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Model Town Massacre-The Nexus of Sharif Family & Lahore High Court Rogue Judges

This is a clip which the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister must watch, and the Chief Justice MUST take suo moto notice in this case and call MR Ahmad Awais for a hearing.
The nexus between those who bled Pakistan white and certain Judges of the Lahore High Court has become an open challenge to the state. This will certainly lead to instability in the country, and because the army may have to be called in to restore order, Gen Bajwa should also watch it.
The evolving threat from this unholy alliance between certain venal judges and the arch criminals of Pakistan must be met and ruthlessly crushed before it assumes a far more dangerous form.


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Our Liberal Intellectual, and the Gift that Keeps on Giving 

Saeed A.Malik.

The elections are done and are now being dusted. After the results have been declared, they have been greeted by the same cacophony of voices, which has become the norm as an election aftermath in Pakistan. In this sense, these elections were the same as any other. But a large majority point out two essential differences i.e that these elections were more peaceful than those held earlier; and that there was little or no rigging of the ballot itself. And hardly any complaint was lodged with the ECP on this latter score.

However, a lot may be said on the performance of the ECP itself. And the least that can be said is that it proved to be unprepared and incompetent beyond expectations. And there are many who blatantly, or through innuendo, accuse the army to have helped PTI over the finish line with help from the ECP. They forget that this ECP was hand picked by Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. It was designed under the ruling spirit of the “Charter of Democracy” which was sanctified by the 18nth Amendment. The methodology of how the election commissioners were henceforth to be chosen had a clear objective i.e that Pakistan must squirm under the alternating heels of Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, in perpetuity. That this did not happen has brought forth roars of rage from Mulla Fazal, and screams of anguish from Zardari, N.S, Achakzai, and Asfandyar Wali, all of whom plundered Pakistan in an unholy partnership without let or hindrance, or any fear of the same. 

Before the elections, we were dished out a standard fare by those who have now firmly acquired the sobriquet of “liberal intellectuals”. We were conditioned to expect that individuals like Ch Nisar and Brahamdagh Bugti will certainly win, being the favourites of the “establishment”. Also, those with the jeep as an election symbol, PSP, and GDA, will be helped across the finish line in large numbers, and that a very large number of independents will be returned. This narrative was also sold with uncommon zeal to the west, most notably in the U.S, and across the border in India. And none lapped it up so avidly as our Indian friends did.

But quite the opposite happened in EVERY particular. Each one of these predictions went wrong. Thus, for the moment at least there is confusion among our liberal intellectuals while they are busy concocting a new narrative. But what has been significantly missing from their narrative is the “other” story of Pakistan i.e the bankruptcy of the state largely achieved through ruthless plunder of state coffers by its leaders. This has left Pakistan hamstrung in a way that no calamity could have. Pakistan today is virtually defenceless because it does not have the means to sustain a defence if attacked.

John Perkins, in his book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” clearly lays out the blueprint of how big powers undermine smaller states. It is the job of the Hitman to offer the President of the target country a project which is economically unfeasible and guaranteed to bankrupt this country so that it can then be held in eternal thralldom. And along with the offer of such a project, the subject President also gets a fat cheque in his Swiss Account. If the President refuses, jackals are sent after him and he is assassinated. Jamie Roldos of Equador and Omar Torrijos of Panama were both eliminated for not taking the bait offered them. And if the jackals fail because the security of the offending President is so watertight, as was the case with Saddam, he is then dealt with by an invasion.

Pakistan has lost the first phase of its war–the economic phase. It must now await the second phase. The enemies which dealt the mortal economic blow to Pakistan are Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, and all others who signed the infamous ” Charter of Democracy” which was little more than a blueprint of cooperation to loot the country dry. Their crime was not just plundering. It was also treachery. These people worked actively to undermine their country while filling their pockets at the same time. They should, therefore, be tried for both crimes.

The liberal intellectuals are guilty of providing intellectual cover to the crimes of the enemies of Pakistan, both internal and external. Theirs is the crime of abetment in the sale of a narrative which goes against the interests of the country which has given them all they own.

Free expression of opinion is theirs by right. But this ceases to remain so when opinion is put forward as fact and done specifically to help those who have undermined the very foundations of the state. When this happens it becomes abetment of the enemy, which both Zardari and Nawaz Sharif and their poodles clearly are.

Readers who are interested, need to just collect the writings of these liberal intellectuals and scrutinize them. They will hardly find a word against the massive theft which has taken Pakistan down, or against those who perpetrated it. But they will find streams of invective against the “establishment” which are presented as facts.

