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Invisible Blinkers By   Brig(R)  Saleem Qamar Butt

Invisible Blinkers


Brig(R)  Saleem Qamar Butt

The moment one lands back from a developed country at any airport in Pakistan, one gets an uncanny feeling of chaos, mismanagement, dishonesty, rudeness, pollution and lawlessness…..all antonyms to values otherwise expected to prevail in an Islamic country where everyone claims to be a pious and holier than holiest Muslim. 

One is compelled to ponder as to why people in majority behave so bad living here or even those who live abroad and soon after touching home base, behave in the same appalling manners. Our airports, railway and bus stations, all public places and traffic on roads is perhaps one of the worst display in the world and speak volume about our poor education system and overall poorest grooming as human beings or members of a civilized society. Ironically, nothing seems to be done either by the government or by non-government institutions to arrest these negative practices.

While our religion puts so much emphasis on piety, cleanliness, truthfulness, doing good things and stopping self and others from evil practices, discipline, politeness and on helping the needy, why then people apparently performing all Islamic duties (haqooq Allah) and visibly following five main pillars of Islam, falter so badly on performing duties as a useful and sober member of society (haqooq-ul-ibad)? There is no short answer though; yet, a shallow dive into this matter reveals that most of us are wearing ‘invisible blinkers’, that keep us from considering a situation rationally or suffering from a phenomenon akin to a pair of flaps attached to a horse’s bridle, one beside each eye, to keep the horse from looking anywhere but straight ahead…..focused on self preservation and progress alone. What causes these invisible blinkers’ attachment to our eyes that causesmunafqat’, ‘double-dealing’ or ‘hypocrisy’? I posed this question to an Islamic scholar and he gave an out of the ordinary answer. According to him, “if a person willingly, knowingly or unknowingly eats forbidden or Haram, his/her sense of judgment on sifting right from wrong is taken away by Almighty as a punishment” something similar to ‘summun bukmun….!’

However, in societies like Japan or Singapore where religion is not so much visible, Islamic virtues and values are best seen in practice and hypocrisy is almost extinct. It is said that ‘poverty has no religion’….but our society defies this proverbial truth too because the rich class is more corrupt and duplicitous than poor people. The honest minority is facing enormous frustration as corruption infested society makes it almost impossible to remain free from ill practices one way or the other. No amounts of dua or prayers seem to work to put the rail back on tracks as far as Pakistan’s difficulties and challenges are concerned. Nevertheless, sometimes most complex challenges have simple solutions.

If we can follow the dictum, charity begins at home, we may find the silver lining sooner than expected. In Germany and Japan after second world war and in Central Asian Republics after independence from former Soviet Union in early 90s, the institution of Mothers and teachers played the main role in grooming and educating the children and youth to rise as shining stars of hope and prosperity of nations and results achieved by these countries in all fields in a short span of time are too obvious to neglect. If we can choose and elect the right leadership, who can provide people universal free education system, well-groomed mothers and highly qualified teachers, we can achieve in a decade what we have missed in the last seven decades. The training of trainers through Japanese and German teachers at the national level on a massive scale and raising the status of teachers in the society needs to be accorded a high priority. Our highly educated women resource need to be galvanized to undertake to groom of mothers as being practiced in Ladies Clubs in military circles. Inclusions of sports in all educational institutions must be made compulsory for the inculcation of sportsmen spirit and to ensure mental and physical health. A political party that can include these simple and basic grassroots level steps in its manifesto may be given preference for electing our government instead of lofty but hollow slogans. We as a nation have to strive hard to get rid of invisible blinkers. 

Allah only helps those who help themselves; therefore, we have to bell the cat ourselves rather than expecting in vain miracle happening by mere inactive prayers.

* Brigadier(R) Saleem Qamar Butt, SI (M) is a student of International Relations, Defence and Warfare Studies with expertise in Executive Management, Military & Intelligence Diplomacy, Strategic Analyses and Forecast.


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Violence in Islamabad against the protestors. May Allah help all of us – Aameen. Imran Khan, Dr. TuQ and the protestors have been fighting for us, the whole nation.


