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What the PML-N Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. It has tarnished the Image of Pakistan

What the PML-N Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. It has tarnished the Image of Pakistan

Zafar A. Bokhari, Professor, Chicago State University

Honorary Commissioner, ARDC of The Illinois Supreme Court







 I live in the USA and teaching at an American University for the last 24 years. I have lectured in four continents and have travelled all over presenting papers in various conferences. I do not belong to any political party in Pakistan. I have never met Gen. Musharraf in my life. My 24 years of teaching Americans and world student body has given me an objective thinking and approach. What Pakistani Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. I am not protecting Gen. Musharraf but I am talking about the image of Pakistan and its top positions, like Army Chief, where people get on top by merit. This Article 6 drama has become a laughing matter. Based on my observations; Pakistan’s enemies in Western academia, media, and intellectual world are happy on the stupidity of this constitutional juggling in Pakistan. I am specifically requesting educated Judiciary to take note of this. If Judiciary let BA condition lifted for uneducated “Lawmakers” of Pakistan, Articles 62 & 63 were not implemented, Articles of City Governments were not implemented for the last 7 years, and third time term Prime Minister Article was added for personal benefits of two politicians, Sharif & Bhutto; then “Ghaddar” must be redefined for any educated professional like Ex. Army Chief. Will Judiciary allow removal of LL.B. qualifications for Judges? Then why they did not challenge removal of BA condition for Lawmakers?

 Calling an ex Army Chief Ghaddar by corrupt looters and politicians is extremely “unethical”. I know how some enemy intellectuals from other countries are happy on our stupidity. Here are my arguments as Pakistani American academic.

  If Musharraf has done any corruption or wrong doing. Try him but not as “Ghaddar”.

  Emergency has always been used in many countries. Sometimes democracies have used to control law and order. India has used it many times. USA declared emergency in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Premeditation was obvious when politicians changed constitution in 2009 to get Musharraf. At the same time they benefitted themselves by removing BA conditions. This was a joke and sadly media and judiciary let this happen. Lawmakers in democracies and authoritarian China are highly educated. Supreme Court under Ex. CJ let politicians play with constitution for personal benefits. They also added third time PM term for personal benefits of two politicians: Sharif & Bhutto. When constitution is used for personal gains then why then why Ghaddar cannot be removed for Ex. Army Chief.

   In 2007 the act of Emergency was not a crime; it was brought by having bad intentions. Army should have objected but they may not know these constitutional juggling created by corrupt politicians.

    Movements create positive results worldwide from China, Turkey to South Africa. But when movements are based on fraud and deception, the poor suffers and movement leaders prosper. That’s what happened in lawyer’s movement in 2007. This was again enemy agenda to destroy a stable economy. In today’s modern diplomacy bombings or killings are not done by smart strategists, they destroy infrastructure and means of production. Incompetent leadership does this nicely. Pakistan economy suffered a lot from Lawyer’s movement. What is the outcome and result today after 7 years? A stable economy was destroyed. People are suffering more than in 2007.

 Pakistan is the ONLY country where “Aamriat” is criminalized. China, Saudi, and many societies are authoritarian and not “criminalized” by any world body and UN. Pakistani politicians have not delivered themselves but added Article 6 for military rulers.

   Debate in Pakistan should focus on which era was better: “Democratic or Aamiriat”. Leaders of lawyers’ movement must be tried for destroying economy which is larger criminal act than constitution in abeyance which was legal in Pakistan in 2007.

   Article 6 was Bhutto’s creation against Wali Khan as Traitor or Pro-India. Now politicians have given it new twist against Military Presidents. Article 6 needs to be re-addressed. The most disturbing part is calling an Ex. Army Chief & President “Ghaddar” who has given 44 years of his life to Pakistan including fighting wars against enemy.