But for the majority of committed TV anchors and opinion piece writers who refused every blandishment from the gangsters who plundered Pakistan, the narrative of the liberal intellectuals would have been a runaway sell.

As Pakistan struggles to remain standing in the days and weeks ahead, the thieves may be remembered. But it is important that their abettors are also not forgotten.

P.S. We now see a fresh broadside from our liberal intellectuals taking shape. This is that Imran Khan is a “puppet” of the army. This has already been sold to the Indian media by our intellectuals, and Indian media outlets are spreading this around like it were God’s truth. But anyone who has any honesty about him and knows Imran just a wee bit will know that the man least likely to be anyone’s puppet is Imran. Hopefully, we will all see this being borne out in the days ahead. I also predict he will get along with the army better than most earlier parliamentarians. And his relationship with India will be more constructive than it has been in the recent past.

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Pakistan Army’s Successful Operation in FATA Video & War against Terrorism & Rehabilitation of FATA By Sajjad Shaukat








War against Terrorism & Rehabilitation of FATA

                                                                By Sajjad Shaukat


On June 10, this year, while showing the progress of the military operation Zarb-e-Azb, Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Raheel Sharif said, “Terrorists have been cleared from their strongholds in North Waziristan Agency and Khyber Agency, and fight now is moving into last few pockets close to Afghan border.” He laid emphasis on “continuation of the operations till elimination of the last expected and probable terrorists groups and sanctuaries.”









Since June 15, 2014, the jets of Pakistan Air Force have bombed militants’ hideouts in North Waziristan Agency, and killed thousands of insurgents including foreign militants, while Pakistan Army has killed several terrorists through ground offensive and many of them surrendered before the Army. Thus, these forces destroyed their strongholds, demolishing tunnels and factories producing IED (Explosives), while drying the sources of their funds and sinking their public support. Pakistan’s Armed Forces have broken the backbone of the militants and their network.


However, the operation Zarb-e-Azb in tribal areas is nearing its completion, witnessing huge successes of Pakistan Army which has offered commendable sacrifices and cleared the area off terrorists.


Except some occasional blow, the faces of tribal people are gleaming with resolve, determination and commitment to weed out terrorists from their homeland.









Undoubtedly, the ferocious fighting by the sons of soil to liberate people of families of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) from the terrorists, resulted in one of the biggest internal displacement in the history of Pakistan. It has caused huge socio-politico-economic and security implications for the brave people of tribal areas. These people faced the hardships of displacement, and their plight was aired by various media segments. Opinion makers felt the pain and strived to sensitize the government and public regarding their socio-economic responsibilities to look after their basic human needs.







Since the military operations of 2008, there has been frequent dislocation of populations from seven agencies of FATA. Some persons were fleeing due to the threats and attacks by the terrorists, but most of them left the areas for their own safety, prior to military operations to free FATA and Pakistan from the militants. They made their temporary homes in camps, made for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), with host families, or in hired accommodation in places like Tank, DI Khan, Bannu and Peshawar. Many of them have since long returned home following stabilization of their areas, but residual caseloads remained in 2014, and the number increased. The latest wave of dislocation from North Waziristan Agency brought the total FATA-displaced-population up to around 2 million people. This is a massive dislocation of persons for any country to handle. Assisting them during displacement has required substantial funding and initiatives to ensure their shelter and other needs, which have been fulfilled.


As stability and peace is restored in FATA, Pakistan Army is working with the government and other stakeholders to facilitate the return of the IDPs, and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the affected regions. Gen. Raheel Sharif has repeatedly stated that the top priority is the early and dignified return of the IDPs, and he has instructed all concerned officials to prepare for their phased return.


In this regard, the Pakistan Government has issued directions to the related ministries and departments to finalize the plans regarding funds, the returns of the IDPs, reconstruction and rehabilitation of FATA.


While, it is not enough for the rehabilitation of the massive populations of the tribal areas, which require huge funds, as now, it is the turn of the tribal people to celebrate their return to their areas. But, destroyed villages, shattered houses and ruined markets can not be welcoming sites. Where they will dwell and from where they will draw the livelihood for their families? Who is responsible for their rehabilitation? Have any efforts been made to raise funds? These are some of the questions haunting the minds of everyone. Time is ticking fast; Government of Pakistan, people and international community have to rise to the challenge before it is too late. It is every ones responsibility to contribute towards their quickest possible rehabilitation, so that they consider themselves part of the society. Any negligence at this stage would not only generate despondency among the tribal people of FATA, but would leave space for the militancy to re-surface.