To understand a bit of the picture, you can go through a selection of tweets below copied between 1 AM to 2 AM on August 31, 2014. These tweets will give you an idea about what some people are saying about this incident:


“I am afraid it will go much beyond Nawaz & Shahbaz resignations; their lust for personal power has created a very dangerous situation.” – Moeez Pirzada


“I wonder how Policemen were injured when both #IK and #TUQ had stated that they were unarmed.” – Raja Mujtaba


“BREAKING eyewitness: A special Punjab squad started violence. Plan is to blame the peaceful protesters.” – Ahmed Quraishi


“My respects & salutes to the brave Pakistanis who are holding their ground against tyranny of a retarded dynasty destined to its doom now!” – Zaid Hamid


“Unacceptable behavior by the govt ! Worse than a democratic govt. They have no right to rule now!” – Jasmeen Manzoor


“Crowds in Islamabad only represented tip of an iceberg; this tragedy in Islamabad will lead to violence across many parts of country, Sad!” – Moeed Pirzada


“Police is hiding injured Pakistanis behind containers to avoid media courage. They will die there you son of rascal Ch Nisar!!!” – Saqib Masood


“I am at Shar-e Dastoor now.Unbelievable Use of State Power. Shame on those who ordered this ruthless crackdown on Peaceful Protestors!” – Dr. Shahid Masood


“Gen Raheel, nation waits for you now ! God speed…” – Zaid Hamid


“Dear IK and Dr TUQ, why are you inside the containers ?? Come out and be with your followers! This is the time to lead your troops !” – Zaid Hamid


“Imran Khan standing on container and moving forward.” – Jasmine Manzoor


“BREAKING #PMLN’s #Punjab Police opens fire and shelling even on #PTI ladies who were far from PM House .” – Ahmed Quraishi


“Sad very sad even after Lahore incident this govt had learnt nothing at all!.” – Jasmine Manzoor


“I definitely support the movement of PTI & TUQ to remove this regime. But seriously dispute their political/ideological vision to come after.” Zaid Hamid


“I have heard Dr. TUQ talking about less taxes & free lawyers! This is NOT khilafat e Rashida model indeed. In Islam, NO lawyers, NO taxes!” – Zaid Hamid


“Both IK & TUQ have used the terms “Khilafat e Rashida” model but have NEVER explained its contours. Even their followers remain confused.” – Zaid Hamid


“Baba Iqbal has give new terms of Political science ! “Spiritual Democracy” & the concept of “Benevolent Dictatorship” ! Amazing concepts !!.” – Zaid Hamid


“Quaid e Azam had said to this affect “every revolution has a philosopher behind it & Iqbal is the philosopher behind Pakistan movement.” – Zaid Hamid


“You can read my book on Khilafat e Rashida model here. This is NOT democracy, NOT capitalism, NOT anglo-saxon laws. http://takbeeremusalsal.blogspot.com/search/label/Zaid%20Hamid%27s%20Books” – Zaid Hamid


“If you have “Khilafat e Rashida” model, then there can be NO Capitalism, NO democracy, NO free media, NO anglosaxon laws! yes, WE WANT this!” – Zaid Hamid


“Dear Dr. sb, you say you want to bring “pure’ clean western democracy here. I am sure you know that Democracy is the religion of Capitalism?.” – Zaid Hamid


“Both IK & TUQ should realize that they cannot drag the crisis indefinitely. IT MUST END on Friday ! They must push hard. NS wants to drag..” – Zaid Hamid


“The epic challenge for IK & TuQ now is not just to bring NS down but also to manage a smooth transfer of power to a neutral caretaker government.” – Zaid Hamid


FROM ROMAN AHSAN: A young woman died due to firing by police, inna lilla-hey-wa-inna-aliahay-rajayoon – When the government knew that there are many women also amongst the demonstrators then they should not have ordered the police to fire any shots. Check this post to understand the evils of PMLN government: http://together-we-rise.blogspot.com/2014/08/protests-concluding-moments-thursday.html

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Change is desperately needed by Shams Abbas

Change is desperately needed by Shams Abbas


 The principle is that, a political party and a television channel with doubtful credentials and loyalties cannot collude to destroy the most important security institutions of Pakistan.

The Armed forces are the backbone of any country. To deride them is an act of treason. To humiliate them is an act of schizophrenic mindset .To make money and gain political power at their expense is an act of Fascist and mafiostic Perversion.
To assault the Armed forces merely to settle past scores and for satisfaction of egos is a dastardly and gravely delinquent manifestation of immature and undeveloped leadership. Such a leadership cannot take the country forward.

One just has to scan the past track record of the current PM who is apparently once again showing signs of psychopathic disorders. Himself a product of Gen Ziaul Haq and Gen Jilani, In the first instance  he targeted Benazir Bhutto.
In the second episode, he targeted Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,  Justice Sajjad Ali Shah just because the CJP was determined to hear Nawaz Sharif’s cases of alleged corruption. Subsequently, under the direction of Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N goons attacked the Supreme Court and  physically humiliated the judges.