    Significant majority of Pakistan’s political class is “non professional”, people with fake degrees, corrupt, incompetent, and parasite on country. Lawyer’s movement was an enemy agenda in modern warfare; to destroy the economy and divide people. Even Asma Jehangir, an anti Musharraf lawyer, was critical of current judicial system and special court as “Kangaroo Court”. In many democracies such people would have been tried for destroying economy. But in Pakistan, it is other way around. Corrupt enjoy and educated professionals are not allowed to develop Pakistan.

   Politicians have not followed constitution by not having (Baldiati) City Governments elections. Loot and corruption are also anti constitution. Judiciary in Pakistan did not follow constitution, when Reference against CJ Chowdhry was not sent to Supreme Judicial Council and people were brought on road which destroyed a stable economy. Article 6 must be applied on political parties’ leaders for violating constitution.

    These crimes of corruption and of not having City Governments have left people dying, helpless, and poor. Security was compromised because China controls through 46,000+ Mayors and USA with 19,700 Mayors. Same is true for many countries of Africa, Turkey, India and 1005 Europe.

  One prime minister and four Chief Ministers are the only outcome of elections with unnatural powers, while MNAs & MPAs are lawmakers not administrators. 1850 British system of DCs & SPs do not even exist in UK, they have adopted US County system and City Governments. In Pakistan Musharraf had that system while PPP & PMLN took country back to 1850s system; making Pakistan and its people vulnerable. City Governments could have provided much needed life, security, educational, social and economic development to the people in the past 7 years.

    People of Pakistan have to take notice that energies of this poor nation have been wasted in the name of Article 6 to chase “one person only” and destroying the image of Armed Forces. While global realities are different. We need to be honest about Article 6. There have always been two base systems of governance worldwide in various forms: Democracy as Liberal (Scandinavia), Conservative (USA), Social (EU), Authoritarian (Egypt, S. America, Africa) & Theocratic Democracy (Iran) and Authoritarian & Totalitarian: Dictatorships, Monarchies, Military Rule, Tribal Totalitarian, Communism, & many smaller units. China, Saudi Arabia, All Gulf, North Africa, Ex Soviet Union, E. Europe, and many countries have or had this system. This system may have challenges from Human Rights point but not “criminalized” like premeditated Article 6 in Pakistan.

 Education and Economic Development are the key factors of City Governance worldwide. In Pakistan it is family based fraud democratic system of 1850s which denies people’s right of self governance in City Governments. Can Judiciary and Army Guide and support in Changing System? Parliamentarians will never change. Pressure of change has to come from overseas Pakistanis, people of Pakistan, and international democratic donors. This has to be backed by media, civil society, and educated institutions in Pakistan.

 End Note: Will Judiciary allow removal of LL.B. qualifications for Judges? Then why they did not challenge removal of BA condition for Lawmakers?

 Zafar A. Bokhari

 Professor of Marketing & International Business

 Chicago State University

  Commissioner, ARDC of The Illinois Supreme Court (Honorary)



Word “Ghaddar” for Pakistan Army Chief must be Removed from Pakistani Constitution,

The Way in which the minimum educational qualification of BA was Removed from the Constitution to Bring Uneducated Politicians as Lawmakers.

Enemy Agenda is followed by Politicians, while Judiciary and Army are not taking Note of this.

   Zafar A. Bokhari – Chicago State University

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PM Sharif among billionaire lawmakers

History of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif So Called Poltical Leader of Pakistan


In the early eighties, after that Nawaz Sharif had completed his education his father Mian Muhammad Sharif started him in the business. However, this proved a disaster. As a second option Mian Muhammad Sharif set him up with Pakistani actor Saeed Khan Rangeela to get him into acting (something which Nawaz Sharif wanted).

