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“Nawaz Shareef to take Oath in a Special Sherwani costing Rs 15 Lakh.


May 27th, 2013








The Coronation Sherwani


“Nawaz Shareef to take Oath in a Special Sherwani costing Rs 15 Lakh.

Mara Lara!


How I wish the above news going rounds on the internet is not true. And if it is true, nothing could be more ridiculous than it. Would Nawaz Shareef look any more dignified in it than Manmohan Singh in his cotton Kurta Pyjama?  Why can’t he emulate his favourite Indian leader in matters of austerity and simplicity?  How would he sermonize the nation to shun ostentation and be not extravagant, if he himself cannot practice frugality?Deegar ra naseehat – Khud Mian fasihat!! Incidentally, If it is so, someone must be taking him for a big ride by selling him a so called designer’s sherwani for 15 lacs! I wonder how many millions the “coronation” Shalwar to match the sherwani would cost ?! I think, a whole lot of school kids in some poor locality of Pakistan could be outfitted with their clothes and uniforms with that kind of money. Remember? only yesterday, the Chinese PM asked the GOP that the money to be spent on h is reception should be diverted for the poor’s welfare.  That is what true leaders are and that’s how they care for the poor.

And, here we have some spending millions on their ‘coronation’ costumes.  Does it not speak of the real worth of them? How small they are in their real stature and size that they have to prop up their personality by making use of such props?!  One wonders how much would the rest of the regalia, the receptions, the banquets and other ceremonies cost to the poor national exchequer on this occasion.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

E.mail: jafri@rifiela.com

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