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Aitzaz Ahsan With US Ambassador Ann Patterson

Wherever we find treachery, we will find Aitzaz Ahsan.  We can’t look at this as a political crisis anymore.  These traitors, snakes and swines cannot be left as they are.

Today’s shameless and disgusting session in Parliament made it damn clear that Ghazwa-e-Hind has been launched in Pakistan by Khawarij and Indian pigs!
Please note some of  links in this article may not work

Here’s what I found most shocking: TUQ, IK and Luqman all hailed Aitzaz Ahsan’s blasting of NS.

Are we that stupid and shallow that we can’t see the most dangerous RAW agent and hail him as a “nafees” and “honorable” Pakistani? 
At least Diesel, Zardari, JI, and Achakzai are unleashed and obvious ghaddars.  But AA is the definition of a snake, more dangerous than Zardari and needs to be exposed.

He’s a mastermind behind legal, political, economic, media, cultural and ideological strategies to undermine and destroy Pakistan’s interests.
I have enclosed a few links that you must watch and share across social and mainstream media.
1. Conference in India – Breaking Barriers.  I thought of extracting parts of this speech, but there is so much poison throughout it, that it’s warrants taking 45 minutes to watch.  He destroys Islam, ideology, Army, Intelligence – calls Pak nuke state a ‘false sense of pride’.  He basically tells the Indians what they need to do to EXPLOIT Pakistan. To top it off, he reads a 5-min poem at the end which is a sugar-coated dagger in Pakistan. You can ask someone in the team, to extract pieces from this so we can share it as various posts.  https://vimeo.com/105072615
2.  10th India Conclave – BJP Terrorist Subramaniam, Aitzaz Ahsan and Khawarij Maulana Mahmood Madani. Listen to Subramaniam open his speech by declaring Islam as a terrorist religion, saying that all Muslims and Christians must declare that they are originally Hindus, otherwise face a religious war and call Pakistan an Islamic Terror state. listen to Aitzaz Ahsan’s pathetic and apologetic reply to the mushrik.

3. Aitzaz Ahsan reciting Surah Ikhlas

4.  Aitzaz Ahsan Book, “Indus Saga and The Making of Pakistan” from 1996 – This book basically reinforces the idea of Akhand Bharat.  Mushriks use it in building their case.  Here’s a few excerpts from the book and reviews:

In his acknowledgement, in the 2nd Edition, Aitzaz Ahsan mentions the efforts of M.J. Akbar and a Pramod Kapoor, both from India, who helped him draft this new edition. As one reads it, one understands why; because, though the book outwardly is on entity of Pakistan yet it portrays the theory of epic Mahabharta.

four pages as the preface and a twenty three page introduction, where Aitzaz writes of fragile state of Pakistan by quoting Ziring 2 ‘Pakistan could cease to exist in its sovereign nation-state form’ and then quotes Tariq Ali from his book ‘Can Pakistan Survive?’ and Shahid Burni, a director of World Bank, ‘only time will tell whether Pakistan realize its potential or be over whelmed by its problems’ He also cites a Tahir Amin of Q.A. University ‘The Bangladesh syndrome continues to haunt the Pakistani decision-makers, who fear the ethno-nationalist movement of NWFP, Sindh and Baluchistan may also follow the precedent set by Bangladesh movement’. 

And now he applauds the figure of Jawaharlal Nehru, who expounded the theory of Mahabharta, of one-ness of India and refers to his book3. 

Aitzaz, equates his jail experiences with that of Nehru and appreciates his vision of unity of India and mentions the centripetal pull of India, a supernatural force that could again pull Indus region to itself!

In Section-2 of the Introduction, Aitzaz brings forth the theme of one-ness of Bharat or the epic Mahabharta.

He appears obsessed by the theme of Mahabharta and either by design or ignorance, this modern day champion of Indus does not enlighten us that the concept of a mahabharta is actually a concoction of the fertile Hindu Brahman mind.

On page [5] of his book, 1996 edition, Aitzaz describes the entity of one India as;

“the epic mahabharta, in describing that great pre-historic civil war not only unquestionably, assumes the ‘oneness’ of the vast subcontinent, but also books upon the lands of Bactria (Balkh) and China, beyond its great mountains ranges, as outlying frontier regions, inseparable, inalienable and natural parts of the Indian subcontinent. The concept of the ‘unity and indivisability’ and of one vast and limitless subcontinent, itself the size of all of Europe, is thus ancient and rooted in historical mythology”.

Then Aitzaz gives the geographic boundaries encompassing oneness of India and a common Indian race and refers the same to Jawaharlal Nehru and also quotes other proponents of Indian oneness 6.

Building up the case of a greater India, the apt and able lawyer in Aitzaz now pauses in his graphic description of an akhund-bharat and returns to his earlier theme of the Indus Saga i.e. Pakistan’s creation.

In Section-4 of the Introduction, he again reverts to his oneness of India obsession. Though he outwardly laments that, our historian continues to style the variegated and many-faceted history of Indus as an integral part of what is called ‘Indian’ history. And further woes that our historian, though focusing on Indus history pay more attention to the rule & influence upon it of the Indian dynasties, and also bemoans – that our historians in order to give entity to Pakistan, trace our cultural foundations solely to extra-territorial linkages, meaning thereby, the Arab, the Persian & Turk. And Aitzaz claims, that in denying the Indian they deny theIndus and hence the break from the many attributes of Indus culture which are common to the Indian.

In Section-5 of the Introduction, he deals with , what he calls, the battered soul of Pakistan and professes it is time to rediscover and restore the soul, the dream embodied in it, and to rediscover and restore Pakistan as a liberal progressive, modern state, and hence through this quest of Pakistan, he wants to create a secular Pakistan, and then merge it in the oneness of India as is the theme of the work disguised as a peace move.

In Section-6 of the Introduction, Aitzaz refers to a generation bridge covered by his three points – first being poetry to illustrate a point – by quoting on P-35 of his book a Rig Vedic hymn in praise of a horse.
The apparently insignificant Horse has a very important role in this subtle war of indoctrination by the Brahman designs.

As horses were the primary tool of warfare, it is important to note that the superiority of any martial race depended on who tamed, bred and used the horse first. The visual and psychological impact of an invading army, galloping and thundering down the battlefield on horseback was sufficient to unnerve any fainthearted enemy

In Section-8 of the Introduction, he names the main eleven Indus men 4 who are his heroes of Indus.

Aitzaz gives his own concept of Pakistan’s Past, Present & Future, by stressing on P-17, “they cut us off from our heroes, but the questions and our heroes have survived, they must survive. Pity the nation that forgets its heroes. We have to rediscover our heroes. Until we do so, many cancerous myths will continue to harbour in our body- politic, and many unwanted fractious controversies and fissiparous tendencies will continue to divide us”.

Excellent and well-said. But which heroes is he talking about? Aitzaz, fully expounds, and substantiates his above statement in his second (Indian) edition of The Indus Saga (2005). P-30 where after Bhagat Singh, he states; “..nor of the deities and beliefs of their predecessor Indus Person. Indra and the Vedas, Krishna and the Mahabharata are to be shunned as if they would pollute the minds of the youth:” He goes on to conclude that “Yet these deities and beliefs, howsoever incredible, are facts forming a part of Indus history.”