A few days later Saeed Khan Rangeela sent his regrets to Mian Muhammad Sharif saying that his son was too dumb for acting and movie industry. Mian Muhammad Sharif then a cricket coaches to train his son for cricket, but his physical fitness was too low for the sport. It is rumored that by mid-day on his first day at training Nawaz Sharif threw the bat down and left the stadium saying, “This is too tough for me.”  As a last resort he paid General Ghulam Jilani Khan a considerable sum of monies to introduce Nawaz Sharif to General Zia-ul-Haq recommending him for a political post, who in turn made Nawaz Sharif the Finance Minister of Punjab. This was the day when the street thugs of Mohni Road had stepped on to becoming the national thugs of Pakistan.

The day Nawaz Sharif had become Finance Minister, the entire family’s earnings were few million rupees and had only one refinery. From there they went on to: Ittefaq Sugar Mills was set up in 1982, Brothers steel in 1983, Brother’s Textile Mills in 1986, Brothers Sugar Mills Ltd in 1986, Ittefaq Textile units in 2-3 in 1987, Khalid Siraj Textile Mills in 1988, Ramzan Buksh Textiles in 1987, Farooq Barkat (pvt) Ltd in 1985. By the time of Zia ul Haq’s fateful plane crash, Mian Muhammad Sharif’s family was earning a net profit of US$ 3 million, up from a few million rupees. By the end of the decade their net assets were worth more than 6 billion rupees, according to their own admission, nearly US$ 350 million at the time. But this turned out to be small-change when Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister.

When Nawaz Sharif became prime minister, the group took a decision to secure project loans from the foreign banks and only working capital were taken from the nationalized commercial banks. The project financing from foreign banks was ostensibly secured against the foreign currency deposits, a number of which were held in benamee accounts, as repeatedly claimed by Interior Minister Naseer Ullah Babar at his press conferences. In 1992 Salman Taseer released an account of Nawaz Sharif’s corruption stating that the family had taken loans of up to 12 billion rupees, which were never paid back. On March 2, 1994, Khalid Siraj, a cousin of Nawaz Sharif claimed that the assets of the seven brothers were valued at Rs 21 billion.

These were the accounts of profits and companies which were openly known to public. However, the family kept their side business going all the while ” the gambling dens and heroin control in Lahore ” and along with their industry the side business also mushroomed.

During the Afghan-Soviet War Nawaz Sharif’s cousin Sohail Zia Butt started working under the drug baron Mirza Iqbal Beg, then Pakistan’s second biggest drug lord after Ayub Afridi. Mian Muhammad Sharif and his sons had a permanent share in his gambling and heroin business. In 1990 Suhail Butt won a seat on the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad ticket in the Punjab Assembly. It was through Sohail Butt’s association that Nawaz Sharif became a close associate of Mirza Iqbal Beg. It was through him that Nawaz Sharif became benami owner of many of the privatized government entities, such as Muslim Commercial Bank. Sohail Zia Butt other than getting involved in the drug business made billions in the co-operative societies’ collapse, mainly through the National Industrial Credit and Finance Corporation. It was Nawaz Sharif’s share in his cousin’s drug business which he used to buy off the generals thereby delaying the inevitable dismissal of his government.

In 1995 when Mirza Iqbal Beg was imprisoned, Sohail Zia Butt took over his drug empire. It is at this time that he became one of the biggest drug and crime bosses in Pakistan and was nicknamed the “King of Hera Mandi” and at one time all six underworld gangs of Lahore were working under him.

By 1995 family’s declared annual profits from industrial units had increased 1500% from US$ 30 million to staggering US$ 400 million.

This is the short version of how in mere 15 years small street thugs running gambling dens became leaders of a country running narcotics, underworld and smuggling empires, untouched by everyone.








