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TWO PAKISTANI 2014 HEROES-1: Are we worthy of Aitezaz Hussain?

The words do not flow now, there are no cutting comments or quotes, no wit, and even less wisdom. There is only a deep sorrow, and an even deeper rage. It flows like fire through dull veins to a heart thought to have been numbed, a heart that desperately wants to be numbed.


So the words that follow will not be tempered and measured. They will not be weighed and balanced. And this is because we live in a land where a young child, Aitezaz Hussain, had to give his life fighting a scourge that our own leaders bend over backwards in an attempt to appease. There is sorrow and rage because a nation that can produce such lions does not deserve to be led by such lambs.

For those just now attending this bitter wake, Aitezaz was a 13-year-old-boy whostopped a suicide bomber from entering his classroom. Arriving late for school, he was punished by not being allowed to attend the morning assembly. Standing outside the gate, he saw a man trying to enter. He saw the detonator of his suicide vest; he saw a split second chance and saved countless lives with a courage few of us can match. Had he not been there, had he not done what he did, dozens, maybe hundreds of children would have lost their lives in a flash of fire, their bodies torn apart by cruel, blind shrapnel.

And as their hearts would stop beating, the souls of those who loved them would also dim and die. It would remain unanswered, the question of what may have been. It would be deafening, the absent echo of laughter through a house. It would be unbearable, the waiting for a child who would never return, would never grow up, never live and never love.

Instead, there is only one family that will have to bear this burden; only one mother who will never welcome her son home. It’s still one too many. And there are many such homes across the length and breadth of this blighted land. Homes where despair lives in empty rooms, where the silence is of the grave.

From what the family says, they stand tall. In this moment of darkness, they hold onto the belief that their child did not die in vain, that he made the greatest sacrifice possible, that his blood bought life by stopping a beast who walked with and worshipped nothing but death. But for how long? The world will move on, the focus – what little there is of it – will shift and they will be left alone in empty rooms, waiting for a voice that will never be heard again.

We don’t need more Aitzazs’. Not one or one million. What we need is to be worthy of the one we lost. What we need is for those who claim to lead us to show the courage that this boy did. Perhaps, that is too much to ask from those who roll out apologies and obfuscations with such unerring regularity, but stammer and shake when it comes to naming those responsible for mass murder.

Those who can pray for and praise killers before the blood of their victims has even dried. We need those men and women who can look Aitzaz’s family in the eye, hold them in their arms and tell them – in all honesty – that their son did not die in vain.

And until you can do that, dear leaders, keep your hollow words to yourselves. Leave us to our silence.



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Just give me my Aircraft
If I die in battle zone
Box me up & send me home
Put my medals on my chest
Tell my Mom I did my Best
Tell my nation not to cry
I was soldier born to die  … Officer Pakistan Air Force
Comments of  Retired Soldiers
I am sharing these pictures of our young Army, Navy, and Air Force Officers and Men who embraced Shahadat while safe guarding our beloved country,
fighting against terrorism.You will find a couple of views of my course mates including mine as well.
Thank you so much for sharing the photographs of Shaheed ‘s with me. I am truly shocked to see these many photographs. 
Being located so far away, I did not realize that so many young officers have already lost their lives for the defense of Pakistan.
I am sure that there must be many many more soldier/jawans who also lost their lives with these officers. 
May Almighty God give these shaheeds a place in heaven and their families strength to bear this loss. 



This is not the first time that we have lost wonderful young men defending Pakistan.On every call to duty our young and the spirited rose to the occasion and wrote chapters in bravery, leadership and comradeship under fire.


A Retired Soldier’s Thoughts

Since the day , I received this e-mail of yours, I have seen the pictures of our national heroes But something somewhere in my heart was boiling and all the time I tried to name it out but could not neither I could diagnose it that what is it all going there in my heart. At least it revealed to me that no doubt that I am a old man BUT not with a Dead Heart. There are mixed feeling of sadness , sorrow , grief but above all there was anger too .But unable to express my true feelings to convey. I am grateful to our dear friend Brig.Mehboob Qadir who has spoken my mind and I endorse the same. These heroes shall ever remain there in my heart and in my laptop till my eye sight fade out and my hands stop working to operate the lap top.



Salute them – They gave their life for us..