Not quite satisfied Nawaz Sharif engaged in quarrels with Gen Asif Nawaz Janjua and later with Gen. Jehangir Karamat,  who had merely proposed the formation of a NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL which had been the need of the hour and is the norm in most countries.

As if this was not enough, instead, of putting a stop to rampant corruption, Nawaz landed himself in a tussle with President Ghulam Ishaq khan,who had earlier advised him to improve governance. Not willing to look inwards and because of his arrogance, the relationship became worse and  could not be resolved.
The  Army at this point of time could have taken over but did not. As a compromise it was decided and both the President and Prime Minister had to go.

In his next tenure, he needlessly criticized the Army for it’s conduct of a tactical cum strategic operation in KARGIL. Rather than exercising good management techniques to understand the dynamics behind the sincerely meant effort to regain the advantage of the heights, lost through the illegal occupation of SIACHIN by India, Nawaz lambasted the COAS and the Army. KARGIL could at best be termed controversial but certainly not completely without underlying professional motivation and compulsion.

Strangely Nawaz Sharif, apologized to Vajpayee and said “We have stabbed you in the back”. India rejoiced .Vajpayee was delighted. Nawaz Sharif overnight became India’s hero .The Army became the VILLAIN. Remains so till today in India.
NS’s utterances vilifying his own Army are a subject of discussion in Indian media till today.

To cap it all; in an act of brazen madness, he ordered the diversion of Gen Musharraf’s plane “ONLY BECA– — USE HE WANTED TO SACK HIM WHILE HE WAS AWAY”. Call it hijacking or by any other name, this was a desperate and unwanted act, seemingly a result of a very inferior, conniving, insecure and visionless person who could easily have achieved the objective In a legally and morally convincing way. He thus stood on a very weak wicket and gave cause for turbulence and dissatisfaction. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by one of the most honest judges  Rehmatullah Jaffery whose integrity remains unquestioned even by Nawaz Sharif himself.

In his current tenure as PM, Nawaz Sharif started off, reasonably well; declaring that he would leave the past behind, he will not be vindictive, he will respect Institutions and so on. People trusted him and voted for him including my own son. Much as we thought that he would, he backtracked.

Even if one were to give him allowance for seeking revenge and having a cause against Gen Musharraf, his responses and attitude in the Hamid Mir case belies logic, rational analysis and justification. His interior minister has done better than him. His brother is meaningfully quiet.

The two KHWAJAS have apparently a profound hold on him and he is falling into the trap laid by warring egoistical maniacs, who want to settle personal scores at the expense of national interest and people’s welfare.

In backing a media channel and allowing his courtiers to bash the Pakistan Armed Forces, in needlessly launching vendetta trials, in trying to dominate, subjugate, coerce and humiliate the Armed forces directly or indirectly through henchmen, he is sowing the seeds of the ultimate discord and division in society.
The people are with the Armed forces. Fortunately the PTI, PML Q, ANP, MQM and even PPP is against the approach adopted by Nawaz and his cronies. Fortunately there are opposing voices within the PML-N. I think there is a need for PML-N  to look inwards. There is a total failure at the top leadership level. The deficiency existed all along but we kep giving concessions thinking that repairs and corrections will be made the next time round. But it is patently clear that Nawaz  Sharif lacks the qualities of head and heart which makes good leaders.

As a shrewd businessman, he is a good wheeler dealer and has compromised with his erstwhile enemy Zardari, but when it comes to the Army (previously it was the judiciary), whether right or wrong, he has an obsession to win.and to be revered, saluted, accepted as the AMEER UL MOMINEEN.  

 It is time to think if this man is Indeed capable to lead a nuclear nation state..
It is time to think that the consequences of his actions whether it is talks with the TTP or alliance with one channel against the Army, can lead to instability and destabilization of the country.

At a time when the Army wants to stay away from politics, this is an  opportunity for an In-house change within the PML-N. Perhaps Shahbaz Sharif at the top could do better. He is a democratically elected leader, generally more intelligent and wiser than his elder brother. Being from the present PML N  dispensation, this could be a way forward.

But is this asking too much from the PML-N?  Is there any visionary in the party leadership to think. A thrice tried Nawaz Sharif has time and again proved to be extremely erratic and destructively rigid.

