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Violence in Islamabad against the protestors. May Allah help all of us – Aameen. Imran Khan, Dr. TuQ and the protestors have been fighting for us, the whole nation.


To understand a bit of the picture, you can go through a selection of tweets below copied between 1 AM to 2 AM on August 31, 2014. These tweets will give you an idea about what some people are saying about this incident:


“I am afraid it will go much beyond Nawaz & Shahbaz resignations; their lust for personal power has created a very dangerous situation.” – Moeez Pirzada


“I wonder how Policemen were injured when both #IK and #TUQ had stated that they were unarmed.” – Raja Mujtaba


“BREAKING eyewitness: A special Punjab squad started violence. Plan is to blame the peaceful protesters.” – Ahmed Quraishi


“My respects & salutes to the brave Pakistanis who are holding their ground against tyranny of a retarded dynasty destined to its doom now!” – Zaid Hamid


“Unacceptable behavior by the govt ! Worse than a democratic govt. They have no right to rule now!” – Jasmeen Manzoor


“Crowds in Islamabad only represented tip of an iceberg; this tragedy in Islamabad will lead to violence across many parts of country, Sad!” – Moeed Pirzada


“Police is hiding injured Pakistanis behind containers to avoid media courage. They will die there you son of rascal Ch Nisar!!!” – Saqib Masood


“I am at Shar-e Dastoor now.Unbelievable Use of State Power. Shame on those who ordered this ruthless crackdown on Peaceful Protestors!” – Dr. Shahid Masood


“Gen Raheel, nation waits for you now ! God speed…” – Zaid Hamid


“Dear IK and Dr TUQ, why are you inside the containers ?? Come out and be with your followers! This is the time to lead your troops !” – Zaid Hamid


“Imran Khan standing on container and moving forward.” – Jasmine Manzoor


“BREAKING #PMLN’s #Punjab Police opens fire and shelling even on #PTI ladies who were far from PM House .” – Ahmed Quraishi


“Sad very sad even after Lahore incident this govt had learnt nothing at all!.” – Jasmine Manzoor


“I definitely support the movement of PTI & TUQ to remove this regime. But seriously dispute their political/ideological vision to come after.” Zaid Hamid


“I have heard Dr. TUQ talking about less taxes & free lawyers! This is NOT khilafat e Rashida model indeed. In Islam, NO lawyers, NO taxes!” – Zaid Hamid


“Both IK & TUQ have used the terms “Khilafat e Rashida” model but have NEVER explained its contours. Even their followers remain confused.” – Zaid Hamid


“Baba Iqbal has give new terms of Political science ! “Spiritual Democracy” & the concept of “Benevolent Dictatorship” ! Amazing concepts !!.” – Zaid Hamid


“Quaid e Azam had said to this affect “every revolution has a philosopher behind it & Iqbal is the philosopher behind Pakistan movement.” – Zaid Hamid


“You can read my book on Khilafat e Rashida model here. This is NOT democracy, NOT capitalism, NOT anglo-saxon laws. http://takbeeremusalsal.blogspot.com/search/label/Zaid%20Hamid%27s%20Books” – Zaid Hamid


“If you have “Khilafat e Rashida” model, then there can be NO Capitalism, NO democracy, NO free media, NO anglosaxon laws! yes, WE WANT this!” – Zaid Hamid


“Dear Dr. sb, you say you want to bring “pure’ clean western democracy here. I am sure you know that Democracy is the religion of Capitalism?.” – Zaid Hamid


“Both IK & TUQ should realize that they cannot drag the crisis indefinitely. IT MUST END on Friday ! They must push hard. NS wants to drag..” – Zaid Hamid


“The epic challenge for IK & TuQ now is not just to bring NS down but also to manage a smooth transfer of power to a neutral caretaker government.” – Zaid Hamid


FROM ROMAN AHSAN: A young woman died due to firing by police, inna lilla-hey-wa-inna-aliahay-rajayoon – When the government knew that there are many women also amongst the demonstrators then they should not have ordered the police to fire any shots. Check this post to understand the evils of PMLN government: http://together-we-rise.blogspot.com/2014/08/protests-concluding-moments-thursday.html

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Change is desperately needed by Shams Abbas

Change is desperately needed by Shams Abbas


 The principle is that, a political party and a television channel with doubtful credentials and loyalties cannot collude to destroy the most important security institutions of Pakistan.

