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Who rules Pakistan? Malik Riaz of Bahria Foundation




Taji Khokhar owned/ owns a guest house in Islamabad where Mr. Asif Zardari used to visit in the

 evenings while in so called detention. He supplies Russian girls to

 Asif Zardari .


Malik Riaz of Bahria Town…. …and his crooks!

Malik Riaz was the conduit for bringing the PML Q wing led by Chaudhry

 Shujaat/Chaudhry Pervez Illahi into Asif Zardari’s fold.

Pres. Zardari was so pleased/Jubilant with NICL scandal!

 He said that NICL delivered three people/groups to him who covered to his


1. Yusuf Raza Gilani, as his son/sons were involved

2 Benazir’s nominee for PM…. Makhdoom Amin Fahim

3. Chaudhry Shujaat Husain and Chaudhry Pervez Illahi

How the corruption of some, benefits the other corrupt elements. The threat by MQM was thwarted by NICL as Chaudhries came into the fold, by out smarting the murderous MQM.

Who is Taji Khokhar?

Brother of Nawaz Khokhar formerly, Deputy speaker of National Assembly.

He works on behalf of Malik Riaz for acquisition/ land grabbing in

 Islamabad/ Rawalpindi area on behalf of Malik Riaz, the Don….

 Taji ( Imtiaz Khokhar) lives on the main road connecting Rawalpindi to Islamabad and has his own Zoo, where inter alia he has kept two live lions. The whole menagerie daily expenditure runs over several lakh rupees. He is responsible for killing of at least 100 people in pursuit of land grabbing.

At one point after killing more than four persons at a land site, he came home and shot his long time guard and registered FIR against those killed by him and using as a cause for retaliatory firing. Of course he compensated the family adequately.


Who is Faisal Butt? 

He owned/ owns a guesthouse in Islamabad where Asif Zardari used to visit in the evenings while in so-called detention. He supplies Russian girls and provide Asif Zardari’s favorite alcoholics drinks. Asif Zardari asked Faisal Butt of his Choice. He asked for CDA. Asif Zardari, who is known for never forgetting anyone who even offered him a glass of water, when in difficulty (unlike Nawaz & Shahbaz Sharif). Asif Zardari asked his choice for Chairman CDA. Butt suggested Kamran Lashari…. Asif Zardari agreed and

appointed him. He told Lashari to follow orders from Mr Faisal Butt. This continues after Kamran Lashari, former Secretary Defence’s brother amassed Millions of Dollars with full patronage of his powerful brother.

Also it is learnt that real brother of COAS, Ali Kayani has amassed billions through Mr Malik Riaz?


Malik Riaz also has Shahbaz Sharif in his pocket and has been successful in causing a breach in PML N. Chaudhry Nisar was the victim. All PML N MNA’s and MPAs from PML N from the area around Pindi/ Islamabad are in the pocket of Malik Riaz.




Islamabad Murder and Taji Khokhar


By: Israr Ahmad | October 03, 2012 .

RAWALPINDI – Police arrested four men, allegedly involved in the murder of a woman over property dispute, outside the courtroom after an additional district and sessions judge (ADSJ) Tuesday rejected their pre-arrest bail here on Tuesday. According to details, ADSJ Yar Muhammad Gondal rejected the bail applications of Khalid Khokhar, Muhammad Rafique, Kamran Khan and Tilawat Khan and police arrested them outside the courtroom.

The four men are the bodyguards of Imtiaz Khokhar alias Taji Khokhar, brother of former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Haji Nawaz Khokhar. The four accused along with several other armed men murdered one Sabira Bibi, 45,at Dhoke Gangal, the area of Police Station (PS) Airport, over land dispute on August 17, 2012 when a local commission on the direction of a civil judge was present to prepare its report on the disputed land.

Earlier on Saturday another accused person already in Adyala Jail namely Irfan alias Niko confessed to have shot dead Sabira Bibi, who had a dispute over the ownership of piece of land with Taji Khokhar, uncle of Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar advisor to Prime Minister on Human Rights.