 Captain Junaid Khan (Shaheed) of SSG . “Tamgha-e-Basalat”


Captain Najam Riaz (SSG) Shaheed

Major Umair Khan Bangash TAMGHA-i-BASALAT’ shaheed
Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed..
Squadron Leader Masood Rizvi Shaheed. 

Captain Fasih Babar Shaheed Presented Guard of Honor. He got commissioned in Pakistan army in October 2007. He had a wife and a son whose age was just about one and a half year. His funeral prayers were being offered in pindi.

Who survived the Mi 17 crash in jan  before dying on 14 july 2012 crash. 


After the crash he pulled out 2 men who have both survived and walked to the ambulance before collapsing unconscious. Unable to open his eyes, he told his wife to take care of his mother and 2 daughters before he was evacuated to Kharian Army burn hospital. He asked about Amir, his co pilot and coursemate who didnt survive the crash. Multiple heart attacks, swellings and infections finaly took him from us. His heroic act of valor in saving his crew while he himself burned will be not be forgotten. ALlah bless him the highest place in jannat. 

LT Wajeeh Bangash Shaheed after getting rid of 7 militants got a sniper shot on his head and embraced Shahadat! 


Capt. Raja Farhan Ali Shaheed…

Capt. Mannan Shaheed with His Mother…
Lt Colonel Amir abbas Shaheed With his 2 cute angels Syed Khariq Abbas n Syeda Areeza Abbas…


capt zubair shaheed.(left)


capt babar shaheed


Captain Doctor Muhammad Ali khan (Shaheed)
Capt. Abdul Qadir Khan who embrace shahadat on 20th October.He was born in 1983.He joined Pakistan Army in 2003.

Capt. tariq,survived a IED attack in march 2009,died in feb 11 in ops bar
Lt. Taimoor Shah , S/O Ashfaq Hussain Shah
A valiant Son of 71 Baloch Regiment Belongs to Haider 118 ..Taimoor was born on 14 Aug 1986
He Embraced shahdat Near Kashmoor On Sep 23, 2009…

Capt Tariq Jamal Shaheed……


Lieutenant Yasir (Shaheed) 
Capt Mannan Shaheed
Captain Dr. Sharjeel has just embraced Shahadat in waana Waziristan.
LT. Ammad (Shaheed) 
Captain Hassan Abid Shaheed.
Captain Haider Nawaz Murawat 
Lieutenant Faiz Sultan Awan Shaheed 

Lt Atta Ur Rehman Shaheed

Amjad Razaq Shaheed SSG(N)

Capt. Rahman.SSG, Shaheed

Memorable pic of Ft. Lt. Ali Raza Tarar Shaheed.
Muhammad Bin Hassan, son of Captain Hassan Shaheed.
Born of June 10,2011. 4 months after Capt. Hassan embrace Shahadat.

Major Zia ul Haq Shaheed. Embrace Shahadat on 30th July ,

Cute Son of Captain Rashid Hakeem (Shaheed) 
Mohammad Rashid… 

Squadron Leader Muhammad Hussain shaheed… 
Got Martyred on 14 of november in the incident of JF thunder crashed at a hill near the garrison town of Attock, 65 kilometres northwest of Islamabad..
May his Soul Rest In Peace ..

PROUD SONS OF MOTHERLAND PAKISTAN. Major Mujahid and Captain Usman — Embrace SHAHADAT together on Salala checkpost defending Pak Sarzameen! 22 other soldiers who Embrace Shahahdat with them

 Captain Salman (Shaheed)

Lt. Atta Shaheed
Maj Zaka (shaheed) his daughter widow,  a son was born after he died.

Shaheeds in PAF Trainer Crash


One year Old Son of Major Muddasir Bajwa (Shaheed)
Son of Major Zahid Bari (Shaheed)




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Pakistan’s Legendary Air Ace M.M.Alam Passes Away إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون :PAKISTAN MUST RENAME SARGODHA AIRBASE AS M.M.ALAM AIRBASE

Pakistan’s Legendary Air Ace M.M.Alam Passes Away  إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون 


