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Letter to the Editor :Covid 19 in Pakistan












I’ll cover my points very short.
Observing the recent conditions Pakistan as of today govt should raise the actual no of cases of covid19 to 200% on daily basis to cover up peoples (no fear to it) and to win different wars against different  categories like financial issues (IMF)and others as well.

As US is raising the no of cases of COVID19.
Its just a suggestion  . Social media whatsapp videos should be launched in groups for interviews of cured covid19 patients to fear out public.i am a thinker and just wanted to suggest to the think tanks of Pakistan.
Sheraz gulbar


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LETTER TO PM IMRAN KHAN by Abdul Salam Dadabhoy.

Greetings to you, Sir!





One, while starting to write I must admit that you have been Prime Minister for slightly more than 6 months now and that the tasks of reformation and stabilization from the wrecks of the last 10 years are definitely daunting. One must also admit that Pakistan is surrounded by hostile elements, in shape of neighbours, corrupt and compromised opposition politicians and a very biased and divided media and hence your ride as Prime Minister is and has so far not been a very comfortable one. One is inclined to state, that although there may be differences of opinions with you, on and in the manner your Government is proceeding forward, there is not a single iota of doubt in as far as your honesty and patriotism are concerned.

Way back in 2013, when PTI had assumed power in KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), one had very humbly submitted a power point presentation to you, (link of which is being appended herewith for your august attention). 


This powerpoint presentation was and still is to highlight the issues faced by a common Pakistani, the same Pakistani who has struggled with determination and dedication for 22 years to vote you into power. Being a Pakistani from Karachi, especially one who has always favoured and supported you, more so voted for you, the first time in one’s life, one is compelled to present to you a layman’s view of your government’s performance in the last 6 months.

In the foreign affairs domain, you have done what many could not do in years. Highlighting the Kashmir issue and the Indian atrocities in IOK (Illegally Occupied Kashmir), opening up the Kartarpur corridor, successful handling of USA desire to exit Afghanistan, international handling of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) issue, handling of and trust reposed by the Chinese Government in you on CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), your visits to Malaysia and the Middle East, Arab tilt in favor of your honesty and leadership abilities and recent visit of His Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to Pakistan, all speak of your outstanding performance on the foreign affairs front. Your address to the nation twice most recently after the Pulwama attack, warning India against any misadventure, articulate and candid, yet carefully worded brief televised addresses, followed by meetings with the national security teams, the Services Chiefs and the national command authority are all evidence of your foreign policy acumen, your master stroke being the return of captured enemy combatant Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan, thus extending India an olive branch and raising the stature of Pakistan before India and the world at large, as a peace-loving yet determined and able adversary and neighbor.

Mr. Prime Minister, political jingoism; fiery speeches in public rallies and gatherings are generally made by every public leader which in your case included statements like;

 1) ‘’Pakistan won’t beg from IMF 

 2) ‘’A team of 200 overseas Pakistani professionals have been shortlisted and will return to Pakistan immediately on my assuming power’’

3) ‘’No minister or elected official shall get protocol’’ 

4) ‘’200 billion dollars laying in Swiss banks shall be brought back instantly’’

5) ‘’Accountability shall be across the board’’

6) So on and so forth; but domestically none of the above has been seen getting implemented as yet.

The following is not yet achieved::

1) Looted wealth is not coming back, not one notable politician and/or bureaucrat has been convicted, in fact, Mr Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif has become Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee in the National Assembly. 

2) Inflation and unemployment, especially in Karachi, is continuously on the rise, more so after the anti-encroachment drive, wherein the orders of the Honorable Supreme Court have been excessively misused. 

3) Prices of electricity, gas, foodstuff have risen considerably in the last 6 months. 

4) Federal Board of Revenue and other agencies are witch-hunting only and only against the common Pakistani. 

5) The bureaucracy is not supportive of your vision as being planted and cultivated by the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz in the last 30 years. 

6) The courts are not delivering, in fact, our courts and agencies are not capable to detect white collar crime & resultantly repatriate stolen wealth. 

7) Tenure of military courts for trial of cases of terrorism is coming to a close and fate regarding extension of military courts still hangs in the balance.  

8) People who openly abuse the state and the armed forces, like many foreign-funded liberals and organizations, for example, the PTM (Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement) continue to do so, under the garb of freedom of speech. 

Mr Prime Minister, please direct your team, to try to bring in public-friendly policies, for relief to the already downtrodden people of Pakistan and if you may, please consider sending all cases of economic terrorism, to military courts, via a Presidential ordinance, as this to many, like the author, seems to be the only way, to recover stolen national wealth. 

As an ardent admirer of your honesty and leadership qualities; one hopes the above will merit your very kind consideration.

May Allah bless you with the courage to change what you can and the conscience to bear what you can’t!

Abdul Salam Dadabhoy.