Hamid Mir
Kamran Khan
Ansar Abbasi
Javed Choudhry
Najam Sethi
Talat Hussain
Nusrat Jawaid
Mushtaq Minhas
Irfan Siddique
          And other such Zameer Froshan who are on paid role of Nawaz Sharif have gone absolutely  Deaf & Dumb, rather have totally lost their power to think and write on such an important national issue where the wealth of the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan rise manifold then declared a year earlier, despite the fact that whatever declared is far far less from the wealth he looted & plundered from this poor country where around 45% of its population lives under poverty line.
All this ill gotten wealth has been taken out of this country when this fraud was in power.
The declared wealth of this fraud is 1.8 billion.
Where as, only his Raiwind Palace is spread over 27000 kanals . The price of open land  in that particular area is Rs. 2300000/ Kanal, leave aside the cost of 85000 sqf of constructed & built up areas. 
The calculation is very simple vis a vis valve of his over all declaration. However, no mention of properties owned by our holy cow in UK, SPAIN, USA,UAE, Turkey and investments all around the world including Saudia Arabia.It would not be out of place to mention that before 1979 ( Zia ul Haq Era) Sharifs had only one steel factory under the title of Ittafaq Foundry, and used to live some where near Gowalmandi Lahore in a makan  opening directly on the road.
All what they have today is a Loot Ka Mal and belongs to the people of Pakistan, which this fraud family from Lahore will have to return sooner or later.
What a shame oh such selfish so called journalists who remain quiet on the subject knowing each and every detail of this looted mal.





Iftikhar A. Khan and Kalbe Ali






















ISLAMABAD: The ownership of the Raiwind palace spread over thousands of acres is a mystery because it has never been mentioned in the statements of assets and liabilities of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and other members of his family in politics.


Even latest declarations submitted by Nawaz Sharif, his brother Shahbaz Sharif, son-in-law Captain Mohammad Safdar and nephew Hamza Shahbaz to the Election Commission of Pakistan are silent on the ownership title of the huge property.


But Information Minister Pervez Rasheed told Dawn that the property was in the name of Shamim Sharif, mother of the Sharif brothers.
The statements of assets show that the Sharif brothers have much in common. Both live in houses not owned by them. Nawaz Sharif lives in a house owned by his mother while Shahbaz Sharif resides in a house owned by his spouse Nusrat.


Both use Land Cruisers gifted to them by unspecified persons. Both have multiple foreign and local currency accounts, own huge agricultural land and have investments in industrial units like sugar, textile and paper mills.


The most visible dissimilarity is the rapid growth in the value of assets owned by the elder brother and continuous decline in the value of assets possessed by the younger brother. Another dissimilarity is that Shahbaz Sharif has two properties in the United Kingdom, but Nawaz Sharif has no assets abroad.


Till the time of elections in May last year, Shahbaz was richer than Nawaz — though none of them a billionaire — but things are different now. According to the recent declaration, the value of Nawaz Sharif’s wealth has registered a six-fold increase in just 12 months to make him a billionaire for the first time.


According to statements of assets and liabilities, the net worth of Nawaz Sharif’s assets was Rs261.6 million in 2012 and of Shahbaz Sharif Rs336.9m.


In 2011, the assets of the Sharif brothers were worthRs166m and Rs393m, indicating an increase ofRs95.6m and decrease of Rs56.5m, respectively.


In 2013, the value of assets of Nawaz Sharif ballooned to Rs1.82bn while that of Shahbaz Sharif slipped further to Rs142m.


Incidentally, Shahbaz Sharif has more stakes abroad than in the country.


He owns properties and bank account worthRs138.28m in the UK. He has three loans worth117.10m in Pakistani rupees in British banks.
The younger brother has not disclosed the value of five properties with net area of around 676 kanal in Lahore – all gifted by his mother.
He has Rs51.96m cash in hand and Rs7.27m in his sole bank account in the country. (Editor’s Note: Out of 180 Million Pakistani Civilians & Military, how many can boast such amount as CASH IN HAND)


Mrs Nusrat, the first wife of Mr Shahbaz, had assets worth Rs273.46m on June 30 last year. It wasRs224.56m a year earlier. She has Rs14.34m cash in hand and Rs1.95m in her five bank accounts.
The assets of Mrs Tehmina, the second wife of Shahbaz Sharif, are worth Rs9.83m. They wereRs7.64m last year.