Two other men Muhammad Waheed and Anwar-ul-Haq besides Niko are also in police custody for killing a woman and firing at her lawyer Ghufran Khursheed Imtiazi and the commission also a lawyer Raja Saim-ul-Haq Satti. It is pertinent to mention here that the main accused Imtiaz Khokhar, commonly know as Taji Khokhar, is on transit bail for the 20 days that he had obtained from the Peshawar High Court (PHC).

Meanwhile, Taxila police arrested four robbers after an encounter and recovered weapons, a vehicle and stolen gold from their possession. However, two robbers managed to escape during the encounter, informed DSP Taxila Circle Raja Taifoor here on Tuesday.

The robbers, held by police, identified as Kamran hails from DI Khan, Shabir Khan of Chontra, Muhammad Hanif resident of Lahore and Abdul Rasheed of Rawalakot, he added. According to him, a gang of six robbers had entered Javed Jewelers at Taxila and fled away in a Corolla car with 7 tolas of gold. He said that police cordoned off the area after receiving information. However, the robbers succeeded in fleeing towards Haripur. Taking action, police started chasing the robbers stopped them in a forest near TIP Colony. But, the robbers shot at the police, which also retaliated.

US Reporter Says Nawaz Sharif Propositioned Her


Listen to this article. Powered by Odiogo.com

Kim Barker, an American reporter who covered Afghanistan and Pakistan for Chicago Tribune starting in 2003, claims that she was propositioned by Pakistan Muslim League leader Nawaz Sharif when she met him for interviews for her newspaper. 

In an interview with KERA radio, Barker said she followed her bosses advice to try and blend with the local population. However, being a young white female journalist with blue eyes who stands at 5 ft 10 in tall, she says she received unusual attention from the men she met to do her job in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In her recently released book “The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan”, Barker recounts how Nawaz Sharif gave her an Apple iphone as a gift and asked her to be his “special friend”. When she declined Nawaz Sharif’s sexual advance, Foreign Policy Magazine reports that he offered to set her up with President Asif Ali Zardari. 

This latest report adds Sharif’s name to the “illustrious” list of senior Pakistani political leaders who have made news for their dalliances with women. 

A 2007 Youtube video showing Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani groping Sherry Rehman attracted a lot of attention. Then, President Asif Ali Zardari was shown gushing about US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and asking to “hug” her during a meeting in New York.

Here’s a video clip of Barker’s interview:


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‘Vote and shut up!’ Pakistani voters told amid rigging claims

 Eman El-Shenawi – Al Arabiya

As Pakistan underwent a whirlwind election day on Saturday, voters reeling from the outcome have revealed they were told to keep there “mouth shut” when they alleged vote rigging.

On Saturday night, the official results carried Pakistan Muslim League’s Nawaz Sharif to power, building up enough momentum to avoid having to form a coalition with his main rivals, former cricketer Imran Khan’s Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Sharif, so far winning 127 of the 272 National Assembly seats that were contested, celebrated with crowds of supporters as he gave his jubilant speech on Saturday night.

But lurking behind the shadows were boycotting parties and voters who had hoped patronage-based parties would end after years of corruption and misrule.

Online groups on Sunday launched rallies to demand “fair re-elections. (Courtesy: Facebook)

Rida Naqvi, a polling agent in Lahore on Saturday who was responsible for keeping tabs on voters and the ballot box, was angered by “extreme disorder,” she witnessed while at work.

“I saw votes being put into the ballot boxes without having signatures on them,” she told Al Arabiya on Sunday.

“When I went to complain, I was told to keep my mouth shut [by security officers] because this was my first time doing this duty and they had been here for years.

“I wanted to tell them ‘no doubt you have been here for years, which is exactly why we never had fair elections!’”

Naqvi said she has since attempted to complain to the media, European observers monitoring the polls and presiding Pakistani officers.

“But they all just nodded and kept quiet,” she said.

Murmurings on Saturday cast early doubts on the validity of the vote when the leader of the governing Pakistan People’s Party, Taj Haider, alleged rigging in some constituencies, among them in Sindh province and its capital, Karachi.

