50 Reasons Why A Military Dictator Gen(Retd) Musharraf is Better Than the Civilian Fascist Dictator, the Mussolini of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif

Dimwit Nawaz Sharif’s Reason for Hanging Gen(Retd) MusarrafMusharaf should be hanged because of the following reasons

Musharaf should be hanged because of the following
reasons :

1.Pakistan was ranked third in world
banking profitability.
2. Separist terrorist BLA Akbar Bugti eliminated.
3. The IT industry was valued at around $2
 including $1 billion in exports and

employed around 90,000 professionals.
4. The CNG sector attracted over $70
billion in investment 
in the past five years

and created 45,000 jobs.
5. The telecommunications sector
attracted around $10 billion in investments
and created over 1.3 million jobs.
6. Industrial parks were set up throughout
the country for the first time.
7. Mega projects such as the Saindak,
Rekodiq, marble production, coal
production, mining and quarrying were

8. Foreign reserves increased from $700
million to $17 billion.

9. The Karachi stock market went from 700
points to 15,000 points.
10. The literacy rate improved by 11 per
11. Poverty decreased by 10 per cent.
12. Four dams were built: Mirani, Subakzai,
Gomalzam, Khurram, and Tangi,
13. Seven motorways were completed or
were under construction,
14. Gwadar, an advanced sea port, was
15. 650 kilometres of coastal highways
were constructed.
16. A historic 100% increase in tax
collection (amounting to Rs1 trillio
n) was

17. Large scale manufacturing was at a 30-
year high, and construction at a 17-year
18. Copper and gold deposits were found
in Chagai, worth about $600 million
annually if sold.
19. A new oil refinery with the UAE that
could process 300,000 oil barrels a day was
20. The industrial sector registered 26 per
cent growth.

21. The economy was the third fastest
growing economy after China and India .
22. The Institute of Space Technology was

23. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women
University Quetta
 was established.

24. The University of Science and
Technology, Bannu, was established.
25. The University of Hazara was founded.
26. The Malakand University in Chakdara
was established.

27. The University of Gujrat was

28. The Virtual University of Pakistan was
29. Sarhad University of IT in Peshawar
was established
30. The National Law University in
Islamabad was established
31. The Media University in Islamabad was
32. University of Education in Lahore was
33. Lasbela University of Marine Sciences,
, was established

34. Baluchistan University of IT &
Management, Quetta (2002)

35. The Pakistan economy was worth $
160 billion in 2007

36. GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
was $ 475.5 billion in 2007
37. The GDP per Capita in 2007 was $
38. Revenue collection in 2007/08 was
Rs1.002 billion
39. Exports in 2007were worth $18.5
40. Textile exports in 2007 were worth
$11.2 billion
41. Foreign direct investment in 2007 was
$8.5 billion
42. Debt servicing in 2007 was 26 per cent
of the GDP
43. The poverty level in 2007 was 24 per
44. The literacy rate in 2007 was 53 per
45. Pakistan development programs in
2007 were valued at Rs520 billion
46. The Karachi stock exchange in 2007
was $70 billion at 15,000 points
47. Exports in 2007: $18.5 billion
48. Pakistan now has a total of 245,682
educational institutions in all categories,
including 164,579 in the public sector and
81,103 in the private sector, according to
the National Education Census (NEC-2005).
49. There are now more than 5,000 
Pakistanis doing PhDs in foreign countries
on scholarship. 300 Pakistanis receive PhD
degrees every year, in 1999, the number
was just 20….!

And Most Importantly!

50.Gen.Musharraf Kept Crooked Politicians like Asif Zardari, Psychedelic Pugreewallah Mulla Fazlur Rehman Fazlu, Asfandyar Wali, Altaf Hussain, & Nawaz Sharif from Pakistan Government



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