According to Aitzaz, we were never fighters and he starts our past from the time when Hindus came and made us Puru’s and under their leadership, we became a fighting force!

Aitzaz Ahsan grieves on the theme ‘six decades on, there is hardly an Indian, even the must accommodating and rational, who does not privately resent the partition of 1947. Even the most congenial Indian, Hindus and Muslims will say with love and affection,’how much before it might have been if…….” If the partition should not have taken place?

 5. Chagtai Khan on AA


Wherever we find treachery, we will find Aitzaz Ahsan.  We can’t look at this as a political crisis anymore.  These traitors, snakes and swines cannot be left as they are.
Wherever we find treachery, we will find Aitzaz Ahsan.  We can’t look at this as a political crisis anymore.  These traitors, snakes and swines cannot be left as they are. 


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Pakistan: Entire Nation at War

Pakistan: Entire Nation at War


Sajjad Shaukat


Unlike the past wars, the arena of war has changed. In the ongoing era, lethal weapons and subversive tactics used by the terrorists including foreign support to internal entities and propaganda can be more harmful in damaging the interest of a target country. The new warfare has made it difficult for the military to serve alone as the automatic dominant sphere in every war, covering all domains. This sort of war requires the cooperation of the entire nation. In these terms, Pakistan has become the target of the different war, while country’s armed forces and other intelligence and law-enforcing agencies have intermittently been coping with the enemy which employs subversive activities of various kinds such as suicide attacks, targeted killings, assaults on the Army and security agencies, kidnappings, sectarian and ethnic violence. In this regard, having connection with each other, militant outfits, especially Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Balochistan Republican Army (BRA) including other banned organizations have claimed responsibility for a number of terror-attacks. Karachi, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan have become vulnerable to their acts of sabotage. On June 8, 2014, the most tragic attack on Zaireen at Taftan Balochistan is quite alarming where two suicide bombers armed with SMGs attacked and exploded themselves, after conducting indiscriminate firing on Shias. Resultantly, 24 individuals were killed and 14 injured. Spokesman of the extremist group Jash-e-ul-Islam accepted responsibility. The brutal attack seeks immediate attention of Provincial Government and law-enforcing agencies. Foreign backed subversive activities by the Baloch Sub-Nationalities (BSNs) go on, as miscreants carried out rocket attacks, target-killings, exploding gas pipelines and firing on security forces particularly in Awaran, Kech, Dera Bugti, Khuzdar and Pangur areas. In fact, India has set up secret training centers in Afghanistan where its military personnel in connivance with Israeli RAW and CIA have been imparting training of guerilla warfare to the youngsters, having links with TTP, BLA, BRA and other similar insurgent outfits. These anti-Pakistan agencies send heavily-armed militants who not only target the outposts of Pak Army, but also commit various sorts of terror-activities in order to destabilize Pakistan. These insurgents are fighting proxy war with Pakistan. In this context, question arises that the terrorist Fazalullah is hiding in Kunar, Afghanistan, as to why US did not kill him through CIA-drone attack, as it did to Hakimullah in North Waziristan. It is notable that when idea of initiating ‘Aman-Ki-Asha’ (Desire for peace) was presented, the exponents of this initiative argued that it will provide a platform to Pakistan to make peace with India and to facilitate resolution of core issues like Kashmir, Siachen, Sir Creek, and Water through a dialogue process with New Delhi. But, Aman-Ki-Asha, promoted by the Geo and Jang Media Group in lines of Indian shrewd diplomacy provided India with pretext not only to keep all the issues with Islamabad unsettled, but also to distort the image of Pakistan, its ideology, Two Nation Theory, its Army and Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI). The collaboration between Geo network and India has been exposed, as leaders of various political and religious parties including all the segments of society have been condemning the Geo and Jang Group by showing solidarity with Pakistan’s armed forces and ISI, in the aftermath of Hamid Mir episode which was manipulated by this media group. In this respect, , on April 28, 2014, voicing his support for the Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, BJP leader Yashwant Sinha called upon Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif through a letter to stop ISI from suspending Geo TV license. GEO network is trying to garner international support for pressurizing Pakistani government in its favour. Recently, a meeting between the owner of the Geo Media Group, Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman and US Congressmen of Indian lobby was arranged in USA by Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani who escaped to America to avoid judicial inquiry, as he proved disloyal to Pakistan due to his assistance to external enemies. However, such confluence indicates converging interests of anti-Pakistan forces at national and international level, manifested through GEO network. Question is that who are supporting GEO? It is the Indian hawkish leadership alongside global establishment which are self-proclaimed proponents of free media like Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters without Borders, EU Trade Commission and International and Federation of Journalists including various so-called human rights organizations and NGOs. They do not have any interest to see a strong and stable Pakistan. No doubt, GEO is acting as a compliant tool of foreign forces, working to weaken the government and state institutions of Pakistan. In a shameless attempt to gain public sympathies, GEO network is orchestrating plans to attack its own employees, while projecting that it was done by ISI and Pak Army. Pakistani nation cannot be befooled by such a dramatization of self- infliction. We know who you really are…then why are you inflicting sufferings onto your poor employees? GEO has lost its popularity in the whole Pakistan. Patriotic Pakistanis have rejected foreign sponsored ‘JEW TV,’ if it is not true, then why has GEO removed its logo from its vans? It is mentionable that Hindu politics and culture, dominated by the fundamentalist parties such as BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena and other similar groups which have been propagating Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) are feeling pleasure because BJP hardliner Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks of Hindu deep seated animosity against Pakistan. Instead of resolving the issues with Islamabad, especially Kashmir dispute, Modi Govt in India, wants to revoke the article 370 of the Indian constitution which grants special status to the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Thus, Modi has ignored the Kashmiri liberation movement, and UNO resolutions about the independence of Kashmir. Without any progress on core issues like Indian-held Kashmir, Water, Siachen, Sir Creek and Indian proxies in Balochistan and FATA, there can be no peace with New Delhi. So, measures like granting the status of Most Favourite Nation to India will prove fruitless. Meanwhile, since June 15, this year, Pakistan’s armed forces started a full scale operation “Zarb-e-Azb” against terrorists in North Wazirastan Agency. In this regard, DG, ISPR, Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa said: “On the directions of the Government, Armed forces of Pakistan have launched a comprehensive operation against foreign and local terrorists…these terrorists had been waging a war against the state of Pakistan by disrupting our national life in all its dimensions, stunting our economic growth and causing enormous loss of life and property…with the support of the entire nation, these enemies will be denied space across the country.” Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif also expressed similar views on June 16, saying that military operation was aimed to eliminate all terrorists to get rid of the menace of terrorism. Since then, jets of Pakistan Air Force have bombed militants’ hideouts in North Waziristan, and killed more than 300 insurgents including foreign militants, while Pak Army has also started ground offensive which has successfully been achieving its goals. Recently, several militants of the TTP have been killed and more than 10 surrendered before the Army. It is a good sign that taking it as a war of the entire nation against the external and internal enemies, Pakistan’s media, politicians, leaders of religious parties and general masses are showing solidarity with the armed forces. It could be judged from the countrywide protests and rallies in support of the North Waziristan operation, assistance to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and against the Geo Media Group—its foreign funding, particularly from India. Nevertheless, TTP militants have been using suicide bombing as their main weapon against their own country by calling suicide bombers-the followers of Islam. In this context, Imam-e-Kaaba, Sheikh Abdul Rahman during his visit to Pakistan and during his Khateeb-e-Hajj had clearly stated that suicide attacks are illegal (Haram). He explained, “Such acts fall under the category of crime and suicide bombers or attackers are destined to go to Hell…they represent enemy of Muslims and they commit crimes against humanity, while misguiding other Muslims.” Denouncing terrorism as un-Islamic, he pointed out that terrorists’ activities are part of a conspiracy to defame Islam and destroy Muslims. Still, there is a need to highlight TTP’s “TAKFIRI” (Unbelievers) ideology and declaring them as “KHAWARJI” (Out of Islam) by prominent religious scholars and intelligentsia. TTP terrorists must not be addressed as “Maulana or “Maulvi.” While indicating their names, our print and electronic media must mention them as “terrorists” or “rebels of the state.” Combating terrorism is a case in point. For the purpose, PTV and other electronic TV channels must be forbidden to air even a single minute interview or statements of terrorists. No nation allows anti-state elements to present their distorted ideology as effectively as it happened in Pakistan. This must be ended immediately. Unfortunately, Budget 2014-15 shows that hardly any resources are earmarked for improving capability of own law-enforcing and intelligence agencies. Instead, billions of rupees are allocated for mega projects like METRO bus. Nonetheless, today our nation stands at the crossroads of its destiny, facing multiple challenges to the country. So, it is not the war of the armed forces and security agencies alone, because the entire nation is at war which demands cooperation of every citizen and politician with the latter. It is the right hour to stand united against all the foreign funded and foreign sponsored anti-Pakistan forces like terrorism, Geo network, propaganda campaign of Aman Ki Asha, Hindutva and Modi’s fundamentalist approach against Pakistan.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