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www.pakway.blogspot.com (27)
Pakistan Think Tank Commentary
Our Beloved 200 Million People Suffer Disaster Upon Disaster:Our Nero Nawaz Sharif & His Second Fiddle Asif Zadari Fleece The Wealth of Pakistan. Nearly $200 Bn Stolen Pakistan’s Wealth lies in Swiss Banks/.Pakistanis Die,while Nawaz sharif & Asif Zardari and their wicked Children enjoy luxurious life.
Our Young & Old Are Hungry & Thirsty;
Lets Make
Imran Khan & Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri 
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf & Pakistan Awami Tehreek
Boot The Showdaz or Scoundrels Out of The Rigged Elections Wicked Parliament
who have Robbed Quaid’s Pakistan for Almost 70 years.Worked on Western & India’s Agendas to Weaken Strategically Pakistan’s Armed Forces
Enough Already.
Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi’s
My response to the joint session of the parliament:
Parliament has all the right to talk about the agenda of the protestors sitting outside. But what about the aggravating situation of poverty and decline in other human development index. What is parliament doing about rights of non-Muslims that are violated every day; about rising inflation which has made life miserable for over 60% of the population; about emancipation of women; about wide difference in quality of life between provinces and urban/rural; and about parochial approach of police to deal with law and order. What agenda has been set by the parliament to make Pakistan a social welfare state that was the vision of Quaid and Allama?

They should not forget that parliament is not an assembly of the elite but of people’s representative. They can protect their rights but they must not forget that the masses are watching them closely about rights of the majority and will hold them accountable. If these elites sitting in the parliament did not serve the people then they will rise up against them to snatch it from them by force.

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

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Aitzaz Ahsan With US Ambassador Ann Patterson

Wherever we find treachery, we will find Aitzaz Ahsan.  We can’t look at this as a political crisis anymore.  These traitors, snakes and swines cannot be left as they are.

Today’s shameless and disgusting session in Parliament made it damn clear that Ghazwa-e-Hind has been launched in Pakistan by Khawarij and Indian pigs!
Please note some of  links in this article may not work

Here’s what I found most shocking: TUQ, IK and Luqman all hailed Aitzaz Ahsan’s blasting of NS.

Are we that stupid and shallow that we can’t see the most dangerous RAW agent and hail him as a “nafees” and “honorable” Pakistani? 
At least Diesel, Zardari, JI, and Achakzai are unleashed and obvious ghaddars.  But AA is the definition of a snake, more dangerous than Zardari and needs to be exposed.

He’s a mastermind behind legal, political, economic, media, cultural and ideological strategies to undermine and destroy Pakistan’s interests.
I have enclosed a few links that you must watch and share across social and mainstream media.
1. Conference in India – Breaking Barriers.  I thought of extracting parts of this speech, but there is so much poison throughout it, that it’s warrants taking 45 minutes to watch.  He destroys Islam, ideology, Army, Intelligence – calls Pak nuke state a ‘false sense of pride’.  He basically tells the Indians what they need to do to EXPLOIT Pakistan. To top it off, he reads a 5-min poem at the end which is a sugar-coated dagger in Pakistan. You can ask someone in the team, to extract pieces from this so we can share it as various posts.  https://vimeo.com/105072615
2.  10th India Conclave – BJP Terrorist Subramaniam, Aitzaz Ahsan and Khawarij Maulana Mahmood Madani. Listen to Subramaniam open his speech by declaring Islam as a terrorist religion, saying that all Muslims and Christians must declare that they are originally Hindus, otherwise face a religious war and call Pakistan an Islamic Terror state. listen to Aitzaz Ahsan’s pathetic and apologetic reply to the mushrik.

3. Aitzaz Ahsan reciting Surah Ikhlas

4.  Aitzaz Ahsan Book, “Indus Saga and The Making of Pakistan” from 1996 – This book basically reinforces the idea of Akhand Bharat.  Mushriks use it in building their case.  Here’s a few excerpts from the book and reviews:

In his acknowledgement, in the 2nd Edition, Aitzaz Ahsan mentions the efforts of M.J. Akbar and a Pramod Kapoor, both from India, who helped him draft this new edition. As one reads it, one understands why; because, though the book outwardly is on entity of Pakistan yet it portrays the theory of epic Mahabharta.

four pages as the preface and a twenty three page introduction, where Aitzaz writes of fragile state of Pakistan by quoting Ziring 2 ‘Pakistan could cease to exist in its sovereign nation-state form’ and then quotes Tariq Ali from his book ‘Can Pakistan Survive?’ and Shahid Burni, a director of World Bank, ‘only time will tell whether Pakistan realize its potential or be over whelmed by its problems’ He also cites a Tahir Amin of Q.A. University ‘The Bangladesh syndrome continues to haunt the Pakistani decision-makers, who fear the ethno-nationalist movement of NWFP, Sindh and Baluchistan may also follow the precedent set by Bangladesh movement’. 

And now he applauds the figure of Jawaharlal Nehru, who expounded the theory of Mahabharta, of one-ness of India and refers to his book3. 

Aitzaz, equates his jail experiences with that of Nehru and appreciates his vision of unity of India and mentions the centripetal pull of India, a supernatural force that could again pull Indus region to itself!

In Section-2 of the Introduction, Aitzaz brings forth the theme of one-ness of Bharat or the epic Mahabharta.