The Armed forces are the backbone of any country. To deride them is an act of treason. To humiliate them is an act of schizophrenic mindset .To make money and gain political power at their expense is an act of Fascist and mafiostic Perversion.
To assault the Armed forces merely to settle past scores and for satisfaction of egos is a dastardly and gravely delinquent manifestation of immature and undeveloped leadership. Such a leadership cannot take the country forward.

One just has to scan the past track record of the current PM who is apparently once again showing signs of psychopathic disorders. Himself a product of Gen Ziaul Haq and Gen Jilani, In the first instance  he targeted Benazir Bhutto.
In the second episode, he targeted Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,  Justice Sajjad Ali Shah just because the CJP was determined to hear Nawaz Sharif’s cases of alleged corruption. Subsequently, under the direction of Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N goons attacked the Supreme Court and  physically humiliated the judges.

Not quite satisfied Nawaz Sharif engaged in quarrels with Gen Asif Nawaz Janjua and later with Gen. Jehangir Karamat,  who had merely proposed the formation of a NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL which had been the need of the hour and is the norm in most countries.

As if this was not enough, instead, of putting a stop to rampant corruption, Nawaz landed himself in a tussle with President Ghulam Ishaq khan,who had earlier advised him to improve governance. Not willing to look inwards and because of his arrogance, the relationship became worse and  could not be resolved.
The  Army at this point of time could have taken over but did not. As a compromise it was decided and both the President and Prime Minister had to go.

In his next tenure, he needlessly criticized the Army for it’s conduct of a tactical cum strategic operation in KARGIL. Rather than exercising good management techniques to understand the dynamics behind the sincerely meant effort to regain the advantage of the heights, lost through the illegal occupation of SIACHIN by India, Nawaz lambasted the COAS and the Army. KARGIL could at best be termed controversial but certainly not completely without underlying professional motivation and compulsion.

Strangely Nawaz Sharif, apologized to Vajpayee and said “We have stabbed you in the back”. India rejoiced .Vajpayee was delighted. Nawaz Sharif overnight became India’s hero .The Army became the VILLAIN. Remains so till today in India.
NS’s utterances vilifying his own Army are a subject of discussion in Indian media till today.

To cap it all; in an act of brazen madness, he ordered the diversion of Gen Musharraf’s plane “ONLY BECA– — USE HE WANTED TO SACK HIM WHILE HE WAS AWAY”. Call it hijacking or by any other name, this was a desperate and unwanted act, seemingly a result of a very inferior, conniving, insecure and visionless person who could easily have achieved the objective In a legally and morally convincing way. He thus stood on a very weak wicket and gave cause for turbulence and dissatisfaction. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by one of the most honest judges  Rehmatullah Jaffery whose integrity remains unquestioned even by Nawaz Sharif himself.

In his current tenure as PM, Nawaz Sharif started off, reasonably well; declaring that he would leave the past behind, he will not be vindictive, he will respect Institutions and so on. People trusted him and voted for him including my own son. Much as we thought that he would, he backtracked.

Even if one were to give him allowance for seeking revenge and having a cause against Gen Musharraf, his responses and attitude in the Hamid Mir case belies logic, rational analysis and justification. His interior minister has done better than him. His brother is meaningfully quiet.

The two KHWAJAS have apparently a profound hold on him and he is falling into the trap laid by warring egoistical maniacs, who want to settle personal scores at the expense of national interest and people’s welfare.

In backing a media channel and allowing his courtiers to bash the Pakistan Armed Forces, in needlessly launching vendetta trials, in trying to dominate, subjugate, coerce and humiliate the Armed forces directly or indirectly through henchmen, he is sowing the seeds of the ultimate discord and division in society.
The people are with the Armed forces. Fortunately the PTI, PML Q, ANP, MQM and even PPP is against the approach adopted by Nawaz and his cronies. Fortunately there are opposing voices within the PML-N. I think there is a need for PML-N  to look inwards. There is a total failure at the top leadership level. The deficiency existed all along but we kep giving concessions thinking that repairs and corrections will be made the next time round. But it is patently clear that Nawaz  Sharif lacks the qualities of head and heart which makes good leaders.