Email: [email protected]

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Geo TV Exposed-TROJAN HORSE OF INDIA & BIG POWERS:An Analysis by a Comsat Student

This article was written as a presentation by a Comsat Student.

His English may not be up to par,but, the message and sentiments are clear. this is how interference

and meddling of foreign powers in Pakistani Media is perceived by Youth of Pakistan. India and US are perceived as working hand in glove to destroy Pakistan. Afghanistan is perceived as a clear and present danger and a base of Anti-Pakistan forces, including Intelligence Agencies of India and the West. If US & West want to win the hearts and minds of next generation of Pakistani elite, they need to uncouple from the ill-conceived Indo-Centric South Asia Policy.Pakistan is a major Islamic Nation and a Nuclear & Ballistic Missile Power. West is perceived as meddler in Pakistan politics and elections,imposing incompetent but Pro-Western Leaders like the highly unpopular leader Nawaz Sharif.This article is being published as an advice to Western Intelligence & Think Tanks,who lurk or Troll this site to give this message to their bosses.  Western Think Tanks & Talking Heads Are least bit competent to talk and make judgements about a complex nation like Pakistan.  Most of their judgements are hovering around naivete or near boundaries of stupidity.  Their agents in Pakistani Intelligentsia will give them what they would like to hear.

It is on their facebook page.



Geo TV Exposed — Presentation Transcript

1. (Reality and fact based Research Report)
“When someone bring a news to you – you should investigate its credibility first” first Quran
Article on Geo, my personal visit to the office of Mr. Sarmad, the second man in power after the owner, exposed him. Mr. Bush was seen in informal clothing having his picture taken with this short, half balding and totally Pro-Western Attitude guy named Sarmad, so what it says? Why would the then President Bush be talking to a guy from Pakistan, unless until he is a very personal friend.
5. GEO ORIGIN DAVID HAZINSKI, The controversial David Hazinski an ex US Navy Petty Officer with contacts with the State Department and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) laid the foundation of Geo TV network on CIA advice. He owns Intelligent Media Consultants (IMC), LLC, a company responsible for training the staffs and helping to launch eight television networks around the world, mostly on the sub-continent. These include Aaj Tak and CNN-IBN in India and GEO TV in Pakistan. In addition to designing a systems approach for GEO- TV, Hazinski helped teach the station’s staff how to use the equipment and how to produce television news.
6. Geo links with David Hazinski a known Neocon Zionist with deep links to Neocon organizations that have spoken up against Pakistan Geo has strategic links with SkyTV of the UK, CNN, IBN-CNN in India and the Voice of America (VOA) David Hazinski Company, IMC itself claim that they founded geo. http://intelligentmc.com/webhtml/Clients.html The basic idea is to promote frustration, and despondence in a nation so they start to demoralize the nation. And the future can be mapped
7. QUESTIONS…. GEO CAN’T ANSWERWhy on earth is USA is concern with only GEO, why CNN, BBC and Bush quote GEO? In India more than 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat for three months!!!! Any 36 hours live coverage of these killing have any one seen on ZEE or star or Sony, etc. any Indian channels???? Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindus any live coverage???? Nuns in Tamil ado of India were burned alive in a church and for next 6 hours the church was burning did any Indian channel or CNN or BBC show that. In France 700 cars were burned in one day…
8. There are 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 …from Bihar to Kashmir Assam etc. Do you see on any Indian channel showing… 250 million people sleeping on footpath?

Zee India never showed killing of Kashmir’s and the attack on GOLDEN TEMPLE, killing of Sikhs in Indian soil. How many Israeli channel soil shows killing by Israeli soldiers? When they kill Palestinians? ? Have you ever seen Indian president or politician been given GALEE on TV channel during live coverage?

9. 30,000 rape cases in USA do you see on TV? But you see Mukhtaran Mai on GEO, CNN, BBC Do you know Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month, Do you know Dr Shahid Masood, was a member of NSF student party (a political left wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces)…. forces) with Rs 22 lakh per month and home in Dubai and Karachi with multiple visa.
Same amount been paid to Hamid Mir editor Ausaf…even Nadia Khan with Rs 6 lakh per month…. Such huge amount just for free? When they were not able to broadcast the 8 hour cricket match they said they lost 1 billion rupee and just imagine without any money just for free they were broadcasting judge activity for free, Nawaz Sharif for free and Benazir for free. All… all 36 hour coverage just for free? By a private channel!
50 percent Indian dramas on g and 25 p p geo percent with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian films (which are ban in Pakistani cinema are been broadcasted by Geo). Geo did not share any good news like Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore Motorway etc but instead it showed dead people in Karachi…. they never discuss 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan. Why USA only emphasizing on reopening GEO where Aaj and ARY also banned? How come Hamid Meer came on BBC and said openly Musharraf killed GEO?
A COUNTRY WHERE 60 percent of population cannot read and never been to school media must not be free… because they can just tamper with the minds of the people. And shape the nations people view the way they want. Why does Geo generally show the Indian version of events and why does its news sound like a translation of CNN news? Geo’s dangerous Geo s general policies are the main reason that the Pakistan was not allowing Geo to resume its transmission. Amazingly Geo is now starting a new “English News” channel to continue its activities against the country. Where is the funding for this entire coming from?
GEO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CRASH OF THE STOCK MARKET: Geo repeatedly telecasted false news about the Pakistani economy, the political situation and hence the y p stock market crashed in Pakistan In a pre- orchestrated campaign. Geo focuses on the negative news and instead of focusing on solutions it shows bodies of dead people in contradiction of PEMRA and all decency requirements. In a planned manner Geo suppresses and ignores good news like 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan and $28 Billion Emar international island development.
14. Geo does not focus foreign interference in Pakistani g affairs. Geo focuses on showing beheading of people and other depressing news. Geo plays into the hands of the opposition parties. It does not discuss opportunities for development. Geo completely ignored the Indian terrorism in Kashmir. Discussion of Kashmir, Manavadar, Junagarh are non-existent on Geo. Most Geo maps show Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is never shown. Some Geo maps sill show the Northern Areas as part of India or part of Kashmir.
15. GEO TEAM OBJECTIVES IN PAKISTAN To take full power of Pakistan by power full media in hands.  To implement and defends JEWS and Indian policies in Pak. To destroy economy of Pakistan. To bring awareness and soft image about Anti-Christ (Dajjal) GEO logo’s, the arrival of Dajjal.

