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Is Javed Latif Member Parliament is the Head of Parchi Group? APPEAL for HELP For Expatriate Pakistani Businessman


A citizen of Pakistan has sent a horrible Email to all over Pakistan Media and try to aware about  PMLN member national assembly Mr. Javed Latif,who is belonging to District Sheikupura in Province of Punjab,that  he  is the head  of the ”Parchi Mafia” group 




appealed to help the  overseas Pakistani business  man Mr. Sheri  Bashir who used to live in  USA and  Japan regarding his  business but originally from  Sheikupura.

Sender describe  his one sided story  in  the  email which may be bogus,but we have tried to contact  Mr.Javed Latif MNA,but he did not attend his cell number,but he has right to give his  point of view  in detail as he want.want. Until  the version of the member parliament  this story may be consider one sided  version based.
We respect  the  member parliament concern and  waiting  for his  version in detail.
Sender  Email is here for the awareness of people of Pakistan and  concerns;
Dear Media Friends,
I am bringing this very sad story in your kind notice and APPEAL for the HELP to this over seas Pakistani businessman Mr. Sheri Bashir who originally belongs to Sheikhupura but having a very good and established business in USA and Japan. He invested almost 2 million dollars in Sheikhupura and build a high rise building of international standard and also established an international standard fast food restaurant.
He has been receiving the Parchies (letters) for Bhatta from a Group called “Bhatti Group” for Rs.500,000/- from the last few days along with the free ride of fast food meals in his restaurant for the Goons of Bhatti Group. This gentleman seeked the help of police and managed to register an FIR in the A-Division Police Station Sheilkhupura. (Copy of the FIR is attached as ready reference).The SHO arrested 3 nominated accused from the fast food restaurant of overseas Pakistani who were enjoying the free meal as usual.  But when the leaders of this Bhatta Group got to know the arrest of their 3 members, they attacked on this businessman and tortured him a lot. After this the leaders of this Bhatta group who are reported to be working under the umbrella of sitting MNA of PML(N) went to police station along with the DSP Mr. Mirza and got released the three nominated and arrested accused from the police station.
Some Questions:
1- Is Province Punjab is also now going  to be the heaven of Bhatta Khori ?
2- After such events, would any other overseas Pakistani would dare to invest in Pakistan?
3- Can such overseas Pakistani would survive against a powerful MNA and police under the influence of this sitting  MNA?
Thanks                                        http://thedemocrate.com/
Nadia Ashraf

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Col.(Retd)Riaz Jafri
10:32 AM 



March 20th, 2013


MNA Disqualified


Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday declared PML-N MNA Khadim Hussain Wattoo ineligible for having fake degree, Geo News reported. Khadim Hussain was elected Member National Assembly (MNA) on PML-N ticket from  Bahawalpur. LHC passed the judgement on a petition filed in August 2010 by Mr. Nawaz Cheema who had  contended that Muhammad Akhter Khadim alias Khadim Hussain Wattoo had always cheated election commission by submitting bogus degrees and adopting dishonest practices in elections from 1985 to 2008.

The MNA has been unseated at a time when the NA itself has been dissolved for completing its tenure. One wonders if the NA had still some more life the ‘honourable’ MNA would have kept enjoying his untouchable status and stature! Anyway, now the question arises that would the salaries and various other expenses incurred on the perks and privileges of the ‘honourable’ member  of most august house of the country for the period that he was its mighty member be recovered from him with interest or not?  Not only that, the matter of one’s proffering a fake and false degree without having honestly passed a certain examination is not an ordinary act of perjury!!  It is a well thought out and planned premeditated crime and committed willfully and with the full knowledge of its perpetrator. Such a scourge of the society must not be left lightly.  He must be punished severely to the utmost and made a horrible example to act as a deterre nt for the others.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Rawalpindi 46000

E.mail: jafri@rifiela.com

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