She has five bank accounts – two in Pound Sterling, one in dollar and two in Pak rupees, but the money in these accounts is only Rs23,770. She has cash in hand and prize bonds worth Rs750,000 and two cars.
Kalsoom Nawaz, the wife of Nawaz Sharif, has net wealth of Rs235.85m, which is much less than that ofMrs Nusrat Shahbaz.


Mrs Kalsoom Nawaz has land and a house in Changa Gali, Abbottabad, worth Rs63.75m, a bungalow on Mall Road in Murree worth Rs100m, 88 kanal of land in Sheikhupura worth Rs70m, jewellery of Rs1.5m and shares in family businesses.


She has Rs67,555 cash in hand and Rs55,765 in banks.
Hamza Shahbaz is wealthier than his father with net assets of Rs250.46m. He has two wives. The wealth of his first wife is Rs2.45m and that of the second isRs9.88m.


Capt Safdar’s wealth is worth Rs14.23m. He owns a car which his wife Marium received as a gift from the UAE 




Nawaz Sharif’s Chamcha No1,Ishaq Dar’s Son Car

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International Tender for running Pakistan

International Tender for running Pakistan

Vaqar Ahmed

Tender No. GOP 2013/193CTR/PTL/TEN/420

Tender Notice for Running the Country

The Government of Pakistan requires the service of an International Organisation to run the country for a period of twenty-five years.

Country Background:
It is generally believed that Pakistan was created for the Muslims of India. However, there is still debate in the country after 65 years of its creation regarding the ideology of Pakistan. Some say that Pakistan came into being so unexpectedly that no one had the time to define its ideology. 
The state of Pakistan can be categorised as one of the following (or any combination thereof):

Since the creation of Pakistan, following governments have been in place:
1947 – 1948 Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan was the first head of the state. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1948.
1948 – 1958 During this period 10 governments came and went. During this time a prime minister was assassinated and another exiled.
1958 – 1968 First Military coup and Martial law. The new Chief Martial Law Administrator and later President and Field Marshal, Mohammed Ayub Khan, ruled for ten years. People got sick and tired of dictatorship and went out in the streets calling the gentleman-soldier a dog. This broke his heart and he resigned. He was a decent sort of a chap who enriched only his own family and in return built many dams and a new city. He also authored a book titled “Friends Not Masters”. Following the poor performance of the subsequent governments, he is today remembered as a Saint.
1971 The job of running the country became easier as the enslaved half of the country was freed through the goodwill and humanitarianism of the Pakistan military. The freed slaves made their own country called Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh proved to be very ungrateful and now refuse to play cricket with Pakistan.
1972 – 1977 A young Oxford educated feudal Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became the Chief Martial Law Administrator and then the Prime Minister. His main strength was his fiery speeches in good English and bad Urdu. He was such a good Muslim that he accepted all the key demands of the clerics like declaring the Ahmedis non-Muslims and banning alcohol. Being a man of conscience he started drinking heavily to lessen the pain of taking such horrid decisions. He also wisely purged all the left wing troublemakers in his party and replaced them with solid, reliable and wise men from the feudal class.
1977 – 1987 Mr. Bhutto’s top general Zia-ul-Haq did not see eye to eye with Mr. Bhutto. One part of the reason was that he was squint eyed and the second that he did not think that Mr. Bhutto was Islamic enough. So he did “Istikhara”


(requesting guidance from God) and after receiving permission deposed the Prime Minister in a coup.


He announced that elections would take place in 90 days. However, the people were so pleased with the General that they beseeched him to stay. Being a true democrat the General could not turn down the request of the masses and decided to stay on to serve them. Just to make sure that he could serve the people with his full attention he declared that the pesky Mr. Bhutto had hanged himself in a fierce police encounter. Being a very hospitable man, he invited all the Muslim Afghan brethren to live in Pakistan. He also helped them fight the infidels from Russia. He had a rich uncle named Sam who provided the required finances.