To Strengthen MQM (Terrorist Organization) in Pak on behalf of their Jewish Patrons. To blame intelligence agencies  (ISI, IB) of Pak.

 To promote only Indian Culture.
16. “The real voice of Pakistani people never comes out in public through the so call free media in Pakistan. In reality, the media in Pakistan is an organized mafia who is serving agendas to grab more power, more power and greater power”
17. Geo TV has become the richest group of Pakistan in 6-7 years of least time. This became possible by working for JEWISH and Indian lobby. It has earned million dollars. They telecast such type of programs to build hatred for Pakistan in hearts of Pakistani, such programs like “Aalia  Pakistan kyun chora,” Pakistan kion hai ”
18. Swat flogging fake video was made by Geo team in Peshawar by 5 lac and get million of dollars from Jews. They always make a small issue to hide a big and serious issue that time like Sania and Shoaib Malik marriage to make hide Issue of Affia Siddiqi. The make big issues, out of small ones, if that brings shame to Pakistan.
19. One eye is always a symbol in every age of time to represent DAJJAL. US Dollar and Free Masons have the Same One Eye in a Triangle Symbol of Dajjal. Geo TV uses this as a current news update “Geo Aankh.”  Geo always discussing sensitive Islamic Issues in objectionable way to confuse minds of people like GHAMDI program promo. Listen to the starting promo of GHAMDI…
20. Geo TV telecast Indian movie and shows live in Pakistan to make a soft corner and love for Indian and destroying the culture of Pakistan by bringing Indian culture. INDIA cannot become our friend, they divide Pakistan into two parts, currently involves terrorism in Pakistan by training in Indian embassies Afghanistan.
21. “AMAN KI ASHA” a new episode and fake story to hide Indian terrorism in Pakistan. How can Indian become our friend!
Indian media regularly crisis and make jokes of AMAN KI ASHA, video available at YouTube. Geo is earning million of dollar from Indian lobby for making this special program.
22. Did destroyed economy of Pakistan by making propaganda against in international media, telecasting Pakistan in worst light.
23. To defend American policies in Pakistan p AMERICAN GOVT has taken responsibility to GEO group. Why America selected only Geo TV? Because no other TV channel can complete this responsibility in better way other then Geo. Vice of America to close eyes of the Pakistan from American war in Pakistan.
24. Geo TV all logo are freemasonic, Allah knows better what’s mean by “Geo aur jiny do” ,”jeet ki geo” and “jeetay raho”.
25. All anchors of Geo are not only anchors but real agents of Jews.
Hamid Mir is an CIA agentand responsible of death Khalid Khawaja (ISI) Shahid Masood, a Mole of Stimson Center, American Think Tank, used to destabilize Pak govt….

Kamran Khan, a Jiayalas of MQM and member of Altaf Hussain party (RAW sponsored & funded party).
27. Geo not against Pakistan Govt because of their corruption but not stabilizing. They will do the same with all Pakistani Parties and governments for their special interests.
28. Geo TV gives more programme time in favour of MQM and Altaf Hussain, who are terrorists and making target killing in Karachi. You Y can watch geo programs and news, showing t h d h i that Altaf Hussain is our national hero! Altaf Hussain statements are published on the statement s main front heading page of Jang newspaper. During the Karachi Ashura blast the coverage and camouflage of Geo based upon protecting one political party (MQM) in Karachi was of significant importance.
30. This all done on Jewish order, because Altaf Hussain can do more for them after Musharraf. Check the similarity between MQM and Indian flag. MQM is mainly focusing those sensitive and important part of Pakistan, which are important for India too, like Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Karachi.
31. NEGATIVE MEDIA! On the negative popularity of geo, other TV channel, start the same negative technique.
32. Geo can make a channel/programs related education to enhance educational activities in Pakistan and organize project competitions and increase research work in Pakistan. Pakistan Our education environment and research will shoot up. Unfortunately there is no educational TV network in Pakistan.
33. Tourism is big industry of Pakistan and is paradise for the tourist; there is tourism points in Chitral, Swat, Upper Dir, Naran and Kaghan, Gilgit and Buner. Geo can make a separate channel for our tourism industry to create a good image of Pakistan in international but not! Because it represents Anti
Pak lobby will not pay for it.
34. GEO TACTICS: Most of the suicide attacks are claimed by the name of TALIBANS by geo TV f by TV. When peoples feel that Geo is promoting frustration, and despondence in a nation, they start favoring Pakistan to make again their image better, time-to-time.


RECOMMENDED VIDEO    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2b7C0jIWuY&feature=player_embedded
36. BE CARE CAREFUL…!!! !!! Don’t get impressed by Geo TV anchors,, talk shows,, g p g articles, report and columns. Govt can’t ever ban geo, because power of media in there hand, they are the true ruler !!! hand ruler….!!! Forward this information.

