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Reminding India of Nuclear Deterrence By Sajjad Shaukat

                      Gen Raheel Sharif                    

Reminding India of Nuclear Deterrence

                                                         By Sajjad Shaukat


By setting aside the principles of nuclear deterrence, intensity in the Indian unprovoked firing along the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary (WB), which killed several persons since October 6, this year inside Pakistan, is alarming for peace-loving countries of South Asia including those of the world.


Calling for restraining its forces from constant violations of the ceasefire agreement of 2003, Pakistan government has lodged a strong protest with the India government through diplomatic channels, and also raised the issue with the UN Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan. In this regard, the UN observers visited the affected areas, and have shown serious concerns over the casualties inside Pakistan. On October 14, US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Daniel Feldman also expressed his concerns over tension at LoC and WB, and stressed to resolve it through dialogue. Feldman elaborated, “He believes, Indian dream for world leadership and progress could not come true without better ties with Pakistan.


Meanwhile, contact through hotline was established between Directors-General Military Operations (DGMOs) of both the countries. Pak army’s DMO conveyed Pakistan’s concerns to his Indian counterpart, and pointed towards India’s consistent unprovoked firing on the civilian population living across LoC and WB.


In 2013, the Pakistani and Indian DGMOs had pledged to uphold the 2003 LoC ceasefire accord. But, by acting upon a preplanned scheme, Indian soldiers crossed over the LoC in Kashmir on January 6, 2013 and attacked a Pakistani check post, killing one Pakistani soldier and injuring many troops. While, Pakistan military officials indicated that Indian hostility has gradually increased since 2010, making lives of civil population living in closer vicinity of the LoC and WB difficult. Indian troops committed 86 ceasefire violations in 2011, 230 in 2012 and 414 in 2013. And, Indians have again resorted to deliberate firing for about 224 times and killed several people on the Pakistani side in 2014.


Particularly, leader of the fundamentalist party BJP and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is reported to have given a free hand to the Indian forces to go on aggressively with the violations. While, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff convened a meeting of the National Security Commit­tee on Oct 10, this year, and discussed the recent ceasefire violations by India at the LoC and WB.


In this respect, Pakistan’s military officials revealed that Indian perennial escalation across the LoC and WB is according to a deliberate plan. The spokesman of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Maj-General Asim Bajwa said that Pakistan Rangers and troops “befittingly” responded to “unprovoked firing” by Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) and military troops. He also clarified that Pakistan’s Armed Forces are fully prepared to meet any aggression.


In fact, by promoting Hindu chauvinism on the basis of anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan slogans, extremist party, BJP won a landslide victory in the India elections 2014 by defeating the Congress. Now, BJP-led Prime Minister Modi has been implementing its party’s agenda against Pakistan. In this context, border violations by the Indian forces at the Line of Control and Working Boundary, accompanying hostile statements by Indian leadership are aimed at hyping up Hindu sentiments against Pakistan.


Besides, other negative steps of the BJP government like cancellation of the Foreign Secretary level talks with Islamabad, schedule to be held on August 25, 2014, raising baseless issues of terrorism as pre-conditions to advance the Pak-Indian dialogue, slow pace of trial in Pakistan against the terrorists of the Mumbai 26/11 terror case, pledge of revoking the special status, given to Kashmir under Indian constitution’s Article 370, and to strengthen its measures to annex the area—are part of the same scheme to create a war like situation between the two rival countries which have fought three wars, since the Partition of 1947.


It is of particular attention that BJP leader Dr. Subramaniam Swami stated on July 12, 2014 that India needed only two years to defeat Pakistan militarily, and the only solution of Kashmir was war, as “there is no peaceful, democratic solution.” Responding to the withdrawal of the US-led NATO forces from Afghanistan, he remarked, “Americans will hand over Afghanistan to Taliban and go…India should send at least 200,000 troops to Afghanistan.”


In these terms, Indian hawks think that in the aftermath of the withdrawal of NATO, they will keep their anti-Pakistan network in Afghanistan by harming the genuine interests of Pakistan which shares geographical, cultural and religious bonds with the former, and is determined to bring peace and stability there.


Now, as part of its blame game, India has accelerated unprovoked firing at the LoC in Kashmir and WB in Sialkot to delay the Pak-India peace process, without caring for latter’s nuclear weapons. Although despite numerous military skirmishes, there has not been a full-blown war since India and Pakistan tested nuclear weapons in 1998, yet BJP-extremist rulers seem determined to initiate the same without bothering even for nuclear war. Therefore, Pakistan’s media and defense analysts must remind India of the principles of nuclear deterrence.