ISLAMABAD – Air Commodore (R) Muhammad Mahmood Alam, Sitara-i-Jur’at (with Bar), a veteran of 1965 and 1971 wars and renowned ace pilot of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) breathed his last at PNS Shifa Hospital after prolonged illness in Karachi today. He was 78.
PAF Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt expressed grief over the sad demise of the iconic legend and national hero.
“Any chronicles of the World Aviation Hall of Fame or accomplishments of Pakistan Air Force would be incomplete without the mention of Air Commodore (R) MM Alam,” Butt said.
A daring fighter pilot, war hero and a scholar par excellence, MM Alam was a role model not only for the PAF airmen but also for Muslims across the world.
MM Alam was born on July, 6 1935 in a well educated family of Calcutta, British India. After completing his secondary education from Government High School Dhaka in 1951, MM Alam joined PAF in 1952 and was granted commission on October 2, 1953.
During his career, Alam underwent many courses including Fighter Conversion Course, F-86F Familiarisation Course, Fighter Leader Course, PAF Staff College Course, Orientation Training Course-USA and Royal College of Defence Studies Course – UK.
His major appointments included air gunnery and tactical instructor at fighter leader school, commanding officer of No 11, No 5 and No 26 squadrons, operation research director, assistant chief of the air staff (flight safety) and assistant chief of the air staff (plans) at Air Headquarters. He also served in Syria on deputation.
During the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Leader of No 11 Squadron MM Alam shot down 2 and damaged 3 Indian Air Force aircrafts on September 6, 1965.
On September 7, 1965, MM Alam rewrote the history of air warfare by setting new records while defending Pakistani Airspace against the aggressors. He shot down five Hawker Hunter fighters of the Indian Air Force in less than sixty seconds, the first four within a span of 30 seconds only, in an air-to-air combat. This act of outstanding bravery and heroism, earned him the Sitara-i-Jur’at (with Bar). Government of Pakistan also paid him a befitting tribute by naming one of the most prominent roads in Lahore after him.
His funeral prayers would be offered at PAF Base Masroor, Karachi at 5 pm today. He would be buried with full military honours at PAF graveyard in Masroor Air Base.

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An E-Mail to Pakistan Think Tank Editor

Our Beloved Shaheeds! Our Immortal Sons : Our Tear Drops are Frozen in Your Sweet Memory:

We will not mourn you,

we will honour you by making Pakistan better

“And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: ‘They are dead.’  Nay, they are living, though ye perceive (it) not.  (The Noble Quran, 2:154)

“Think not of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead.   Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord.  They rejoice in the Bounty provided by Allah:  And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve.  They glory in the Grace and Bounty from Allah, and in the fact that Allah suffereth not the reward of the faithful to be lost (in the least).  (The Noble Quran, 3:169-171)



A friend of mine sent this email which gives the pictures of some of the 7500 brave sons of the soil who have laid down their lives fighting the menace of Taliban so that we as a nation can have a better future  While these brave sons kept the flame of freedom burning bright with their blood, the question is, are we as a nation aware of the tremendous sacrifices that have been made ? How many television programmes have been aired to honor their sacrifices ? How many times the President, the Prime Minister and the Politicians have attended the janaza of how many of these martyrs ?
Unknown-10The obvious answer is that very little has been done. While our so called independent media leaves no opportunity of army bashing and airs 6 hours long ramblings of that lunatic Altaf Hussein without ads and without interruption, they can’t find air time to honor our shaheeds. Again the media spent lot of time on exposing the plight of the families of missing persons. While my heart goes out to the plight of these families, I have no doubt that each one of the missing persons is either a hard core terrorist or a terrorist supporter. While we feel for the missing persons, we also need to keep in mind countless thousands of families who have lost their near and dear ones in terrorist attack that were either carried out by these missing persons or actively supported by them.
Here I would like to point out that none of our so called and who we have the misfortune of having as supreme commander (Asif Zardari) the Prime Minister, and politicians has ever visited the operational area to show their support. The president has only once visited the wounded in CMH pindi, while nobody else has even gone once.
The army bashers talk of corruption by the army hierarchy.  It may be true but whatever the corruption that the army brass may have done, all of it put together would not equal that done by one person tauqeer sadq, ex chaiman OGRA who was facilitated by the government to leave the country along with his family.
Dear Pakistanis:
Please send this link to others, let every Pakistani must know the faces of our brilliant and brave Young Lions of Sohni Dharti. They laid down their lives for our Pakistan, so that we may be safe and secure from the forces of darkness. When you look at their faces, you will find yourself in them. They are us, we are them, lest we forget…
Pakistan Zindabad
Another group of heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their motherland.
Sce.  Shahzad..
lt Saimaan shaheed…
lt Sajjad Khan shaheed..
major Abid Shaheed…
lt Faiz Sultan shaheed..
capt Bilal Zafar shaheed..
brig Aftab Minhas. died in Multan crash..
capt Irfan Ahmad shaheed..
capt Haider shaheed..
capt Pervaiz Mehdi shaheed..
capt Salman Farooq shaheed..
capt Waqar shaheed with his son..
major Jaroon shaheed,,
capt Junaid shaheed..
capt Ali Mahmood shaheed..
capt Bajwa shaheed…
capt Hanif Khan shaheed..
capt Faseeh Babar shaheed..
capt Salman Farooq Lodhi shaheed..
major Mujeeb shaheed
father receiving uniform n shoulder titles of his son..
capt Khurram shahzad
major Zaheer Malik shaheed..