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Geo(G=GHADAAR E=ENEMY O=ORGANIZATION) TV exposed- Detailed analysis

Geo TV exposed- Detailed analysis

May 4, 2011 at 7:18pm

Honestly, if you don’t watch GEO Television aka Jew TV, everything seems so routine and normal in the country and you don’t get bouts of frustration and agony and you don’t shudder that Pakistan will be no more in coming some weeks or the country won’t be engulfed in the civil war and we will be cutting each other’s throat.When all this GEO Terrorism started during the era of Musharraf, many of us didn’t believe and listen to the saner elements who warned us about the propaganda and the lies being churned out  by some anchors and the media owners. In the flow, we lost certainty and stability and now as this government tries to fight the same issues in their own way, once again the same media group wants to dictate the terms and policy matters.All these Shahid Masoods, Hamid Mirs, Shaheen Sehbais, Saleh Zafirs, Kamran Khans of this world were putting huge fear among the nation for some months that the December was coming and the 7th December will be cutoff date for the present regime. That date has long past. Even the expiry of NRO has passed. Even the verdict of NRO has come out. Nothing has changed on national horizon, while the same anchors are still croaking and giving new dates. Now Akram Sheikh  in the program of Shahid Masood has given two weeks for the change.Government should get a heart and just close down this propaganda machine of GEO. Nobody in the masses will shed a tear for them. and it was proved when Geo super was off-aired, nobody bothered about it rather many people were happy for it riddiance. QUESTIONS GEO CANNOT ANSWER: Why does Geo collude with foreign media? Why does it focus on creating chaos and general discontent? Why does it act like an instrument of an political party PML Nawaz?  Why does Geo behave like the arm of a foreign force? Why did Geo deliberately broadcast false bad news about the economy when the stock market was booming? What hand did Geo play in scaring the foreign investors away from Pakistan? Why did Geo repeat the false news about the growth figures which led to the crash of the stock market? Why does Geo show wrong Pakistani maps? Why does Geo almost never cover the insurgencies in India? Why is Geo so infatuated with Anti-Pakistan Bollywood films? Why is Geo bent upon creating a “Indianization” of Pakistan? Why does Geo pay so much attention to Bollywood? Why does Geo show dead bodies? Is this all part of a psy-op or is it part of an agenda? Mr. Husain Haqqani of the Hudson institute is on the payroll of JINSA and AIPAC (public information posted on Rupee News) is a known neocon with his own agenda. His wife Ms. Isphani is involved with VOA and Geo pursuing the same Neocon agenda.A company is known by the company it keeps. Geo certainty deals with some “colorful” characters. Its genesis, consultants, and affiliations leave much to be desired.We have attempted to put together a thesis and a case on why Geo has exacerbated the conditions in Pakistan and why it is biased. The article discusses the origins of Geo and its connections with shady operatives. We present the actual proof of the affiliates of Geo. The information on the CIA psy-ops discusses how the CIA operates in other countries.

There is a hidden hand in this” Sher Bukhsh Mazari




The declassified documents are old, but it gives us a glimpse into what can happen. New techniques are more sophisticated.(The implements of psychological warfare are: open propaganda, subversion, special operations (sabotage, guerrilla warfare, espionage), political and cultural pressures, economic pressures. The principal effects sought are persuasion, sympathy, terrorization, confusion, division and physical interference. These operations, ancient in origin, are modernly employed, notably by Italy, Germany, the Soviet Union and other principal powers. The programs are planned more or less centrally in all nations, but executed by a variety of agencies. Memorandum on Intelligence for Psychological Warfare, by General John Magruder, Feb. 1943 )


 “At the White House and the Pentagon, officials see an opportunity in the changing power structure for the Americans to advocate for the expanded authority in Pakistan, a nuclear-armed country. “After years of focusing on Afghanistan, we think the extremists now see a chance for the big prize – creating chaos in Pakistan itself,” one senior official said.The new options for expanded covert operations include loosening restrictions on the C.I.A. to strike selected targets in Pakistan, in some cases using intelligence provided by Pakistani sources, officials said. Most counter-terrorism operations in Pakistan have been conducted by the C.I.A.; in Afghanistan, where military operations are under way, including some with NATO forces, the military can take the lead.The legal status would not change if the administration decided to act more aggressively. However, if the C.I.A. were given broader authority, it could call for help from the military or deputize some forces of the Special Operations Command to act under the authority of the agency. NY Times Jan. 6th, 2007    


Tons of money was sent to Pakistan for a well organized campaign to launch street demonstrations against President Musharraf.  Mr.Ahmed Quraishi has quoted $500 million in funds were disbursed. As in 1979, during the PNA demonstration millions of Dollars were dispersed among professional agitators. Uzbek and Tajiks were recruited to create mayhem in Pakistan.

  • A shadowy group called the BLA, a Cold War relic, rose from the dead to restart a separatist war in southwestern Pakistan. . Bugti’s death was a blow to neo-BLA, but the shadowy group’s backers didn’t repent. His grandson, Brahmdagh Bugti, is currently enjoying a safe shelter in the Afghan capital, Kabul, where he continues to operate and remote-control his assets in Pakistan.

  • Saboteurs trained in Afghanistan have been inserted into Pakistan to aggravate extremist passions here, especially after the Red Mosque operation.

  • Chinese citizens continue to be targeted by individuals pretending to be Islamists, when no known Islamic group has claimed responsibility. . A succession of “religious rebels” with suspicious foreign links have suddenly emerged in Pakistan over the past months claiming to be “Pakistani Taliban”. Some of the names include Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Baitullah Mehsud, and now the Maulana of Swat. Some of them have used, and are using, encrypted communication equipment far superior to what the Pakistani military owns.

  • Money and weapons have been fed into the religious movements and al-Qaeda remnants in the tribal areas.


  • Exploiting the situation, assets within the Pakistani media started promoting the idea that the Pakistani military was killing its own people. The rest of the unsuspecting media quickly picked up this message. Some botched US and Pakistani military operations against al-Qaeda that caused civilian deaths accidentally fed this media campaign.This was the perfect timing for the launch of Military, Inc: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy, a book authored by Ayesha Siddiqa Agha, a columnist for a Pakistani English-language paper and a correspondent for “Jane’s Defence Weekly”, a private intelligence service founded by experts close to British intelligence. (Ahmed Quraishi is an investigative reporter, currently hosting a weekly political talk show titled Worldview from Islamabad.)

The media has been unleashed about the so called “instability” in Pakistan creating a justification for continued and more abrasive offensive action in South Asia. This to create instability in Pakistan that will be used as an excuse to continue the perpetual mimetic warfare in the Muslim world. Pakistan has been facing the brunt of the US initiative to implement “Democracy” in Pakistan even though the credentials of the champions of democracy are very weak. Neither Egypt, nor Uganda, nor Congo, nor Haiti, nor Taiwan, nor China nor Israel nor Russia face the US medias pontification on how great democracy is. This expose of Geo origins has tries to uncover the reasons why Geo acts so strangely.Geo employs a lot of good reporters, but it also employs program hosts whose credentials and loyalty to Pakistan is questionable. For example Mr. Shaharyar Azhar is a known follower of Neocon philosophy and ideas always highlighting the negative news about Pakistan and not taking India or other countries to task. There are reports in the press that Geo has been instrumental in the campaign of disinformation about Pakistan. It has become a willing or unwilling instrument of those who wanted to destabilize Pakistan. The governemnt of Pakistan and the ISI of Pakistan got wind of Geo plans and recommended to the President to take action against Geo. The Emergency imposed by the previous government was to thwart the campaign of disinformation that was running concurrently by Time magazine and Newsweek Magazine and the Neocon News agencies in the West.Why does Geo generally show the Indian version of events and why does its news sound like a translation of CNN news? Geo’s dangerous general policies are the main reason that the Pakistan was not allowing Geo to resume its transmission. Amazingly Geo is now starting a new “English News” channel to continue its activities against the the country. Where is the funding for all this coming from?Whether Geo is an unwilling victim of its sponsors and her affiliates in the USA or India, or is Geo running a planned campaign and got caught with its pants down.All Geo viewers want to find out the truth!  STRANGE HAPPENINGS AT GEO THAT CANNOT BE EXPLAINED: Here are some facts about Geo and some example of how Geo demoralizes the population and the general body of the Pakistani diaspora.