However, it is wishful thinking of the BJP leader that India can destroy Pakistan through nuclear bombs. While both the neighboring adversaries are nuclear powers, New Delhi should not ignore the principles of deterrence, popularly known as balance of terror.


After the World War 11, nuclear weapons were never used, and were only employed as a strategic threat. During the heightened days of the Cold War, many crises arose in Suez Canal, Korea, Cuba and Vietnam when the US and the former Soviet Union were willing to use atomic weapons, but they stopped because of the fear of nuclear war which could eliminate both the super powers. Therefore, the two rivals preferred to resolve their differences through diplomacy.


Similarly, many occasions came between Pakistan and India, during Kargil crisis of 1998, and Indian parliament’s attack by the militants in 2001, and particularly in 2008, in the post-Mumbai terror attacks when New Delhi started a blame game against Islamabad in wake of its highly provocative actions like mobilization of troops. Pakistan had also taken defensive steps to meet any prospective aggression or surgical strikes by New Delhi. But, India failed in implementing its aggressive plans, because Islamabad also possesses atomic weapons.

Political strategists agree that deterrence is a psychological concept which aims to affect an opponent’s perceptions. In nuclear deterrence, weapons are less usable, as their threat is enough in deterring an enemy who intends to use its armed might. In this context, a renowned scholar, Hotzendorf remarks that nuclear force best serves the interests of a state when it deters an attack.


In the present circumstances, BJP is badly mistaken, if it overestimates India’s power and underestimates Pakistan’s power. As Pakistan lacks conventional forces and weapons vis-à-vis India, so, in case of a prolonged conflict, Pakistan will have to use nuclear weapons and missiles which could destroy whole of India, resulting into Indian political suicide.


It is noteworthy that currently, more than half of India’s budget is allocated for armed forces, and defense purchases, leaving even less to lift millions of its citizens from abject poverty. Hence, various injustices have further intensified regional and ethnic disparities in India, while giving impetus to insurgency and wars of liberation in Assam, Kashmir, Khalistan, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu and Tripura. In the recent years, Maoist intensified their struggle, attacking official installments.


It is worth-mentioning that one of the important causes of the disintegration of the former Soviet Union was that its greater defense expenditure exceeded to the maximum, resulting into economic crises inside the country. In this regard, about a prolonged war in Afghanistan, the former President Gorbachev had declared it as the “bleeding wound.” However, militarization of the Soviet Union failed in controlling the movements of liberation, launched by various ethnic nationalities. On the other hand, while learning no lesson from India’s previous close friend, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is acting upon the similar policies.


Past and present history of Balkan gives ample evidence that insurgency and movement of separatism in one country have drastic impact on other neighboring states. Similarly, civil war and unrest either in Somalia or Sudan have affected all the states of Darfur region, while violent uprising in Egypt, Syria etc. has radicalized a number of the Middle East countries. Indian state terrorism in the Indian-held Kashmir and country’s other regions in wake of Israeli atrocities on the Palestinians will further radicalize Asia.


Nonetheless, irresponsible and unrealistic approach of the BJP-led government in the modern era of peaceful settlement of disputes and economic development could culminate into political suicide of the India union. Therefore, India is reminded of nuclear deterrence in wake of creating war hysteria in its own country and Pakistan.


Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations


Email: sajjad_logic@yahoo.com




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No matter how educated or diplomatically polished an Indian becomes, the Hindutva jingoism, which lies just beneath the surface of his psyche, keeps popping up. In the following article Amb.Bharadkumar cavalier claim of Indian army’s hot pursuit into Pakistan is childish and laughable at best. He should read India Today, a reasonable balanced magazine about India’s defence preparedness. Numerous articles also point out to the horrible state of political infighting, among higher rank of officers in Indian Armed Forces. Amb.Bhadrakumar deliberately forgets to mention that Pakistan manufactures state of the art and cutting edge defence weaponry, since, being backstabbed by Mother India’s paramour, the Obama White House. Pakistan edge in missile technology and ability to deliver miniaturized nuclear battlefield warheads, should give India second thoughts about hot pursuit into Pakistan. This is not the Pakistan of 1971. Pakistan armed forces are almost at par with India in numbers and more advanced in battlefield electronic warfare technology. The joker in the pack is China, a reliable and brotherly ally of Pakistan. Pakistan is a strategic partner of China. China’s southern underbelly is protected by Pakistan Armed Forces. China and Pakistan are jointly developing the strategic Gwadar port, which is being coveted by both US and Russia. Gwadar Port has a multiple lane highway, which runs, along the Indus River all the way up to the Chinese province of Sinkiang. Therefore, dreaming unrealistic dreams of Akhand Bharat or invasion of Pakistan should be left to South Blocks’ Babus. It does not behoove polished diplomats, like Amb. Bharadkumar to believe in such dreams, which can turn quickly into nuclear nightmares. Unless they are smoking some crack cocaine or are on LSD!