Although, Pak Army has ever conducted a large-scale reconstruction and rehabilitation programme in FATA, yet it is not easy to resettle 2 million people. It requires detailed and insightful planning, political will, extensive and complex coordination and logistics, and substantial funding to support the initiatives to help families rebuild their homes, restock their livestock, plant crops, restart their livelihoods and to mend the fragile economy of this extremely disadvantaged region.


War against terrorism will remain incomplete, unless all segments of society and politicians try to win the hearts and minds of the tribal people by keeping in minds various requirements and steps which are essential for the rehabilitation of FATA.


Firstly, the vision of a peaceful, prosperous and developed FATA is necessary to foil future plans of the terrorists.


Secondly, whole nation, particularly the political leadership should come forward to provide financial resources for rehabilitation.


Thirdly, education for everyone and grass root level involvement of the people in socio-political activities may be ensured/planned.


Fourthly, efforts at all levels may be undertaken to re-construct physical structures, maintain law and order, activate economy and inculcate cohesion to ensure sustainable rehabilitation of people of FATA.


Fifthly, instead of portraying negative aspects of rehabilitation, media should come forward to arrange shows for fund-raising and proposing viable solutions for the issues prevailing in FATA.

Nevertheless, rehabilitation of FATA is still a bigger challenge. Therefore, just like the unity, shown by the whole nation during war against terrorism by supporting the Zarb-e-Azb, needs to display the same unity through practical assistance in rehabilitation of the tribal areas. Let us celebrate the forthcoming 14th August 2015 with national commitment to endeavour for rehabilitation of FATA people. 


Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations


Email: [email protected]


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Pen versus Gun — I by Citizen Pakistani

Pen versus Gun I

Citizen Pakistani

October 24, 2014


Heraclitus, a sixth century Greek philosopher, believed that the entire world was in a constant state of change. Therefore he said, “you can’t step twice into the same river,” because, “everything flows and nothing stays.” Nevertheless, change in human thought and affair has always been resisted. How to affect a change in a highly traditional society? Or shall we ask what the precursors to a change are? For one, skepticism must exist and develop into a critical mass. The other requirements are embracing rationalism, positivism, understanding of the relativism, and pursuing of reformism among other things. The so-called centuries of darkness and ignorance compelled intelligentsia to embrace reason, humanity, and sciences. This resulted in new trends in human thought and letters and the period of such trends was later termed as an Age of reason or Enlightenment. That, however, was only in the West.






The part of the world, where we live, the Middle and South Asia, escaped those events and remains entangled in the past, even to this day. Describing the life in early 20th century in Palestine, James Neil, in his Everyday Life in the Holy Land, wrote, “[..] everything in that life is strange to us. Every feature of it is foreign to our experience in the modern life of North-West.” Why? Neil explains, “[..]  the life is unchanged from the earliest ages. [..] Not only change of any kind thought inexpedient, but more, it is held to be morally wrong. Everything is bound to conform to a’adeh ‘custom.’ A’adeh is inexorable; it binds their life with an adamantine chain. They must not, cannot, dare not, do anything differently from the way their ancestors have done it. Thus all we see in Syria today— apart from European influence—is of hoary antiquity, a life five thousand years old!”


As diamonds are produced from carbon under very high temperatures and pressures, one might think, the distress, Mirza Ghalib went through whole of his life, may have made him produce immortal poetry. His pension was not only reduced but also discontinued for which he had to ride for months from Delhi to Calcutta to see General Charles Metcalfe. An incident happened in Calcutta at a gathering to which some Englishmen were also invited, Ghalib got very agitated, “[..] Whoever told you that Hindi is the language of Hindu and Urdu of the Muslim?” Ghalib continued, “This is the work of these Englishmen [..]” Later on when he did meet Metcalfe, Ghalib heard Metcalfe shout at him, ”Go! Go away! Go back to Dilli. .. You Indians are thankless. Small mind, small heart, can’t see far. You say Hindus-Muslims are bothers? Which brothers? Murderers. Killers. You people keep fighting. Keep murdering each other and then say that we divide you. Idiots. Fools. You can never be far sighted …” (Gulzar; MIRZA GHALIB, A Biographical Scenario). That was in year 1828.