It is time for change…………

Shams Z Abbas, Lahore

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Pakistan To Sell 5-7 JF-17 Thunder In 2014


Pakistan To Sell 5-7 JF-17 Thunder In 2014

OSIMINT (16JUL11) Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra

According to a report in The Nation, Pakistan has decided to export the Chinese co-developed aircraft, the JF-17 Thunder by sometime next year.

The export of the aircraft is part of greater push to increase defense exports including Pakistani ordnance and Pakistani-built helicopters, Minister of Defense for Production Rana Tanveer said while briefing the press.

Various media outlets have suggested that talks are already under way with Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Qatar, and other friendly countries.

The PAC JF-17 Thunder, or CAC FC-1 Xiaolong, is a light-weight, single engine, multi-role combat aircraft developed by the Pakistani Air Force, the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation of China.

Pakistan has reportedly manufactured between 42-45 aircraft thus far, though sources vary in their count.

However, Pakistan may have more of these aircraft than is often reported. China announced it would export 50 improved JF-17 with upgraded electronics after the death of OBL.

While no news regarding their delivery has been made public, an additional dispersal area with 8 new aircraft shelters was constructed between 2011 and 2012 at PAF Peshawar, an airfield where JF-17 are actively deployed.


JF-17 Thunder fighters unveiled in Dubai Airshow

Date : 14-11-2011
JF-17 Thunder fighters unveiled in Dubai Airshow
DUBAI, Nov 13 : Pakistan Air Force is participating in Dubai Air  Show-2011, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al-Makhtum, on Sunday. Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force also attended the inaugural ceremony along with a large number of delegations from different countries including Air Chiefs of a number of Air Forces, said a press release. Later, the Air Chief also addressed the press conference regarding the participation of PAF in Air show. JF-17 Thunder, K-8 and Super Mashak aircraft of Pakistan Air Force along with the PAF contingent comprising PAF pilots and technicians are participating in Dubai Air Show.

The impressive JF-17 (Thunder) jointly co-developed (by PAF & CATIC), and co-produced by PAC (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex) and CATIC (China Aero-technology Import Export Corporation) has been put up for static as well as aerial display in the Air Show.

Pakistan Air Force has inducted JF-17 in its fleet and with the co-production in full swing the aircraft are rolling out from Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra.
The JF-17 Programme has been a success story since its inception in 1998. Developmental work on the aircraft commenced in the year-1999 and detailed design was finalized in September, 2001.
After flight testing, a Small Batch of 08 aircraft was produced in year-2007 and finally serial co-production of the aircraft started in Pakistan in the Year-2009. So far PAF’s two Squadrons have been equipped with JF-17s,while the third is planned to be raised by beginning next year.

JF-17 made its debut at Farnborough Air Show in 2010, when two JF-17s flew all the way from Pakistan to Farnborough, UK.  At Farnborough, the aircraft attracted intense focus of visitors and international media.  
Four months later in November 10, three JF-17s flew over to China to participate in Zhuhai Air Show, where the aircraft made its first ever aerobatics display. In June 11, three JF-17s participated in aerobatics and static display in 100-years Celebrations of Turkish Air Force.
At present, JF-17 aircraft stands prominent in its own class of fighters. In the present environment, when defence budgets are shrinking and Air Forces face difficulties in affording modern combat aircraft, JF-17 offers a highly cost effective solution with cutting edge capabilities.
In the shape of JF-17 aircraft, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and CATIC offer a cost- effective, highly potent, multi-role combat aircraft which is capable of meeting the challenges of present and future Air Power employment.
The JF-17 Thunder is an all weather, multi-role, light combat aircraft that has the potential to be the main stay & work horse of any Air Force.  The design of JF-17 aircraft is based on modern concepts of aerodynamics.
The aircraft is equipped with a digital fly-by-wire flight control system that gives it the agility in all regimes of the operational flight envelope. The JF-17 has a complete glass cockpit, excellent man-machine interface and modern self-protection suite, which enhance combat potential and survivability of the aircraft.  
The JF-17 is equipped with fourth generation avionics systems, wide range of conventional and smart weapons, long range glide bombs, Beyond Visual Range & short range Air-to-Air missiles, Anti-Ship missile and Air-to-Surface missiles.  
The aircraft requires remarkably short lengths of runway for take-off & landing, which offers flexibility of aircraft operations at short air strips.
Shortly, the aircraft will also have Air-to-Air refuelling capability, which will further enhance its combat potential and employment options.