  • Geo repeatedly telecasted false news about the Pakistani economy, the political situation and hence the stock market crashed in Pakistan In a pre-orchestrated campaign.

  • Geo focuses on the negative news and instead of focusing on solutions it shows bodies of dead people in contradiction of PEMRA and all decency requirements.

  • Geo focuses on petrol prices but does not inform the viewers that most private cars in Pakistan now run on CNG (liqufied petroluem gas) which costs $5 for a tank full. Most people driving cars are not affected by the rise in petrol (gasoline) prices.

  • In a planned manner Geo supresses and ignores good news like 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan

    Geo usually ignores good  news like $28 Billion Emar international island development

  • Geo is averse to good news about Pakistan–there is no discussion of the Bullet Trains in Pakistan.

  • Geo does not focus foreign interference in Pakistani affairs.

  • Geo did not discuss the 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 …from Seven Northeastern sister states, to the Naxalite insurrection, to Bihar to Kashmir, to Assam etc…

  • Geo Dramas: 50 percent of the dramas are Indian dramas on Geo and 25 percent are with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian film

  • Geo focuses on showing beheading of people and other depressing news.

  • Why did Geo not focus on showing 250 million people sleeping on sidewalks in India?

  • Geo did not cover for 36 hours the killing of 3000 Muslims in Gujrat?

  • Urdu is not used by many hosts. Morning host shows are in English and “Urdlish” ( a horrible combination). The Younger generation is being spoiled by using them as instruments of hedonism.

  • Some of the shows are way beyond the pale on being modern. Nudity is not modernity. Science and Technology is modernity.

  • Geo plays into the hands of the opposition parties. It does not discuss opportunities for development.

    When Mr. Shaharayar interviewed the President of Azad Kashmir he interrupted him and did not allow him to speak about the problems with the article of accession of Kashmir to India (which is now lost) if it ever existed.

  • Geo continues to use Indian jargon like “partition”. Partition signifies a temporary dissection of the whole. India was never whole. Even during British times there were more than 500 states in the Subcontinent. Some of them banded together to make Pakistan and others banded together to make India.

  • Discussion of Kashmir, Manvanagar, Junagarh are non-existent on Geo. Most Geo maps show Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Zad Kashmir is never shown. Some Geo maps sill show the Nothern Areas as part of India or partof Kashmir.

  • Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month. Income vs. salary? Dr. Shahid Mahmud used to get Rs 22 laks per month. He was a member of NSF student Hamid Mir the Editor of “Ausaf” get Rs. 22 Lakh per month.

  • Nadia Khan gets Rs 6 lacs per month. Income vs. salary?When Geo was not able to broadcast the 8-hour cricket match, Geo said they lost 1 billion Rupees, After the ban Goo kept on broadcasting for 36 hours without any income?Let us investigate the players involved with Geo from information that is publicly available. We see these links which will be analyzed.

  ORIGINS OF GEO:Geo was started with the help of an ex US Naval Petty Officer by the name of Hazinski who has links with Mr. Casper Weinberger and many Indian channels.According to (http://www.intelligentmc.com/people.html) “Most recently, he re-designed the central International Broadcast Center for the Voice of America in Washington and is consulting on new network launches for the VOA”. Mr. Hazinski is the principal of the company called IntelligentMC (http://www.intelligentmc.com/Welcome.html,2870 Peachtree Road #713, Atlanta, GA 30305-2918, USA, email: [email protected], url:http://www.intelligentmc.com).the other principal of Intelligent MC is Mr. Todd Frantz. “Todd comes to IMC from 10 years at CNN in Atlanta”. He has links to “Cox Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at The University of Georgia”David Hazinski, associate professor at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, is the principle architect of GEO-TV and managed the station’s launch. Hazinski was contacted by the Jang Group, Pakistan’s largest newspaper publisher and GEO-TV’s owner, after he shepherded the successful launch of a similar station in India in January 2001. Aaj Tak, the first all-news, Hindi-language channel in India, now has a 60% share of the news audience in India.As one of the owners of Intelligent Media Consultants, an Atlanta-based company that helps its clients design efficient and profitable network operations through the creative application of broadcast technology, Hazinski has worked all over the world launching news operations in markets starved for unbiased reporting. “This is really the cutting edge of technology and journalism,” says Hazinski, a former NBC news correspondent who says he and his partners have helped launch at least a dozen news operations in the last 10 years. “These are new markets. They haven’t been exposed to lots of TV.”Because most of Intelligent Media’s clients are unfamiliar with broadcast news techniques, Hazinski says he is able to tailor unique approaches that maximize their limited budgets. “These people are willing to try new things because they don’t want to pay the outrageous costs associated with news production in the United States,” he says. “Right now, based on what we learned in Pakistan, we’re convinced we can launch a network today for half of what it would have cost three years ago. And no one would see any quality difference on the air – even if we aired it in the U.S.”At GEO-TV’s main broadcast center in Karachi, Hazinski built a newsroom around 24 Mac G4s running Final Cut Pro. News footage is captured with 40 Sony PD150s and 15 PD100s. NewTek Video Toaster 2 systems are used at bureaus in Islamabad and Lahore to switch between the main broadcast center.In addition to designing a systems approach for GEO-TV, Hazinski helped teach the station’s staff how to use the equipment and how to produce television news. Greg Pope, a freelance editor and producer formerly with CNN, spent one month in Karachi this summer training GEO-TV’s news staff, which primarily consists of newspaper journalists. “We basically had to convert people from print journalists to TV journalists,” says Pope, adding that he had never taught production techniques in a classroom setting to non-English speaking students. “These print people were basically issued cameras and editing equipment and within months were transformed from pen and paper to this new electronic media. Some of them didn’t even know how to use a keyboard when we started.”Considering the steep learning curve for the Pakistani journalists, Pope says he was amazed at their perseverance and enthusiasm. “These people are tired of having Western news and government news shoved down their throats,” says Pope, who estimates that he taught 100 people to shoot and edit video. “They want their own voice. They want to represent themselves in their own way.”But there is still a chance that the government will shut down GEO-TV. Pope says that while he was training the news staff, it was widely believed that there were spies for PTV within their ranks. However, in recent years the Jang Group has won many battles for freedom of the press, so there is hope that GEO-TV will succeed.“If they have minimal government interference, [GEO-TV] will change the face of Pakistan,” says Pope.

http://digitalcontentproducer.com/broadcast/video_voice_people/WHO IS DAVID DAVID HAZINSKI? 