He appears obsessed by the theme of Mahabharta and either by design or ignorance, this modern day champion of Indus does not enlighten us that the concept of a mahabharta is actually a concoction of the fertile Hindu Brahman mind.

On page [5] of his book, 1996 edition, Aitzaz describes the entity of one India as;

“the epic mahabharta, in describing that great pre-historic civil war not only unquestionably, assumes the ‘oneness’ of the vast subcontinent, but also books upon the lands of Bactria (Balkh) and China, beyond its great mountains ranges, as outlying frontier regions, inseparable, inalienable and natural parts of the Indian subcontinent. The concept of the ‘unity and indivisability’ and of one vast and limitless subcontinent, itself the size of all of Europe, is thus ancient and rooted in historical mythology”.

Then Aitzaz gives the geographic boundaries encompassing oneness of India and a common Indian race and refers the same to Jawaharlal Nehru and also quotes other proponents of Indian oneness 6.

Building up the case of a greater India, the apt and able lawyer in Aitzaz now pauses in his graphic description of an akhund-bharat and returns to his earlier theme of the Indus Saga i.e. Pakistan’s creation.

In Section-4 of the Introduction, he again reverts to his oneness of India obsession. Though he outwardly laments that, our historian continues to style the variegated and many-faceted history of Indus as an integral part of what is called ‘Indian’ history. And further woes that our historian, though focusing on Indus history pay more attention to the rule & influence upon it of the Indian dynasties, and also bemoans – that our historians in order to give entity to Pakistan, trace our cultural foundations solely to extra-territorial linkages, meaning thereby, the Arab, the Persian & Turk. And Aitzaz claims, that in denying the Indian they deny theIndus and hence the break from the many attributes of Indus culture which are common to the Indian.

In Section-5 of the Introduction, he deals with , what he calls, the battered soul of Pakistan and professes it is time to rediscover and restore the soul, the dream embodied in it, and to rediscover and restore Pakistan as a liberal progressive, modern state, and hence through this quest of Pakistan, he wants to create a secular Pakistan, and then merge it in the oneness of India as is the theme of the work disguised as a peace move.

In Section-6 of the Introduction, Aitzaz refers to a generation bridge covered by his three points – first being poetry to illustrate a point – by quoting on P-35 of his book a Rig Vedic hymn in praise of a horse.
The apparently insignificant Horse has a very important role in this subtle war of indoctrination by the Brahman designs.

As horses were the primary tool of warfare, it is important to note that the superiority of any martial race depended on who tamed, bred and used the horse first. The visual and psychological impact of an invading army, galloping and thundering down the battlefield on horseback was sufficient to unnerve any fainthearted enemy

In Section-8 of the Introduction, he names the main eleven Indus men 4 who are his heroes of Indus.

Aitzaz gives his own concept of Pakistan’s Past, Present & Future, by stressing on P-17, “they cut us off from our heroes, but the questions and our heroes have survived, they must survive. Pity the nation that forgets its heroes. We have to rediscover our heroes. Until we do so, many cancerous myths will continue to harbour in our body- politic, and many unwanted fractious controversies and fissiparous tendencies will continue to divide us”.

Excellent and well-said. But which heroes is he talking about? Aitzaz, fully expounds, and substantiates his above statement in his second (Indian) edition of The Indus Saga (2005). P-30 where after Bhagat Singh, he states; “..nor of the deities and beliefs of their predecessor Indus Person. Indra and the Vedas, Krishna and the Mahabharata are to be shunned as if they would pollute the minds of the youth:” He goes on to conclude that “Yet these deities and beliefs, howsoever incredible, are facts forming a part of Indus history.”

According to Aitzaz, we were never fighters and he starts our past from the time when Hindus came and made us Puru’s and under their leadership, we became a fighting force!

Aitzaz Ahsan grieves on the theme ‘six decades on, there is hardly an Indian, even the must accommodating and rational, who does not privately resent the partition of 1947. Even the most congenial Indian, Hindus and Muslims will say with love and affection,’how much before it might have been if…….” If the partition should not have taken place?

 5. Chagtai Khan on AA


Wherever we find treachery, we will find Aitzaz Ahsan.  We can’t look at this as a political crisis anymore.  These traitors, snakes and swines cannot be left as they are.
Wherever we find treachery, we will find Aitzaz Ahsan.  We can’t look at this as a political crisis anymore.  These traitors, snakes and swines cannot be left as they are. 


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Successful Politicians


May 30th, 2013


Successful Politicians


Churchill while defining politics and politicians had said that a successful politician was the one who promised moon and stars to his electorate before the elections and after being elected to the power could explain to them as to why he couldn’t do all that he had promised.  MNS has certainly grown up to qualify for that category of successful politicians.  He has so far taken to explain only one issue that of the energy and load shedding as to why it can’t be solved sooner as promised and one would have to wait and see what he will have to say about the other many many  ‘moons’ and the ‘stars’ that the Shareef brothers had so enthusiastically promised to the masses – the poor naïve masses who believe in such “successful” politicians who take them time and again for a big ride.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) 

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


E.mail: [email protected]

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