29 October 2013 

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Peace process droned

Peace process droned


Asif Haroon Raja


Prior to and during general election campaign in 2013, the TTP militants stepped up attacks against pro-US and anti-Taliban liberal political parties and spared the conservative parties like PML-N, PTI, JUI and JI that were soft towards the Taliban and were desirous of peace talks to end the war. When liberal parties excepting MQM were routed in May 11 elections and PML-N formed governments in the centre and Punjab and coalition government in Balochistan and PTI led the coalition government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), apparently the ground looked leveled for talks between the government and TTP. However, death of pro-peace Waliur Rahman, deputy of Hakeemullah Mehsud, along with his six close companions by a drone on May 30 vitiated the atmosphere. It was a setback for the pro-talks elements within TTP and for the government since it further hardened the stance of anti-peace hardliners in TTP led by Hakimullah to avenge Wali’s death.


Nawaz Sharif’s offer of talks to the militants sharpened the division between pro and anti-peace elements within TTP. When TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan, Punjabi Taliban leader Asmatullah Muawia and Khan Said, alias Sajna who had replaced Wali as Hakimullah’s deputy welcomed Nawaz’s offer of dialogue, Hakimullah in a huff sacked them. He replaced Sajna with Latif Mehsud, but none complied with his orders, which indicated his loosening grip.    


Nawaz government realizing that economic health of the country couldn’t be revitalized without peaceful conditions organized APC on September 9, 2013 to push the peace process. Much to the chagrin of anti-peace lobbies, the APC passed a unanimous resolution seeking dialogue with the militants without pre-conditions. Positive response from the TTP welcoming the outcome of APC gave reason to believe that chances of peace talks had brightened. Encouraged by TTP’s friendly gestures, the KP government on September 14 announced withdrawal of troops from Upper Dir, Malakand and Buner but the euphoria dashed on the following day when Fazlullah led men killed Maj Gen Sanaullah Niazi and two other soldiers with IED in Upper Dir and TTP jubilantly claimed responsibility.


Soon after, a church was attacked by two suicide bombers in Peshawar, followed by a bomb blast in a bus carrying government employees, terrorist attack in Kissa Khawani and murder of PTI MPA. Notwithstanding that the TTP disowned these attacks, the incidents did rattle the peace process and gave heart to anti-peace brigade to censure PML-N and PTI for advocating talks with anti-Pakistan forces. They said that Khurasani led group and Jundullah group which claimed attacks on church and on Kissa Khawani respectively are parts of TTP. Their argument became weighty when TTP spokesman stated that from Shariah point of view, attacks were not illegal.    


The TTP further complicated matters by coming out with pre-conditions. It demanded release of prisoners, withdrawal of Army from FATA and cessation of drone attacks before ceasefire and negotiations. Of all the issues, drone became the main bone of contention. Ceased with this problem, Nawaz raised this issue during his address to the UN General Assembly in end September and also during his meeting with Obama on October 23. Although Obama didn’t give any firm commitment but he assured him that the US would support peace dialogue. This was interpreted as an assurance that no drone attack would take place during the talk’s process. Interior Minister Ch Nisar doubled his efforts to achieve a breakthrough and according to him a delegation of three Ulema acceptable to both sides was to fly to North Waziristan (NW) at 10 a.m. on 01 November to hold talks with TTP delegation the same evening and all modalities had been tied up. Hakimullah had agreed to hold talks and had come to his village in NW to tie up final details of the planned meeting.


However, on October 31, Hakimullah who carried USA’s $ 5 million head bounty was killed by a drone in his newly constructed house in Danda Darpakhel close to Miranshah. Both Nisar and Imran consider the drone attack as murder of peace process and hold the US responsible for it. JUI-F, JI and other religious groups are also of the same view and maintain that the US is not a friend of Pakistan and is against peace talks. They have asked for reviewing relations with USA. Imran went a step ahead by stating that if the government failed to come out with proper strategy to deal with American vandalism, his government in KP would halt NATO supplies through Torkham. His party says that US aid has reduced Pakistan to a slave country and it is time to get rid of this fatal addiction. Pro-talks parties are urging the government to redouble efforts to start peace process to foil designs of the enemies.


The Acting Chief of TTP Shura Asmatullah Shaheen Bhittani and TTP spokesman Shahidullah have stated that no talks will be held with the puppet government beholden to USA and threatened that Hakimullah’s death will be avenged since the attack couldn’t have materialized without government’s connivance and provision of ground intelligence. They said so in the backdrop of confirmed reports of Musharraf and Zardari regimes secretly colluding with the US in drone war. But most fingers are pointing at arrested Latif Mehsud, or pro-peace elements within TTP. PML-N could become the future leading target of TTP, alleged to have played a double game and betrayed the trust.     


