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Hindu Infested Quora Portal:Cobra Venom Sampler: Indian Hindus Still Cannot Accept Existence of Pakistan

Notice: How the malicious topic is sneaked in by Quora.com
Topic: Do Pakistanis secretly regret the partition and are they willing to see Pakistan merge back into India?
Vikram H

As an indian who has many pakistani friends, here’s what I can tell you.

1. The ones that live closest to the border, seem to hate India the most. They say seperation was the best thing possible.  Some of these guys are very religious, and I barely get along with them. Examples my
Kashmiri( extreme), lahorians friends get uptight, when talking about India. I’m guessing since the pak army is at border, they will be obviously be more anti-indian and harbour pro partition views.

2. The karachi fellows seemed to be quite moderate. Praised india quite often about its progress, bollywood and economy. One guy felt the two countries where alike  and  personally told me partition shouldn’t have happened. He even came to the temple with me. Again he came from a liberal muslim family. Also, he has some relatives living in India.

3. The pashtun ones mainly from KP province don’t say much about partition. Past is the past for them, and they want to move on.

So there you have it!

Fahad Khan

Actually No, you have seen Bombs, dead bodies and Blasts, but still Pakistanis are proud of being Pakistani. Pakistan has it’s own importance in whole world, if there wouldnt be Pakistan in between then there are many things you wont be seeing. So, they don’t regret but they’re proud of that Partition. Pakistan Zindabad.

Syed Fawad Hussain

This question isn’t asked to me but i just want to add an opinion if you don’t mind. Brother in my whole life i haven’t met a single Pakistani who has regrets upon this issue of partition. Maybe somewhere the people can be there but i lived in three provinces of Pakistan out of four and i haven’t met a single person who said that we regret on this that we have got our independent state.
I don’t want to hurt anyone,maybe some Indian people will be there but when i started interacting with Indian muslims and when i started watching Indian current affair programs, I swear i said thanks to Allah that we are independent. Only this i can say about this. And i am a Pakistani and i feel thankful that we are independent free muslim state.

Debakanta Sandha
Editors Note: this poor guy had very poor spellings, we had to correct even his malicious misspelling of Pakistan

Pakistani people may like to join back India but the political leaders will be deadly against of it. India is having maximum amount of money in Swiss bank at same time Pakistan is standing as second position. It is simple to understand. India is having natural resources like coal, iron, aluminium,petrolium,thorium,cupper, gold, heavy quantity of electricity, asia famous fertilisers, world famous textiles saling which political leaders lunder the money and fill their account. Same time Pakisthan is bringing money from China, USA etc to create the dispute on the name of bringing Kashmir and fill their accounts in Swiss. So, it is very clear that the leaders in Pakistan must not want to join back India.


Akshay Kasture
May be.
Because 2 years ago I saw a Pakistani talk show on Youtube where a so called expert was talking on same topic(merger of Pakistan in INDIA) according to him ::
Even if Pakistan tries somehow to merge into India ..India will not accept the merger because India aims to be not only Regional Power but also Super power .
India will not anyhow accept Pakistan because Pakistan is so much backword in each and every aspect …
Recently I saw whatsapp video where a Pakistani Leader was literally crying in their assembly and regretting
what they did in 60 years of Independence was nothing but Hatred .
And I saw many pakis regretting on social media platforms..
So..they may be unhappy with idea of Pakistan.

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Threat by Indian PM


Inam Khawaja


The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh stated on 4, December 2013; “There is no scope of Pakistan winning any such war in my lifetime,” he told reporters in New Delhi, reported Press Trust of India. This statement was in response to Nawaz Sharif’s statement “Kashmir is a flashpoint and can trigger a fourth war between the two nuclear powers at anytime.”

Nawaz Sharif was only pointing out the facts. No one can deny that Kashmir dispute is not a flashpoint nor can one ignore the horrors of a nuclear war. In fact he has always been in favour of peace and improving relations with India; immediately after winning the elections in May he invited Manmohan Singh but was rebuffed.

MV5BNjY0NzUzNDUyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTA0NzA2NA@@._V1_The history of negotiations between these two neighbours from 1947 to date clearly shows that they have been unable to improve the relations and solve any of the problems souring their relations. The basic impediment is the fact that the successive generations of Indians do not accept an independent Pakistan and continue to strive for Akhand Bharat”. They don’t seem to tire of saying; “We are one”, “We have a common culture” and so on, totally ignoring the fact that Muslim literature, music, art, architecture, dress and cuisine are poles apart and has nothing in common with the Hindu literature (even the scripts are totally different) art, architecture, dress and cuisine are totally different even the method of serving food is different.

The Indian media continues to harp upon the same old theme. The fact is that the Indian leaders even after sixty six years consider the establishment of Pakistan a great tragedy. Jaswant Singh in his book states;


“There are some other to my mind, equally important aspects of this great tragedy of India’s Partition deserving our reflection. Did not this Partition of India, vivisecting the land and its people question the very identity of India itself.” (Page 6 & 7, Jinnah India-Partition Independence by Jaswant Singh, 2009)

For Jaswant Singh and almost all Indians even today the partition of British India was a mistake and a great tragedy. In fact the real tragedy is that Indians cannot seem to get out of this mindset of “Akhand Bharat”.

 In December 2001 India mobilized bulk of their forces on Pakistan’s borders in Punjab, Rajasthan and Indian occupied Kashmir. After ten months of eye ball to eye ball confrontation Indians withdrew realising the danger of it developing in a nuclear war. As a result of the failure of this massive confrontation the Indian Army developed the Cold Start Doctrine and officially unveiled it on 28, April 2004 at the Army Commander’s Conference. Since then Indians have held over a dozen exercises to operationally debugthe doctrine. It may be noted that the Cold Start Doctrine is Pakistan specific.

In 2011the head quarters of their Strike Force and Rapid Force were shifted from Central India to Punjab a requirement of Cold Start DoctrineToday over seventy percent of Indian Army and Air Force are mobilised against Pakistan.

Once again Pakistan has suggested the demilitarisation of Siachin. The effect of the military occupation of Siachin is having a very grave climatic effect on the glacier. It needs to be remembered that in 1984 India moved their forces in Siachin which until that time was unoccupied and in pristine condition. The majority of people in Pakistan are in favour of peace and demilitarisation of Siachin. We call upon the peace lovers and environmentalists in India to take up the cause of peace and saving the Siachin Glacier from the detrimental effect of military occupation.

December 6, 2013

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