This pious man would be still in power if it were not for his love of mangoes. He filled up his plane with so many crates of mangoes that it crashed due to the excessive weight. Many in Pakistan were deeply saddened by the loss of such good mangoes.

1988 – 2013 The period from 1947 to 1988 was a game of musical chairs and no one remembers who came and who went and where and why. It is not clear who is running the affairs of Pakistan; in an opinion poll majority felt that it was God.

Scope of Work of the Bidder: 

The bidder will be solely responsible for running the Govt of Pakistan. This will include (but not limited to):
1. Disbanding the band of thieves that has been running the country for the past 65 years and deporting them to their home countries like the USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Great Britain, and Canada.
2. Ensuring that containers are used for the sole purpose of transporting goods.
3. Banning spitting of phlegm, tobacco, niswar, and paan peek in public places and particularly on stairwells.
4. Removing all garbage strewn around the country and dumping it outside.
5. Arresting all the religious extremists and putting them in a rehabilitation centre run by Doctor Maulana Taqreerul Qadri.
6. Removing all the political talk show anchors and using them as anchors for the boats in the oily waters of Kaemari.
7. Changing the foreign policy from misaligned to non-aligned.
8. Eliminating the police force by making it mandatory for them to have a 32 inch waist.
9. Making Hijab mandatory for men and optional for women.

Bidder Qualification:
• Bidders from countries deemed to be more corrupt than Pakistan in the Transparency International Rankings will be subject to immediate disqualification.
• Bidders from previous colonising countries like Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France will be given preference.
• Bidders from the USA are not eligible to bid as they are already running the Government of Pakistan.
• Bidders from Nigeria need not apply.
• The language of the bids can be any as long as it is English.
• Influencing the bid evaluation process by means of bribery is strictly prohibited unless it is at least $50 million and made through proper channels.

Submission of Tender:
• Tenders will be submitted in quadruplicate in hard copy by courier.
• As per normal procurement rules 10 per cent of the bid price will be deposited as “goodwill”
• Tenders will be submitted to the following address:
The Section Officer
Services and General Administration Division
Pakistan Secretariat

Closing date for the Tenders is 14 August 2013.

Important: If the country disintegrates before the bid closing date, this tender will be considered null and void.

The author is an engineer turned part-time journalist who likes to hang out at unfashionable places like shrines, railway stations and bus stops.


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NAWAZ SHARIF’S GIFT TO PEOPLE OF LAHORE: Police crackdown on loadshedding protesters, 20 held

Lahore police crackdown on loadshedding protesters, 20 held

August 25, 2013 – Updated 1425 PKT 
From Web Edition


LAHORE: Police on Sunday arrested twenty persons vehemently protesting against prolonged unannounced electricity loadshedding causing immense hardship and misery to the area people here, Geo News reported.

According to details, hundreds of angry people strongly protesting persistent loadshedding came out on the roads and streets at Bagrian in Green Town here. Police in a bid to disperse the crowds resorted to aerial firing and arrested 20 persons from among the demonstrators. 

This unwarranted action of the police added fuel to the fire when the peaceful demonstrators losing temper replied to police highhandedness by hurling stones, voicing slogans and blocking the roads.

Meanwhile, police reinforcement has been called in and efforts are afoot to control the situation.

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Illiterate Electorate & Rigging “Elects” Badami Lassi & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Sufferer Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister

Many people think of rowdy kids who can’t sit still when they think of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. But the fact is, symptoms of ADHD can linger into adulthood. In fact, many adults with ADHD don’t realize that many of the problems they face, including staying organized or being on time, are symptoms of adult ADHD…Web MD


Photo: Ya kaya ha .......?