Fast forward to August 1946 Calcutta, India;  “At dawn on August 16, Moslem mobs howling in a quasi-religious fervour came bursting from their slums, waving clubs, iron bars, shovels, any instrument capable of smashing in a human skull. They came to answer a call issued by the Moslem League, proclaiming August 16 “Direct Action Day,” to prove to Britain and the Congress Party that India’s Moslem were prepared ‘to get Pakistan for themselves by Direct Action if necessary. [..] Later the Hindu mobs came storming out of their neighbourhoods, looking for defenceless Moslems to slaughter. Never in all its violent history, had Calcutta known twenty-four hours as savage, as packed with human viciousness.” (Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre: Freedom at Midnight).


October 10, 2014, Islamabad, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, while chairing the National Security Committee meeting, asked the army to employ a “tit for tat” strategy against India over the recent unprovoked border shelling and firing, spoke highly of the armed forces and expressed confidence in their capabilities, and aired his view, “War with India isn’t an option.” (Daily Times, October 11, 2014). On the same day in Lahoreaddressing a protest rally against Indian violation of the Line of Control, Hafiz Saeed,  chief of Jamat-ud-Dawa, labeled as a terror group and slapped with economic sanctions by the United States, had to say, “ [the Indian violation] was the result of the meeting between American President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi ..” (Daily Times, October 10, 2014).


October 13, 2014, Karachi, Ex Pak Army Chief and President of Pakistan, “Pervez Musharraf said on Monday that Pakistan should respond tit for tat for ceasefire violations by India along the Working Boundary and Line of Control (LoC).” (Daily Times, October 14, 2014). Musharraf and Shareef brothers, who may consider each other nemesis and the general public may locate them on the opposite poles, but their thoughts about the so-called “violations” on the eastern borders of Pakistan are quite the same.


While India and Pakistan claim themselves as nuclear powers, yet keep spending billions of dollars annually on weapons, the rulers of the two countries failed completely to arrest rampant poverty in their large populations and seized up to ramp up basic healthcare infrastructure for the masses. “The two countries with the largest cuts in aid to basic education from 2010 to 2012 were India and Pakistan, even though both sit among the top five countries in the world with the most children out of school,” suggested recently the new figures of the Education for All – EFA Global Monitoring Report of UNESCO. And while the political and military leaders of the two countries with their age-old a’adeh [ Arabic: custom] keep refusing to prevent the killing of civilians and soldiers even at otherwise very elaborate and electrified international border, which the divisive and sharp knife of Sir Cyril Radcliff had created in 1947 to carve out Pakistan from the map of British India and which has recorded over it the greatest human migrations of religious necessity in the history of humankind; all Muslims in the East Punjab had to run for their life as had the Hindus and Sikhs in the West Punjab; thousands were killed, maimed, and raped. Thousands of families that were otherwise well settled in their forefathers’ land and were flourishing happily, had to leave with whatever they could hold in their two hands on a moment’s notice. The border which have already seen so much of human blood, misery and depravation still keep on demanding intermittently more human blood, internal displacements and misery since the creation of Pakistan; thanks to the ‘wisdom’ of all of our civil and military leaders ever since then.


[email protected]


(to be continued)

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www.pakway.blogspot.com (27)
Pakistan Think Tank Commentary
Our Beloved 200 Million People Suffer Disaster Upon Disaster:Our Nero Nawaz Sharif & His Second Fiddle Asif Zadari Fleece The Wealth of Pakistan. Nearly $200 Bn Stolen Pakistan’s Wealth lies in Swiss Banks/.Pakistanis Die,while Nawaz sharif & Asif Zardari and their wicked Children enjoy luxurious life.
Our Young & Old Are Hungry & Thirsty;
Lets Make
Imran Khan & Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri 
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf & Pakistan Awami Tehreek
Boot The Showdaz or Scoundrels Out of The Rigged Elections Wicked Parliament
who have Robbed Quaid’s Pakistan for Almost 70 years.Worked on Western & India’s Agendas to Weaken Strategically Pakistan’s Armed Forces
Enough Already.
Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi’s
My response to the joint session of the parliament:
Parliament has all the right to talk about the agenda of the protestors sitting outside. But what about the aggravating situation of poverty and decline in other human development index. What is parliament doing about rights of non-Muslims that are violated every day; about rising inflation which has made life miserable for over 60% of the population; about emancipation of women; about wide difference in quality of life between provinces and urban/rural; and about parochial approach of police to deal with law and order. What agenda has been set by the parliament to make Pakistan a social welfare state that was the vision of Quaid and Allama?

They should not forget that parliament is not an assembly of the elite but of people’s representative. They can protect their rights but they must not forget that the masses are watching them closely about rights of the majority and will hold them accountable. If these elites sitting in the parliament did not serve the people then they will rise up against them to snatch it from them by force.

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

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