Gen Musharraf and anti-peace brigade have rejoiced the death of Hakimullah. They say that a serial killer has ultimately been dispatched to hell. They are criticizing Nisar and Imran for their overreaction and those giving status of Shaheed to Hakimullah whose hands were drenched in blood of thousands of innocent people. They are also highlighting dangerous implications arising out of halting of supply lines and breakup of relations with USA at a time when Pakistan’s economy is gasping for life. The PPP, MQM and ANP have opposed KP government’s resolution to block supply lines after 20th. A visible split has emerged on the issue of blockage of supply lines.


Some are of the view that Hakimullah’s death may help in removing differences and in unifying militants. However, split has occurred within TTP ranks which may widen. Apart from the altercation between pro-peace and anti-peace talks in which the balance is tilted heavily towards the former, the TTP took one week to elect the new chief. The leading contenders were Maulana Fazlullah, Hafiz Saeed Khan (leader of TTP chapter Orakzai Agency), Maulana Gul Zaman from Orakzai tribe (TTP Ameer in Khyber Agency), Khan Said and Khurasani. Although Khan Said has a bigger following among tribal chiefs in South and North Waziristan and is pro-talks, however, Fazlullah who is the most aggressive and ruthless TTP leader among them has been nominated as the new chief of TTP and Sheikh Khalid Haqqani as his deputy. His election has changed the whole scenario.  


Hakimullah was targeted by CIA after obtaining ground intelligence under the premise that his death would be widely hailed in Pakistan and that the US would have another scalp in its bag to brag about. CIA had a personal score to settle since Hakimullah had masterminded the deadly suicide attack against CIA Camp in Khost in December 2009 in which seven CIA agents were killed. With only one year left in ISAF’s pullout from Afghanistan and with mounting world pressure against use of drones, the US seem to be in a hurry to eliminate all the high profile terrorists on both sides of the Durand Line. Hakimullah was useful to USA and its allies as long as he was fighting Pak security forces and playing no role in war within Afghanistan. The moment he got inclined to peace talks, he turned from a good guy into a bad guy and was bumped off at a time when peace process in Pakistan was about to take off. His death is a reminder to prospective TTP leaders to do as told to do or else be-prepared for a horrible death.  


Hakimullah’s death and Latif’s arrest are losses for dwindling Karzai regime and to India since the two were helping Indo-Afghan covert war to keep the western border, FATA and KP in turmoil. However, Fazlullah’s appointment as Ameer of TTP must have delighted Afghanistan and India since he has been following their instructions devotedly. Possibility of the two countries having played a role in Fazlullah’s selection cannot be ruled out.  I have a hunch that he may preside over the disintegration of TTP.  


Irrespective of the October 31 incident and impediments created by anti-talks lobbies, option of dialogue must be pursued. Political and religious leaders as well as Army and ISI must be on one page and all should jointly evolve a realistic strategy for conducting negotiations with TTP. Hope of a breakthrough with Fazlullah at the helms of affairs seems impossible. Current flux within TTP should be exploited by wooing and winning over pro-talks groups and isolating hardliners remote controlled by Fazlullah from Kunar. Selection of runaway Fazlullah as TTP chief fully in the grip of several foreign agencies and ignoring those who have preferred to stay within the battle zone should also be exploited. Till Fazlullah’s elevation, none from outside FATA had worn the crown. Out of four Ameers, three were from Mehsud tribe and one from Wazir tribe. While it will be problematic for Fazlullah to assert his authority over more than 50 groups operating under the wings of TTP, the Mehsuds in particular may sooner than later replace Fazlullah with another leader from their tribe.   


Law enforcing and intelligence agencies must be prepared to counter upsurge in revengeful acts of terror during Muharram abetted by CIA-RAW-CDS nexus. Sudden rise in target killings in Karachi on 6 September by a militant wing of a political party is a warning call that coming days will witness increase in terrorism. Punjab government should also be prepared to face the onslaught of TTP in the wake of warning sounded by Bhittani that Punjab will be their primary target. It will be difficult for NW based TTP groups to target Punjab but easier for Punjabi Taliban to do so. GHQ should give finishing touches to their contingency plan of launching a major operation in NW to flush out anti-Pakistan groups.       


The writer is a retired Brig and a defence analyst. Email:[email protected]    


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