“How can they (Americans) have the arrogance to dictate to us where we should go or which countries should be our friends? Gadhafi is my friend. He supported us when we were alone and when those who tried to prevent my visit here (Libya) today were our enemies. They have no morals. We cannot accept that a state assumes the role of the world’s policeman.” 
– Nelson Mandela, 1997 (while on a State visit to Libya)

“Never before in modem history has a country dominated the earth so totally as the USA does today… America is now the Schwarzenegger of international politics: showing off muscles, obtrusive, intimidating…The Americans, in the absence of limits put to them by anybody or anything, act as if they own a kind of blank check in their ‘McWorld’.”
– Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading news magazine, 1997


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Maj Gen ® Syed Ali Hamid: A NATION NEEDS HEROES

Salute to them – They gave their life for us..

              A NATION NEEDS  HEROES
This morning as I opened my emails I became aware for the first time that a young SSG officer of the Pakistan Army Capt Bilal Zafar had embraced shahadat in Lower Dir on 17 May 2009.  Some caring soul had opened a website in his honor (www.captainbilalshaheed.com ) with a lovely picture of Capt Zafar in uniform with the badges of a UN Peacekeeper.  For many minutes I sat riveted staring at his face, at his eyes and his smile, and trying to look into his soul to find where does a young man of 25 find the courage and motivation to give the ultimate sacrifice. And Capt Bilal was not alone. I opened Youtube and more names of shaheeds appeared : Capt Asim Iqbal, Capt Najam Riaz, Maj Adil, Capt Salman Farooq, Capt Abid Majeed, and Lt Atif. God be praised.
Through the day I kept returning to the picture of Capt Bilal and each time it took me back in time 38 years to the 1971 Pakistan India War when my friend and comrade Capt Hassan Zaheer SJ embraced shahadat in Chammb (now Iftikharabad) fighting for his country, for the Army and for his regiment 26 Cavalry. Like Capt Bilal, Hassan Zaheer also had  a strong premonition that death was stalking him and  embraced it willingly. “Ali my friend” he wrote, “This is the last letter I am writing to you”. Like Capt Bilal, my friend Zaheer too was a hero in another time and another place.
PhotoCredit: www.pakistandefence.com

By the time evening came I had a strong urge to honor this young brave man for making us proud. I wish I could write a whole book  about him but I didn’t know him nor his friends or his family. What I do know (and I saw it very closely 38 years ago in Hassan Zaheer), is that to be a hero he must have had at the foremost,  like those other brave officers, a purity of soul that emerges from  upbringing and family values. Equally important is an inner strength to do what the situation demanded; an inner strength that is a product of training, esprit-de-corps, faith, self respect, honor, dignity. The inner strength that the Pakistan Armed Forces inculcate in leadership at all levels. That is why the Pakistan Armed Forces have been able to give the nations its heroes throughout our history from the Kashmir Operations of 1948-49, the wars of 1965, 1971, Siachen, Kashmir, Kargil and now the operations against the militants.
For those who profess that the Pakistan Army has  changed over the years,  I say “yes”; change is inevitable but the Army still retains its core values and competencies.  The Army still knows how to fight, to adapt to different forms of warfare, to plan and successfully execute complex operations, to defeat the enemy at their own game, to lead soldiers into combat, and to sacrifice their today so that the nation can have its tomorrow. Its officers still lead from the front and the ratio of casualties of officers compared to the soldiers has and as proved recently continues to be high.

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