Meanwhile, leaders of one of Pakistan’s largest and most liberal parties, the Sindh-based Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), told reporters that they would boycott the elections over allegations of rigging, according to CNN.

The Sunni Ittehad Council and Jamaat e Islami parties also announced a boycott, Pakistan’s Geo TV reported on election day.

At one point during the voting, Pakistan’s election commission ordered a re-vote in more than 30 polling stations in a Karachi constituency over allegations of ballot stuffing, a spokesman said.

It was a Karachi constituency controlled by MQM, the group which later announced its boycott. Imran Khan, meanwhile, also accused the MQM of ballot stuffing in Karachi, according to AFP. But the movement was quick to deny the accusations.

In reference to allegations of vote-rigging made by the members of his party, Khan said in televised remarks on Sunday: “God willing, we will issue a white paper.”

One Karachi voter pointed out that city quickly became the focus for allegations of fraud.

“The elections held in Pakistan were total scam; rigging was the usual way of work for the polling stations in the whole of Sindh and Punjab, especially Karachi,” Shujaat Haider told Al Arabiya.

“Polling stations were hijacked by ‘unidentified’ men and where they weren’t, the presiding officers did their part,” Haider added, in reference to poll officials taking part in the alleged corruption.

The Karachi resident said that in one of the city’s polling station, NA 250, a presiding officer did not turn up. The officer was supposed to preside over two stations.

“When we [Haider and other residents] asked why there was no officer, we were told he had gotten ‘upset’ over something and will not be coming and to stop asking questions. So they sent 1400 registered voters home.”

After complaints that polling stations opened late, or hadn’t been operating at all, voting was extended by three hours in seven Karachi constituencies, according to AFP news agency.

‘Change has come’

Haider said he was angered by the disorder and rigging attempts, but the large voter turnout still allowed him and other Pakistanis to feel the change.

“Even though I did not support the party that has won the elections, we must acknowledge the fact that the change has come.”

“Scores of people lined up for hours and hours to practice their democratic right and play their part in making change happen,” Haider added.

Online groups on Sunday launched rallies to demand “fair re-elections.” On Facebook, one event titled “Peaceful Rally in Support of FAIR Re-elections” was arranging for groups to meet at a specified area in Karachi at 5.30 p.m. (local time).

A rally in Lahore against “unfair elections and rigging” was also set to be held at 4.30 p.m. on Sunday, according to PTI supporters spreading the word through social media websites.

Similar rallies are expected to be organized across Pakistan on Sunday, and will mostly be held by Khan’s PTI supporters, disappointed with the outcome.

But for Sharif’s supporters, brushing off rigging allegations appears to be the popular response, with the frontrunner himself not responding to the claims.

“These allegations are fake,” Lahore-based filmmaker, and self-professed Sharif supporter, Awais Ahmad told Al Arabiya.

“Sharif has a strong political grassroots support, while Khan has all the youngsters rallying for him and perceive him to be a national hero.

“It’s easy for them to say the votes were rigged without having official evidence,” he added.

(Farwa Rizwan contributed to this article)

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An Open Communication to Chief Election Commission of Pakistan














Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim,
The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of Pakistan.
Election Commission of Pakistan. 

Saheb Jee, 

As a student of Economics & Political Science ,I have drawn a list of some of the most outstanding advocates and Judges of Pakistan. 

This list contains the names of our first Chief Justice (Late) Mr. Rasheed, Justice Mohammad Rustam Kayani, Justice A.R. Cornelius, Justice Dorab Patel, Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid, Justice Majeda Rizvi and many many more and also, I kept your name in this distinguished list of eminent Lawyers in which our Quaid Mohammad Ali Jinnah name will remain on Top till Qayamat.

I wish to give you, the bad news that your name was dropped by me after your failure to hold a free and fair Elections in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, you lost my respect & regards on this important matter.

Despite my repeated appeals, to the concerned authorities begging them to deploy at least one Armed Vehicle on every polling station in Karachi which would have enabled to keep the goons and gangsters,away from the polling booths and voters could have gone with absolute peace in their mind for voting freely.

