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Illiterate Electorate & Rigging “Elects” Badami Lassi & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Sufferer Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister

Many people think of rowdy kids who can’t sit still when they think of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. But the fact is, symptoms of ADHD can linger into adulthood. In fact, many adults with ADHD don’t realize that many of the problems they face, including staying organized or being on time, are symptoms of adult ADHD…Web MD


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According to many Pakistani scientists, soldiers, bureaucrats, and politicians, who have directly interacted with Nawaz Sharif, say that he has an attention span of 7 seconds. He has classical symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here are some of the classical symptoms of ADHD displayed by Nawaz Sharif: During crucial National briefings like the decision to explode a Nuclear Device, Nawaz Sharif could not pay attention to slides and presentation by Pakistan’s nuclear scientists. He had difficulty paying attention to what was being said. He would have a glazed stare as if he was daydreaming. During briefings for his national and political speeches, he leaves the scripts aside and starts rambling.  He has difficulty following through on instructions and apparently does not listen when an aide is briefing him. He cannot organize his meeting schedule with dignitaries and frequently has problems organizing tasks or activities. Servants of Raiwind Farms also whisper that he is frequently forgetful and loses needed items, such as briefing papers, official documents, and misplaces them. His desk looks like a tornado has just gone over it. When even talking to news reporters, he gets easily distracted, and is shown to talk to several people at the same time. During conversations, he twiddles his thumbs and tends to fidget. When talking, he does not act as a good listener and tends to talk non-stop, without giving a journalist, a family member, or a visitor, a chance to interject. He frequently fidgets or squirms, no matter what the occasion. He likes to pace or take a visitor for a walk around his Estate and has difficulty remaining seated and is seemly in constant motion. For example, if two members of PML (N) are discussing an issue, he frequently interrupts or intrudes on others’ conversation. He lacks patience, while out of power, he suffered from anxiety and in his jitteriness, he frequently, mocked Zardari, and wished his disappearance from the political scene and the Presidents Office.  He was venomous, during election campaign, and through cunningness had his henchmen like Saad Rafique, Pervez Rashid, Khaqan Abbasi and Ahsan Iqbal and other nawrattan, who literally abused his opponents during the election campaign on and off the record. On top of it all Nawaz Sharif is a domineering Control Freak, nothing moves without his permission. He has narcissistic god complex to boot. In his self-love, Nawaz Sharif can make wrong decisions, which may cost Pakistani nation dearly. Although, he has been able to fool the illiterate population of mainly Punjab, anybody with a modicum of wisdom can see through this man’s flawed personality. His grandiose plans and skewed priorities will damage the economy and take Pakistan to another abyss from which it may take years to recover. However, a possible, silver lining in this dark cloud is that Imran Khan, Tehreek-i-Insaf and Asif Zardari and PPP will watch “Phajja, the umbersari Kashmiri,” like a hawk. Except for a few extreme right-wingers, he has no love lost with the rest of the media. His stories of turning PM Flights from Karachi to Lahore, so he could pick-up “Phajaahs Seree Pawaay,” and “Badami Lassi” are still fresh in peoples mind. His flirtations and seduction stories with female Pakistani and British journalists abound.


He is a known for making passes at female members of Nawaz League; they keep “mum” for political expediency and so as not to damage their political careers. Pakistan will suffer big time damage, from Nawaz Sharif’s abject mismanagement and controlling nature. During his days in college, he seldom attended lectures and played “hooky,” because Abbaji Sharif has spoiled this brat. The positive outcomes from his Prime Ministership will all be due to his smarter, but equally mercurial brother Shahbaz Sharif. His first announcement to start a “Jangla Bus, in Karachi reflects his height of incompetence. Are “Roti. Kapra, Sehat, Saaf Pani, & Insaaf,” more important for 200 Million Pakistanis OR the “Jangla Bus,” is more important?  Grandiose foolish projects like “Jangla Bus,” are like the grandiose Pyramids of Pharaohs, while the common Egyptian people starved and suffered from Schistosomiasis or Snail Fever. Yes, Dengue happened in Punjab under the rule of PML (N) and its Primos, the Phajja Pharahs, the Umbersari Kashmiri Showdaz of Model Town, Brandreth Road, Gowalmandi and Qila Gujjar Sigh. Now, this is the character Pakistanis have to deal with for the next five years.

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