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Kalat Operation: Countering Anti-State Baloch Elements

                                  Kalat Operation: Countering Anti-State Baloch Elements

                                                               By Sajjad Shaukat





Every patriotic Baloch knows that the Kalat search operation in the Balochistan province of Pakistan is against the foreign funded and foreign sponsored anti-state outfits like Baloch Liberation Army, United Baloch Army and Baloch Republican Army. These groups are involved in killing of innocent and poor Pakistanis in train bomb blasts, destruction of national assets like gas pipelines, railway lines etc. The aims of these suverisve acts are to weaken the state, public infrastructure, while coercing the economy to fulfill external agenda of the US, India and some western powers.


Farrari camps (Hideouts), located in far off mountains of Balochistan are sanctuaries for these terrorists where they have a lavish living. Sophisticated equipments and gadgets have been recovered from these areas including non detectable satellite phones, solar panels and state of the art weapons. Their defenses are well-planned and weapon system—sited in a deliberate well-organized manner. There is clear proof of external hands, because no indigenous movement or group can afford to have such high-technological weapons and sophisticated gadgets.


In the recent past, bomb blast in Jaffar Express resulted into killing of the innocent Pakistanis, especially the Baloch and Pakhtuns, while the poor were travelling in the cheapest mode of conveyance. The perpetrators were the Baloch sub-nationalists who have lost sense of morality and human compassion. Foreign secret agencies can easily buy their loyalties, as they sell themselves for petty gains and readily fulfill the objectives of their foreign masters.


It is notable that India, US and Israel have been internationalizing the Balochistan issue in accordance with their secret goals. In this respect, in connivance with the Baloch separatist leaders who have taken refuge in Switzerland, Sweden, US and London, these external entities use media, various NGOs and human rights organizations for false propaganda against Pakistan’s armed forces including other security agencies in relation to extrajudicial killings, mutilated bodies and the missing persons.

Editor’s Note: Switzerland,Sweden, US and UK, have a duplicitous policy, where they raise Cain over Pakistan hiding terrorists; while at the same time providing them safe havens in non-NATO but Christian countries like Switzerland and Sweden. NATO, itself is a Christian Alliance against Islamic nations(a throwback to Medieval Crusader Mentality.Crusades have not ended. The Nith and Tenth crusade are currently in progress with Muslim Nations like Yemen,Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan at the reciving end.) that is why Turkey, a secular but Muslim nation has NOT been admitted to NATO, as a full member. Religious Bigotry,Christian Fundamentalism, and outright Racism is thriving under an Invisible Cloak in the most Liberal, so-called Western (Christian Nations) Nations, who are prodded on by global Zionism( which fails to understand that the same bigotry against Muslims could turn on a dime against global Jewry. A clear proof of Anti-Semitism in West is the presence of thousands of Anti-Semitic websites located in Western nations from US, UK, to France, Sweden and Norway.


While, regarding aggravated situation of Balochistan and the missing persons, everyone knows that Balochistan Liberation Army and Baloch sub-nationalist including another group, Jundollah (God’s soldiers) which have been fighting for secession of the province gets logistic support from American CIA and Indian RAW—these militants kidnapped and killed many innocent people and thesecurity personnel in the province. They also massacred many persons through suicide attacks, bomb blasts, targeted killings and sectarian violence. Therefore, they are responsible for dumped bodies and extrajudicial killings in the province. On a number of occasions, these insurgent groups claimed responsibility for their subversive acts. A majority of the disappeared individuals are also in the detention centers which are being run by Baloch feudal lords (Sardars) who want to continue old system of feudalism in the province.


It is because of these reasons that during the missing persons’ case, nothing was proved in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the armed forces and other security agencies. There are only a few anti-state Baloch separatists and Sardars, who are exploiting the situation in their own favour. In fact, these anti-Pakistan elements are creating hype on the issue of missing persons in order to distort the image of the country, all the Baloch and Pak Army at national and international level so as to obtain their own vested interest. Giving undue importance to the missing persons’ case by these few hostile entities is a diversionary tactics to downplay the actual issues of Balochistan, affecting the common Baloch populace. Thus, they have not only been misguing the loyal Baloch, but are also diverting the attention of the majority of the people from the construtive and progressive works, conducted by the government and the Army in Balochistan.


