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Damn the Corruption & Bad Governance of Dictatorial Ruler Nawaz Sharif


Our worthy Prime Minister addressing a  press conference in Bhawalpur  today, said that he never lies, probably he was promising for the future not to lie anymore, because for his past it would be a  joke of the decade to say he never lied.Probably he was joking, as he knows well that his entire life is based on varied nature of lies. I must hit at people of Pakistan as well, as to why & how they find out that Prime Minister lied. The question arises what made him to say he never lie, knowingly that he is lying. This remains to be a mystery. All of his life poor guy had been like that. 

1- Jinnah vs Nawaz (1)
We saw him strongly refuting of any deal with General Musharraf while leaving for Saudi Arabia, later it turned out that he had signed a deal not to return before 10 Years. 

Thanks for reminding people of Pakistan, especially, the hard core PML(N) voters and supporters. If they want a liar for Prime Minister of Pakistan, then I should say “Good Luck”. The Sharif Brothers’ motto in life is ,”WO VAHDA HI KIA JO WAFA HO GAYA”?
Now it is for the people of Pakistan to judge whether lies or not. 


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FA Pass Fraudia Chaudhry Nisar Ali “Khan, “Pathans Do Not Have Chaudhrys, as a tribe or clan”: Liar Bipolar Politician of Pakistan

Mr. Bean Graduates – by Zulfiqar Ali

Pashtuns do not have any tribe called the Chaudhry. Chaudhry Nisar Ali “Khan” added the honorific to give himself a martial race credential. He is actually a Kashmiri like the rest of PML(N) an should be proud of his background, instead of hiding it.

poocho iss se degreeIt is real news to me that ECP can commit such a blunder by asking leader of the opposition to submit his certificate of FA or its equivalents. How can a leader of such high profile not have genuine educational credentials? Like my favorite Nusrat Javed I was also mad at eve maligning bureaucracy.

However by thinking a little bit, it seems that Election Commission officials may have some valid reasons too. As per information available on media, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan was born to Brig Fateh Khan on July 31st, 1954. He was at Army Burn Hall Abbottabad (ABH) till 1968 and left at the approximate age of 14 years. As per general age pattern of kids going first grade in school at the age of 5, he should have completed 9th grade at ABH. However when boys join boarding schools, they lose one year compared to regular schools. I am sure of this about Cadet College Hassan Abdal, similar to ABH.SO if we consider that, his age at time matches to one who had passed eighth class when he joined Aitchison. However ABH may have its own policies. Ch. Nisar Ali Khan was admitted to Aitchison College on July 31st, 1969 wind left on December 31st, 1970.His school number at Aitchison was 4224. As per policy, one has to have two years to complete ‘A’ levels after doing ‘O’ levels. He left Aitchison College at the age of fifteen and a half years. This corresponds more with someone passing O levels (matric) than that of ‘A’ levels (FA).

Again let us assume he passed FA (A levels) at Aitchison. It takes some time to have results and BA classes usually start after summer vacations. He could not have started his BA at Government College Lahore before end of summer vacations of 1971. He claims to have passed BA from GC in 1972. This means he studied for only one year and passed his BA during the wartime of 1971.BA examinations were usually held in summer. So he was eighteen years old when he passed BA. Very unlikely considering that he went to boarding schools and delays in academic schedules during wartime.

Mr. Been Ch NisarMr Bean


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Drone of Corruption : Most corrupt & criminal property dealer M.Riaz in Pakistan.

Most corrupt  and criminal property dealer   Malik Riaz Hussain and his son  Ali Riaz Malik, chief executive officer of Bahria Town, are absconders in a land scam case before the Supreme Court and have been evading arrest since December last year, according to officials.



Corrupt  & criminal property dealer Mr.Riaz


The Anti Corruption Establishment registered a case against Hussain, Malik and four others at its police station in Rawalpindi on November 4, 2009.

They were accused of bribing revenue officials to get 1,401 kanals of ‘shamilat’ or community land transferred to their names. The two had obtained interim bail in the case but it expired in December 2011.

Unknown-3Punjab Prosecutor General Sadaqat Ali Khan said that both father and son were “fugitives from the law” and legally could not even give a letter of attorney to a lawyer. To do so, they would first have to surrender or obtain bail, he said.

Asked why they had not been arrested, he said that the police were conducting raids for their arrests. “They must be arrested to complete the challan for court proceedings,” he said.

Nida , spokeswoman for Bahria Town, said she had no comment on the subject.

Land transfer

An ACE official said that after an initial inquiry, a case had been registered on November 4, 2009, against five people, including former patwari Muhammad Rizwan, for fraudulently claiming ownership of the land in Malikpur Azizwal tehsil by forging the record, and then transferring the land to other beneficiaries.

The case was registered under Sections 420 (cheating), 468 (forgery) and 471 (using a forged document) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA). On December 12, 2010, Justice Ijaz Ahmed of the Lahore High Court’s Rawalpindi bench directed ACE to conduct a more comprehensive inquiry. ACE investigators then found 18 mutations or transfers in the land record including one in favour of Malik Riaz, two for Ali Malik, 11 for Muhammad Iqbal, an employee of Bahria Town, two for Sheikh Sajidur Rehman, and one each for Nasirul Haq and Dildar Hussain.

Bahria Town General Manager Akhtar Saeed told investigators that the land developers had paid Rs50 million to buy the land, the ACE official said, but it was actually worth billions of rupees. Saeed was accused of handing out bribes on Bahria Town’s behalf to Naib Tehsildar Adnan Bashir Kiyani, Girdawar Muhammad Hussain and Girdawar Nazir Hussain to get the land records changed and to skip verification procedures.

On October 12 last year, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while hearing the bail applications in the land scam case, questioned ACE officials as to whether Malik Riaz Hussain and his son had been arrested. ACE Director General Abid Javed told the court that several raids had been conducted to arrest Hussain and his son, but they had gone underground. He said seven of the total 16 accused had been arrested.


The Home Department, on the ACE director general’s instructions, sent a request to the Interior Ministry to put the names of the accused on the Exit Control List so they could not flee the country. The request was rejected, said ACE officials. Malik Riaz Hussain and his son got interim bail from the Supreme Court in November, but the bail period ended in December 2011.

images-13Ali Malik was also summoned twice by the Supreme Court in the Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar case, but did not turn up until his father returned to the country for the hearing last Tuesday. ACE officials said that the two could not have been arrested from the Supreme Court on Tuesday “because there would have been chaos”.


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