Blackday 16-December-2015

It was the morning of 16-dec-2014 about 10:25am students were studying and suddenly they heard the fire noise and blasts in the school boundary and few terrorists came inside the classrooms ask them to stay in rows at gunpoint 🙁

Then one by one they asked what is the job of your father 95% were the children of army soldiers they said proudly and loudly our father is in army and he will shoot you one day and they fired on them killed 145 + students and teachers including staff within 30 minutes 🙁

It was one of the worst attack on kids in Pakistan 🙁 We can’t forget this and we are united against the terrorist we are in peace but our kids are not with us now, we can never forget you our flowers you are always with us in heart no matter if Govt. support or not but public is with you army is with you 🙁

We can’t forget the massacre in Peshawar 2014 it was really sad for all of us.

Muslims are under attack and facing terrorism than any  other religion but still we are known as terrorists:- 

I am proud Muslim but I feel very disappointed when international media and people just hate because we are Muslim and we are terrorists that moment no one can feel the pain we see in our eyes and the relatives that we lost in this battle which was started when the US started fight against Russia in Afghanistan that moment US support to the Taliban to fight against the Russia but after that they really didn’t care and give us a badge of terrorist state 🙁 we are peaceful nation with peaceful religion few thousand of bloody bastards make the image of our religion and country very bad and it is really hurting to me and all others who are peaceful.

We have our own culture and we are happy with this 🙁 We are also victim just like France, US and others countries which are victims.

The below images show how cruelty happen on that day 🙁 

(I just write my feelings shortly, I am sorry not a native English speaker but I tried my best to explain my feelings today on this blackday #rememberingAPS)