In this context, Government of Pakistan and the Army have sincere desire to address all the issues of the angry Baloch, who are being misguided by the anti-state outfits.


As a result of the general elections 2013, the government led by the nationalist leader Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch was established in Balochistan, while on December 7, 2013; local bodies elections were largely held in a peaceful manner in the province. However, these elections proved that majority of the Baloch are loyal to the federation, and do not favour separation of the Balachistan, as they have rejected the case of separatists, being projected by anti-Pakistan powers.


It is mentionable that a Gallup survey of the UK official body, DFID, conducted on July 20, 212, had disclosed that the vast majority of the Baloch people oppose the idea of an independent Balochistan. This survey has also proved that some external elements have been conducting acts of sabotage in the province by backing the minority groups.


Nevertheless, projects relating to the socio-economic uplift has been top priority of Government of Pakistan. In 2013, Rs. 43.19 billions on account of Development Fund were given to the elected Baloch leadership of the provincial assembly. But, benefits of the second development programme funds, issued to MNAs and MPAs of Balochistan are not trickling down to common Baloch. No doubt, a huge amount has been provided to the Baloch political leadership, but no significant development project has been initiated in Balochistan. It is entirely up to the concerned Baloch Sardars or Nawabs to ensure that a common Baloch reaps the benefits of development. They should implement the development project as per plan.


As regards the positive role of Army, in 2011, I had visited Balochistan along with other journalists. I saw a number of institutes, set up by army, and these were providing education, especially technical training to thousands of Balochis. Besides other developments works, Pak Army was also imparting army training to the Baloch youth. So, the purpose of army is to uplift the Baloch people with creation of jobs and to bring them in the mainstream of the country. However, I had also a trip to far-flung areas of the province and witnessed various mega projects and mineral sites, protected by the armed forces. People also told me that subversive events are being arranged by the minority separatist elements so as to create chaotic situation in the province.


Pakistan’s armed forces and law-enforcing agencies are ready to sacrifice their lives to save their Balochi brethren from foreign sponsored anti-state Baloch sub-nationalists. In this respect, Pakistan Army’s relief efforts in Awaraan Earthquake is testimony of their resolve to sacrifice everything for helping Baloch brothers in distress, agony and grief.  

Now, it is the duty of our Baloch brothers to identify these anti-state elements which are sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan and get secluded from them. The armed sub-nationalist elements are defaming patriotic Baloch by committing heinous crimes. Honorable Baloch brethren should get united and put up a collective response to counter these elements by undermining their nefarious designs, aimed at destabilizing the state of Pakistan and tarnishing its image including that of the armed foces. The loyalist Balochis must know that separatist entities of the province are bringing bad name to the noble people of Balochistan, and therefore must be condemned assertively.  


Undoubtedly, the Baloch are patriotic Pakistanis, but they must not be indoctrinated by the anti-state elements’ propaganda by becoming reluctant, having reservations over priorities set by the federal and provincial governments for their benefits.


Nonetheless, it is the duty of every Pakistani, and in particular every Balochi including members of the civil society and the media persons to give a matching response to the hostile entities of Balochistan. In this connection, by countering anti-state Baloch elements, they must draw a clear picture of the province regarding Kalat operation and other efforts, made by the civil and military authorities for the benefits of Balochistan.


Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

Email: sajjad_logic@yahoo.com

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From Bhangi to Indian PM?

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India doles out $50million to malign ISI Mubashir Lucman files treason petition in LHC against Mir Shakilur Rehman


India doles out $50million to malign ISI Mubashir Lucman files treason petition in LHC against Mir

Shakilur Rehman

Islamabad, April 21 (Pak Destiny) While the ISPR DG Maj-Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa announced taking legal action against the Jang group for maligning ISI, ARY anchor Mubashir Lucman alleges Indian RAW agency has doled out $50million for the purpose.

In his talk show “Khara Sach” yesterday Lucman also declared attack on top anchor Hamid Mir ‘dubious’ saying it was not a work of a target killer.
“Target killers don’t shoot in lower parts of the body. The attack was staged as the attacker shot in the tyres of the car that mistakenly hit the lower parts of Mir,” Lucman said.
He alleges that Geo group is targeting ISI and army at behest of India. “India has given $50million to malign ISI and Pak army,” he alleged.
Lucman today also filed a treason case against Mir Shakilur Rehman and Jang group in the Lahore High Court for defaming Pak army and ISI. Pak Destiny

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