As a shrewd businessman, he is a good wheeler dealer and has compromised with his erstwhile enemy Zardari, but when it comes to the Army (previously it was the judiciary), whether right or wrong, he has an obsession to win.and to be revered, saluted, accepted as the AMEER UL MOMINEEN.  

 It is time to think if this man is Indeed capable to lead a nuclear nation state..
It is time to think that the consequences of his actions whether it is talks with the TTP or alliance with one channel against the Army, can lead to instability and destabilization of the country.

At a time when the Army wants to stay away from politics, this is an  opportunity for an In-house change within the PML-N. Perhaps Shahbaz Sharif at the top could do better. He is a democratically elected leader, generally more intelligent and wiser than his elder brother. Being from the present PML N  dispensation, this could be a way forward.

But is this asking too much from the PML-N?  Is there any visionary in the party leadership to think. A thrice tried Nawaz Sharif has time and again proved to be extremely erratic and destructively rigid.

It is time for change…………

Shams Z Abbas, Lahore

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Fakhru Baba and Forty Thieves


Fakhru Baba and Forty Thieves


Faaiz Amir, Rawalpindi




There is widespread resentment and protest over hijacking of people’s mandate. In large part it is justified. Polling over two lac votes in some constituencies, casting more than 100% votes in a significant number of polling stations, obstructing polling process in some more constituencies and large scale illegal stamping of ballot papers indicate these elections were far from free and fair exercise, something which we all had yearned for. We have been denied the satisfaction and pleasure of being a proud nation that could boast of history making through its choices. The irony of the matter is that robber barons carried flags of all hues and shades. Some parties reaped richer harvest; others executed thieving on a few selected seats. Crimes were committed at individual and collective levels. Some teams were better organised in electoral process management, while others had yet to learn many tricks of the trade. Fakhru baba and forty chors had a field day. He rejoiced in his hallucinations of holding free, fair and transparent elections while the forty thieves went shouting all the way, “open Sesame, open Sesame, open Sesame”. 

These robber barons had the misplaced confidence that crying hoarse over larcenies perpetrated by others would mask their own misdeeds. Only we were to be blamed because we have been lulled into taking all this and more taking lying down (pardon the pun). Even when we came out in 1977 we were being manipulated. When we protested we just did that. Revenge and not solutions was written large on banners and posters we carried. This time around it sounds and smells no different. Political leadership is creating distractions here and there for the people to lose focus and direction. Forty thieves wish to harvest their heist while Fakhru baba snapped in and out of his siesta.

Let’s put boiling oil in their jars slowly and gradually. Take them out one by one. Not physically eliminate them but get rid of these larcenists through means legal and fair. Allow all of them to sit in the Parliament and form the government. Let business of the State continue and let life move on in a normalized manner. But that is not where it ends.

Let them in. Let them enjoy the ambiance, the protocol and perks and privileges; with only one proviso. Election Commission should do organised and systematic thumb checking on all, save none, polled votes in each constituency. This could take say six months, say one year. We have spent billions on these elections, we could spend couple of hundreds of millions more. We have waited for years to vote we can wait six more months for genuine results.

Each ballot paper had two parts. One was the vote and the other the counterfoil that was retained in the ballot book. Every counterfoil should have on it the thumb impression of the voter who came to exercise his right to choose. So it is a long haul but so what, it is required. It is not impossible. NADRA can do it. Show the thumb.  Angootha challao k baad Angootha dekhao.

Start from NA-1 and go all the way to NA-272. Purge the votes, honestly and dispassionately. All votes that do have the correct thumb imprint on it goes in the trashcan. Purge them ruthlessly, no favours asked none given. The nation demands it and deserves it. ECP owes it to the people. As and when purged counting on a seat is given announce the results and effect the change, if required.

Do it slowly but surely. Let the swords hang over their heads. Slowly and gradually, one by one, one after the other throw them out of the Assembly. Let the courts decide whether to send them to jail or give them a ‘get out of jail free ticket’. We will be rightly proud of the representatives who survived the test.

Fakhru baba, snap out please. You can do it. You would enjoy your nap after giving us the pleasure of taking pride in you. And promise we will not disturb you. We will stop making noise. Promise.

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