Why did Geo hire a known Neocon for help in content?He owns Intelligent Media Consultants, LLC, a company responsible for training the staffs and helping to launch eight television networks around the world, mostly on the sub-continent. These include Aaj Tak and CNN-IBN in India and GEO TV in Pakistan. He has also consulted for broadcasters and publishers such as the Voice of America, Gramedia in Indonesia, and Alsumaria in Beirut and Baghdad. While on the faculty, Hazinski spent two years as writer, co-host and technology advisor of the internationally syndicated World Business Review with Caspar Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan. Before coming to UGA, Hazinski served six years as an international correspondent for NBC News, covering the U.S., Europe, and Central America — and ten years before that as a TV reporter with stations in Charlotte and Pittsburgh. Office: 139, Fax Number: (706) 542-2183, E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Hazinski holds a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorship, the university’s highest teaching award and has been appointed a Senior Teaching Fellow and a member of the Teaching Academy. He has received more than a dozen local, state, and national journalism awards, including a Golden Quill for Investigative Reporting.Mr. Hazinski has been advocating restricting what he calls “Citizenship journalism” which he considers dangerous. (http://tinyurl.com/yvjoox),(http://tinyurl.com/26byuh)Investigative reporters may scrutinize the details of Mr. resume posted at the bottom of this post. Also posted on (http://www.grady.uga.edu/CV/Hazinski.2005.pdf)http://www.athensworld.com/2007/12/response-to-professor-david-hazinski.html

WHAT DOES THE GEO CONSULTANT MR. HAZINSKI BELIEVE IN? His address to the American Jewish Council dated 12/13/2007. You can read his article at the bottom of this page.http://www.ajc.com/opinion/content/opinion/stories/2007/12/12/citizened_1213.html


And why did Geo associate with a known war monger?Caspar Willard “Cap” Weinberger (August 18, 1917 – March 28, 2006), was an American politician and Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan from January 21, 1981, until November 23, 1987, making him the third longest-serving defense secretary to date, after Robert McNamara and Donald Rumsfeld. He is also known for his roles in the Strategic Defense Initiative program and the Iran-Contra Affair.Following his resignation as Secretary of Defense, Weinberger was placed under indictment by Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh. The formal indictment charged Weinberger withseveral felony counts of lying to the Iran-Contra independent counsel during its investigation. Weinberger received a Presidential pardon from President George H.W. Bush on December 24, 1992, after Bush had failed to win a second term.In 1996, Weinberger co-authored a book entitled The Next War, which raised questions about the adequacy of US military capabilities following the end of the Cold War. After he published his book, his colleagues from the Reagan administration broke contact and refused to speak with him.Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (’GBE’) in 1988, awarded in recognition for an “outstanding and invaluable” contribution to military cooperation between the UK and the US, particularly during the Falklands War of 1982.



Weinberger, secretary of defense for most of the Reagan years, collaborates with Schweizer, president of the James Madison Institute, to present five possible near-future scenarios in which the U.S. goes to war. Scenario one is based on a North Korean invasion of South Korea that ends in stalemate after a limited nuclear exchange. Number two casts Iran as a rogue state using ballistic missiles to alter the Middle East’s balance of power. The third scenario postulates a radical Mexican government scapegoating the U.S. as the source of its country’s woes. A fourth describes the conquest of Europe by a resurgent Russia?again with the aid of nuclear weapons. In scenario five, the U.S. and Japan reignite the Pacific War of 1941-1945, this time using “cyberstrikes” against information systems, chemical warfare and a nuclear exchange. The authors tell their stories through the eyes of fictional participants. This format, familiar to readers of techno-thrillers, is an effective framework for dramatizing a set of pessimistic conclusions. Because of America’s reduction of its conventional armed forces and its failure to build a missile defense system, none of the scenarios have outcomes more positive than stalemate achieved at high cost. The authors’ lament for such a missile system and for the armed forces of the past won’t convince those who believe that the dominant modes of future conflict will be terrorism and guerrilla war, however. Weinberger and Schweizer nevertheless make a case deserving serious consideration by citizens and policy-makers alike. PUblisher’s Weekly posted on AmazonDESTABILIZING PAKISTAN: Geo has been blamed for participating in and highlighting events per CNN instructions.Why is Geo not reporting Gen. Kayani’s statement that he suspects a foreign hand in the assassination to destabilize and denuclearize Pakistan? The silence is deafening!Saboteurs trained in Afghanistan have been inserted into Pakistan to aggravate extremist passions here, especially after the Red Mosque operation.Chinese citizens continue to be targeted by individuals pretending to be Islamists, when no known Islamic group has claimed responsibility. . A succession of “religious rebels” with suspicious foreign links have suddenly emerged in Pakistan over the past months claiming to be “Pakistani Taliban”. Some of the names include Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Baitullah Mehsud, and now the Maulana of Swat. Some of them have used, and are using, encrypted communication equipment far superior to what the Pakistani military owns. Money and weapons have been fed into the religious movements and al-Qaeda remnants in the tribal areas.Exploiting the situation, assets within the Pakistani media started promoting the idea that the Pakistani military was killing its own people. The rest of the unsuspecting media quickly picked up this message. Some botched US and Pakistani military operations against al-Qaeda that caused civilian deaths accidentally fed this media campaign.This was the perfect timing for the launch of Military, Inc: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy, a book authored by Ayesha Siddiqa Agha, a pseudo  columnist for a Pakistani English-language paper

DAWN and a correspondent for “Jane’s Defence Weekly”, a private intelligence service founded by experts close to British intelligence.And this book was released in London, what was the need of releasing it in London? It is rightly banned in Pakistan as it has nothing to do with reality 

Source:   PakAlertPress with some minor editing

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Need to guide the media by Brig.(Retd) Asif Haroon Raja

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Accuracy, Truth,Responsibility 


Pakistan Media


National Security Takes Precedence

Need to guide the media


Asif Haroon Raja

The writer is a retired Brig, Defence Analyst/Columnist, Author of books, Director MEASAC Research Centre.  


Gen Musharraf after coming to power through a military coup on October 12, 1999 decided to boost up and modernize electronic media by allowing foreign ownership in the name of freedom of expression. Private TV channels were given a free hand to broadcast their own programs and news in 2002. Till that time, apart from few private channels, PTV had remained the sole channel. Within few years one hundred TV channels cropped up and most were owned by foreign groups. Among the TV channels, Jang/News Geo TV gained greater prominence and became popular because of its colorful programs. Anil Ambani from India, an American Group and Mir Shakilur Rehman family jointly owns this independent media corporation.

It is now a well-known secret that Jang-Geo Group is funded by the US State Department, British House of Lords, CIA, MI-6 and RAW. This group is major beneficiary of $60 million allocated by Obama administration for Pak media. Geo and The News as a policy prop up secular and anti-Islam anchors and journalists to promote secularism and undermine Islam. Marvi Sirmed, Farzana Bari, Tahira Abdullah, Kamila Hyat, Hasan Nisar, Ghamdi, Pervez Hoodbhouy, Aysha Saddiqa, Asma Jahangir, Najam Sethi, Imtiaz Alam, MAK Lodhi and some others are among the favorites.   

Since 2004, Pakistan faces a media world war. In international media, Pakistan’s warts are magnified out of all proportions, while its finer features are ignored or downplayed. A few TV channels particularly Geo TV groomed and nourished by foreign agencies are mandated to supplement Indo-US-western media war against Pakistan by badmouthing Pak Army and ISI.