According to many Pakistani scientists, soldiers, bureaucrats, and politicians, who have directly interacted with Nawaz Sharif, say that he has an attention span of 7 seconds. He has classical symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here are some of the classical symptoms of ADHD displayed by Nawaz Sharif: During crucial National briefings like the decision to explode a Nuclear Device, Nawaz Sharif could not pay attention to slides and presentation by Pakistan’s nuclear scientists. He had difficulty paying attention to what was being said. He would have a glazed stare as if he was daydreaming. During briefings for his national and political speeches, he leaves the scripts aside and starts rambling.  He has difficulty following through on instructions and apparently does not listen when an aide is briefing him. He cannot organize his meeting schedule with dignitaries and frequently has problems organizing tasks or activities. Servants of Raiwind Farms also whisper that he is frequently forgetful and loses needed items, such as briefing papers, official documents, and misplaces them. His desk looks like a tornado has just gone over it. When even talking to news reporters, he gets easily distracted, and is shown to talk to several people at the same time. During conversations, he twiddles his thumbs and tends to fidget. When talking, he does not act as a good listener and tends to talk non-stop, without giving a journalist, a family member, or a visitor, a chance to interject. He frequently fidgets or squirms, no matter what the occasion. He likes to pace or take a visitor for a walk around his Estate and has difficulty remaining seated and is seemly in constant motion. For example, if two members of PML (N) are discussing an issue, he frequently interrupts or intrudes on others’ conversation. He lacks patience, while out of power, he suffered from anxiety and in his jitteriness, he frequently, mocked Zardari, and wished his disappearance from the political scene and the Presidents Office.  He was venomous, during election campaign, and through cunningness had his henchmen like Saad Rafique, Pervez Rashid, Khaqan Abbasi and Ahsan Iqbal and other nawrattan, who literally abused his opponents during the election campaign on and off the record. On top of it all Nawaz Sharif is a domineering Control Freak, nothing moves without his permission. He has narcissistic god complex to boot. In his self-love, Nawaz Sharif can make wrong decisions, which may cost Pakistani nation dearly. Although, he has been able to fool the illiterate population of mainly Punjab, anybody with a modicum of wisdom can see through this man’s flawed personality. His grandiose plans and skewed priorities will damage the economy and take Pakistan to another abyss from which it may take years to recover. However, a possible, silver lining in this dark cloud is that Imran Khan, Tehreek-i-Insaf and Asif Zardari and PPP will watch “Phajja, the umbersari Kashmiri,” like a hawk. Except for a few extreme right-wingers, he has no love lost with the rest of the media. His stories of turning PM Flights from Karachi to Lahore, so he could pick-up “Phajaahs Seree Pawaay,” and “Badami Lassi” are still fresh in peoples mind. His flirtations and seduction stories with female Pakistani and British journalists abound.


He is a known for making passes at female members of Nawaz League; they keep “mum” for political expediency and so as not to damage their political careers. Pakistan will suffer big time damage, from Nawaz Sharif’s abject mismanagement and controlling nature. During his days in college, he seldom attended lectures and played “hooky,” because Abbaji Sharif has spoiled this brat. The positive outcomes from his Prime Ministership will all be due to his smarter, but equally mercurial brother Shahbaz Sharif. His first announcement to start a “Jangla Bus, in Karachi reflects his height of incompetence. Are “Roti. Kapra, Sehat, Saaf Pani, & Insaaf,” more important for 200 Million Pakistanis OR the “Jangla Bus,” is more important?  Grandiose foolish projects like “Jangla Bus,” are like the grandiose Pyramids of Pharaohs, while the common Egyptian people starved and suffered from Schistosomiasis or Snail Fever. Yes, Dengue happened in Punjab under the rule of PML (N) and its Primos, the Phajja Pharahs, the Umbersari Kashmiri Showdaz of Model Town, Brandreth Road, Gowalmandi and Qila Gujjar Sigh. Now, this is the character Pakistanis have to deal with for the next five years.

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