novel, Lagan, was appreciated by a large number of readers in and outside the country. She has been awarded with Sahir Award by the Adeeb International in Ludihana in 2004.She is MNA and belong from PML-Q. 

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Bushra Rahman (Urdu: بشریٰ رحمٰن‎) (born August 29, 1944)[1] is a Pakistani writer and politician. She has written many books[2] and many of those books have been serialized in famous drama serials such as Parsa[3] and Bandhan.[4]



Bushra Rahman
بشریٰ رحمٰن
Born August 29, 1944 (age 68)
BahawalpurPunjab, Pakistan
Occupation Writer
Nationality Pakistani
Education MA Journalism
Alma mater Punjab University, Lahore
Notable award(s) Sitara-i-Imtiaz
Spouse(s) Abdul Rahman Mian
Children Mubashir Abdul Rahman Mian
Bashar Abdul Rahman Mian
Omar Abdul Rahman Mian
Hassan Abdul Rahman Mian
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Early life

She was born in sufi literary family of Bahawalpur, Pakistan in 1944. She married Abdul Rahman Mian in 1965, who is an engineer. The couple have four sons.

She obtained her graduation from Govt. Degree College Multan. After completing her graduation she went to Lahore for her degree in Journalism from Punjab University, Lahore. She also holds B.A degree in Education.



She began her literary career at the age of 12 by writing a short story Phir Yadoo kay Deep Jalay. She has also written four volumes of extempore speeches known as “Bay-Sakhta”. She is best known for her drama serials Parsa (Hum TV) and Bandhan (PTV). She has more than 40 books to her credit.


She started her political career in 1983, from Provincial Assembly and was elected as a member of Punjab Assembly three times:

She is also the member of National Assembly (MNA) from Pakistan Muslim League.[5]



  • Kis Mor Per Milay Hu
  • Parsa
  • Chaara Gar
  • Piyassi
  • Lagan
  • Khoobsorat
  • Lazalwal


  • Sharmeeli
  • Chand Sa Na Khailoo
  • Allah Mian Ji
  • Ek Aawara ki Khatir
  • Lala-e-Sahrai
  • Paying Guest
  • Bahishat
  • Butshikan

Short stories

  • Chup
  • Afsaana Aadmi Hai
  • Ishq Ishq
  • Pasheman
  • Qalam Kahaniyaan
  • Baawali Bahkaraan


  • Manzal-e-Ishq
  • Tuk Tuk Dedam Tokyo
  • Brah-e-Rast
  • Door Daish
  • Ghotam Budh or Poora Chand


  • Chaadar, Chaar Dewaari or Chandni


  • Sandal main Sansain Jalti Hen

Drama serialization

Many of her books have been serialized on TV channels. Some of them are:

  • Lazawal (PTV) in 1984
  • Bandhan (PTV) in 1997
  • Piyasi (PTV) in 1999
  • Piyasi (HUM TV) in 2006
  • Parsa (Hum TV) in 2010


  • Best Parliamentarian Gold Medal by Punjab Assembly in February, 1988.
  • Title of Qadir-ul-Kalam, Shireen Bian, Bulbul-e-Pakistan In June 1990
  • International Best Parliamentarian Award By Asian Academy Lahore
  • Long Services Award By Masihi Bazm-i-Danish Lahore
  • Best Columnist Award By Pakistan Youth Society
  • Award on Literary Services By Journalists Society of Pakistan
  • Sahir Ludhianvi Gold Medal from India On her Literary works on April, 2004.[6]
  • Presidential Award Sitara-i-Imtiaz[7] on Saturday, March 24, 2007
  • 3 March 2012, Adeeb International Ludhiana has given title of Malka-e-Sukhan[8]
  • 8 March 2012, Hero Foundation Karachi, has given title of “Wonder Woman of the Year
  • 27 March 2012, Nazriya Pakistan Council for literary work has given Gold Medal
  • 27 April 2012, Southern Punjab Organization “Sukhanwar”, has given title of Andleeb-e-Pakistan


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