Here are few suggestions for you & your learnered colleagues, to review their performance and feel ashamed of themselves for compromising the legitimacy of the Election.

1)  The Teachers and other Government servants were too afraid against the mafia / gangsters of certainPolitical Parties, instead all the retired Army, Navy, Air Force officers of the rank of Lieutenant toLieutenant General should have been asked to oversee the Election as our Armed Forces, even who have retired are even today ready to sacrifice their life for protection of sovereignty of Pakistan. 

2) All of the Armed Forces retired officers have licensed Revolvers and also have ability and guts, to put the invaders run for their lives by shooting on their legs.

3) It was a naked, rape, murder that you and your colleagues did not bother that all the Police and Civil Servants working in entire Pakistan have been loyal to the parties who are maintaining a status-Que for the 40 years.

4) How you expect a Constable, Naib Tahsil Dar or another low grade Civil servant to stand up and take a firm position against the filthy rich and influential feudal lords and businessman may not carry their orders, in order to safe themselves and their families from Post Election Fall back. 

5) Last not the least why on Earth the judiciary (Judges) became the returning Officers. 

Fahkru Bhai, keep your right hand on your heart, close your eyes and listen to the voice of your inner self, is their any Judge today who can claim to be absolutely clean and UN-corruptible? and if there are few, how they could matter in such a large political landscape. Alas the Judges became the Jury Judge and executioner.

As I am already going to be 70 this year. We both one day will meet before our MAKER on the Day ofJudgement and I promise you, I will hold you from your neck for showing inefficiency, incompetence andlethargic attitude for this most important and crucial moments of our countries life. 

Alas, you missed the Bus of the eminent Pakistanis, who will be sitting in the company of our Quaid Mohammad Ali Jinnah and our Prophet Rasul Allah (SAW) will bless them with his audience.

With No Regards & Respect because you lost my vote.


Ghulam Rabbani Khan. 

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Successful Politicians


May 30th, 2013


Successful Politicians


Churchill while defining politics and politicians had said that a successful politician was the one who promised moon and stars to his electorate before the elections and after being elected to the power could explain to them as to why he couldn’t do all that he had promised.  MNS has certainly grown up to qualify for that category of successful politicians.  He has so far taken to explain only one issue that of the energy and load shedding as to why it can’t be solved sooner as promised and one would have to wait and see what he will have to say about the other many many  ‘moons’ and the ‘stars’ that the Shareef brothers had so enthusiastically promised to the masses – the poor naïve masses who believe in such “successful” politicians who take them time and again for a big ride.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) 

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


E.mail: jafri@rifiela.com

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“Nawaz Shareef to take Oath in a Special Sherwani costing Rs 15 Lakh.


May 27th, 2013








The Coronation Sherwani


“Nawaz Shareef to take Oath in a Special Sherwani costing Rs 15 Lakh.

Mara Lara!


How I wish the above news going rounds on the internet is not true. And if it is true, nothing could be more ridiculous than it. Would Nawaz Shareef look any more dignified in it than Manmohan Singh in his cotton Kurta Pyjama?  Why can’t he emulate his favourite Indian leader in matters of austerity and simplicity?  How would he sermonize the nation to shun ostentation and be not extravagant, if he himself cannot practice frugality?Deegar ra naseehat – Khud Mian fasihat!! Incidentally, If it is so, someone must be taking him for a big ride by selling him a so called designer’s sherwani for 15 lacs! I wonder how many millions the “coronation” Shalwar to match the sherwani would cost ?! I think, a whole lot of school kids in some poor locality of Pakistan could be outfitted with their clothes and uniforms with that kind of money. Remember? only yesterday, the Chinese PM asked the GOP that the money to be spent on h is reception should be diverted for the poor’s welfare.  That is what true leaders are and that’s how they care for the poor.

And, here we have some spending millions on their ‘coronation’ costumes.  Does it not speak of the real worth of them? How small they are in their real stature and size that they have to prop up their personality by making use of such props?!  One wonders how much would the rest of the regalia, the receptions, the banquets and other ceremonies cost to the poor national exchequer on this occasion.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

E.mail: jafri@rifiela.com

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