Lending strength to the Indian propaganda, Hamid Mir wrote an article and reiterated in his TV program holding Pak Army squarely responsible for all the atrocities committed in former East Pakistan in 1971 and suggesting that Pakistan must apologise to Bangladesh. For his prejudicial stance, he was rewarded by Bangladesh government. PPP government awarded him Hilal-e-Imtiaz. It may be recalled that his father Waris Mir also spewed venom against Pak Army during and after the 1971 war. He was also conferred Hilal-e-Imtiaz posthumously for his so-called laudable services.       

Geo TV in its exuberance to promote Indian interests diligently works on the Indian theme of ‘common culture’. This is totally in contrast to what Quaid-e-Azam stated and which became the raison de etre for demanding a separate homeland for the Muslims. There is no denying the fact that Hindu and Muslim cultures are totally different and there is hardly anything common between these cultures. Language, script, literature, poetry, music, architecture, dress, food, method of serving food and method of greeting are different. All the rituals on the occasions of birth, marriage, death, and finally the way of thinking are also different.

It may be recalled that the Joint Select Committee on Indian Constitutional Reforms of the House of Commons Session had stated in 1934: Two-thirds of India’s inhabitants profess Hinduism in one form or another as their religion; over seventy five million are followers of Islam; and the difference between the two is not only in religion in the stricter sense but also of law and culture. They may be said to indeed represent two distinct civilizations. Hinduism is distinguished by the phenomena of its caste which is the basis of its religion and social system. The religion of Islam on the other hand is based upon the concept of the equality of man”. (House of Commons UK 1933-34, Volume1, para 1).


A highly controversial Aman-ki-Asha venture co-sponsored by Jang-Geo Group and Indian newspaper sprouted from nowhere professing to work towards removing age-old rifts between the two neighbors and promoting peace and harmony. The apparently noble venture is RAW funded and is aimed at making Pakistan submit to Indian demands. While highlighting the virtues of peace, the promoters of this program keep counseling Pak leaders to opt for peace but never counsel the belligerent and uncompromising Indian leaders who want peace on their terms. They want trade, and that too with balance of trade heavily tilted in favor of India, minus Kashmir. They want Pakistan to accept Indian hegemony and live in peace as a vassal State of India.


Aman-ki-Asha went for a six in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks in November 2008 because of highly vitriolic military, diplomatic and media campaign launched by India against Pakistan. The purpose behind the Indian media onslaught was to discredit ISI and get it declared a rogue outfit.

The lone key witness Ajmal Kasab, allegedly an ISI/Lashkar-e-Taiba man, was declared a Pakistani. Rather than confronting Indian hostile media by exposing scores of glaring loopholes in the story cooked by India as had been done by ARY, Hamid Mir authenticated Indian story by taking his team to a village Faridkot and declaring that Marhatti-speaking and Raam worshipping Kasab belonged to that village. Kasab was never presented by India to Pakistani investigators/judiciary or to Interpol since it knew that he was a phony. He was secretly hanged to death inside the jail premises despite the fact that he kept pleading that he was not guilty. It has now been announced by a teacher of Ajmal Kasab in Faridkot that he is very much alive and didn’t understand which Kasab was hanged by India.


Rather than combating Indian media’s belligerence and highlighting the glaring loopholes in the story concocted by India, Geo remained on the defensive and blamed Pakistan agencies, Lashkar-e-Taeba and Jamaat-ud-Dawa for the sins committed by India. Mir and other Geo anchors didn’t deem it fit to highlight the role of Maharashtra anti-terrorist chief Hemant Karkare who was the first brave Indian police officer to expose Hindu terrorism in 2008. Earlier on, Geo had turned a blind eye to the sensational details provided by I.K. Shukla about Hindu terrorism in India in his report in Milli Gazette dated September 26, 2005. Likewise, startling disclosure made by Swami Aseemanand before investigating magistrate Deepak Dabas on December 18, 2010 that he and several other RSS extremist Hindus were involved in Samjhota Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif and Malegaon blasts, and that Mumbai attacks were conducted by RAW agents with the help of Mosad were also ignored by our media.


Indian Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde removed all doubts of RAW’s complicity by giving an interview to Washington Post on January 20, 2013 that BJP and RSS were promoting Hindu terrorism through their training camps. He said that the duo was behind the blasts in Pakistan bound Samjhota Express, in Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid and the Malegaon mosque in Mahrashtra. He added that the accused blamed the minority community for the crimes. Congress leaders defended Sushil’s stance and confirmed that right wing terrorism was a reality in India.  Satish Verma, former Indian Home Ministry officer and investigator spilled the beans by stating that both December 2001 and November 2008 attacks were orchestrated and pre-planned by incumbent government to pressure Pakistan, discredit ISI and freedom movement in Kashmir. India’s Home Ministry Undersecretary Ravi Mani submitted signed affidavits in the court to substantiate Satish Verma’s report. Yet our media and so-called free and liberal Geo remained mum. One can imagine what would have been the reaction of Indian media had such revelations come to surface against Pakistan.                


RAW is deeply involved in destabilizing Balochistan using Afghan soil. Bundles of proofs were provided to Manmohan Singh and Karzai. Chuck Hagel and several other US/western notables are on record having stated that India is pumping in huge funds to destabilize Balochistan. Yet, for unknown reasons our media doesn’t find any fault in RAW’s doings. India has built 62 small and major dams in occupied Kashmir over rivers whose water belongs to Pakistan under 1960 Indus Basin Treaty. Pakistan is being systematically turned into a desert. Like our political leaders, Pak media is also tightlipped over this grave issue which threatens the very existence of Pakistan. Preachers of Aman-ki-Asha feel shy to raise this issue.

India is an ethnic museum ruled by 2.8% Brahmins. It is rived in social injustices, class discriminations, religious prejudices and Hindu bigotry. Rape is used as a weapon in occupied Kashmir; in rest of India rape is practiced as a fashion against low caste Dalit girls. Indian Muslims are treated worst than Dalits, the lowest class within Hinduism. Indian security forces equipped with black laws are involved in most terrible human rights violations in 20 insurgency prone Indian States and in occupied Kashmir. RAW is ill-reputed for its clandestine operations inside and outside India. Large numbers of Indian Army senior officers are involved in corruption and sex scandals. Pakistani prisoners languishing in Indian jails are treated inhumanly.

BJP under Modi is now bent upon imposing Hindutva in India, which will perpetually consign Muslims and other religious minorities to second rated citizens deserving no rights. Our media never touches upon India’s anomalies and excesses but blows up even small weakness of Pakistan. Geo take the lead in subtly discussing settled issues like creation of Pakistan, acceptance of truncated Pakistan, two-nation theory, Objectives Resolution and ideology of Pakistan to mislead the younger generation.

PEMRA should be reformed and asked to formulate a comprehensive media policy and guide the print/electronic media to divert its energies from harmful programs towards constructive and motivational programs aimed at building nationalism, patriotism and bridging divides within the society. The media should assist in building rather than tarnishing the image of the defenders of Pakistan. Notwithstanding media’s fruitful contributions, its negatives should be turned into positives.  


The writer is a retired Brig, defence analyst/columnist, author of books, Director MEASAC Research Centre.  

 [email protected]

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