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Drone of Corruption : Most corrupt & criminal property dealer M.Riaz in Pakistan.

Most corrupt  and criminal property dealer   Malik Riaz Hussain and his son  Ali Riaz Malik, chief executive officer of Bahria Town, are absconders in a land scam case before the Supreme Court and have been evading arrest since December last year, according to officials.



Corrupt  & criminal property dealer Mr.Riaz


The Anti Corruption Establishment registered a case against Hussain, Malik and four others at its police station in Rawalpindi on November 4, 2009.

They were accused of bribing revenue officials to get 1,401 kanals of ‘shamilat’ or community land transferred to their names. The two had obtained interim bail in the case but it expired in December 2011.

Unknown-3Punjab Prosecutor General Sadaqat Ali Khan said that both father and son were “fugitives from the law” and legally could not even give a letter of attorney to a lawyer. To do so, they would first have to surrender or obtain bail, he said.

Asked why they had not been arrested, he said that the police were conducting raids for their arrests. “They must be arrested to complete the challan for court proceedings,” he said.

Nida , spokeswoman for Bahria Town, said she had no comment on the subject.

Land transfer

An ACE official said that after an initial inquiry, a case had been registered on November 4, 2009, against five people, including former patwari Muhammad Rizwan, for fraudulently claiming ownership of the land in Malikpur Azizwal tehsil by forging the record, and then transferring the land to other beneficiaries.

The case was registered under Sections 420 (cheating), 468 (forgery) and 471 (using a forged document) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA). On December 12, 2010, Justice Ijaz Ahmed of the Lahore High Court’s Rawalpindi bench directed ACE to conduct a more comprehensive inquiry. ACE investigators then found 18 mutations or transfers in the land record including one in favour of Malik Riaz, two for Ali Malik, 11 for Muhammad Iqbal, an employee of Bahria Town, two for Sheikh Sajidur Rehman, and one each for Nasirul Haq and Dildar Hussain.

Bahria Town General Manager Akhtar Saeed told investigators that the land developers had paid Rs50 million to buy the land, the ACE official said, but it was actually worth billions of rupees. Saeed was accused of handing out bribes on Bahria Town’s behalf to Naib Tehsildar Adnan Bashir Kiyani, Girdawar Muhammad Hussain and Girdawar Nazir Hussain to get the land records changed and to skip verification procedures.

On October 12 last year, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while hearing the bail applications in the land scam case, questioned ACE officials as to whether Malik Riaz Hussain and his son had been arrested. ACE Director General Abid Javed told the court that several raids had been conducted to arrest Hussain and his son, but they had gone underground. He said seven of the total 16 accused had been arrested.


The Home Department, on the ACE director general’s instructions, sent a request to the Interior Ministry to put the names of the accused on the Exit Control List so they could not flee the country. The request was rejected, said ACE officials. Malik Riaz Hussain and his son got interim bail from the Supreme Court in November, but the bail period ended in December 2011.

images-13Ali Malik was also summoned twice by the Supreme Court in the Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar case, but did not turn up until his father returned to the country for the hearing last Tuesday. ACE officials said that the two could not have been arrested from the Supreme Court on Tuesday “because there would have been chaos”.


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LAMENT OF A PAKISTANI: Tahir ul Qadri Nay Sub Ki Surat Bey Niqab Kar Dee: Pakistan Mehn Shaitan Key Shakal PPP Ka Lota Fawad Chaudhry Hai:Malik Riaz=Nawaz Shariff

This is a letter from a Pakistani, since, our board does not support Urdu script. we have put in Roman script. This letter is long, so we had to reduce its length. The writer, who wants to stay anonymous thinks  that Fawad Chaudhry of PPP is considered the face of all that is wrong with Pakistan. He is called a Shaitan or Devil by this writer. Editor’s note.



Lament of a Pakistani

Saray Siast Daan, Imran Khan Sameith,ek hi thali ke chatte batte niklay,Malik Riaz/Nawaz Shariff ka yaar nikla,

Agenda 360 - 1st July 2012


Shaitan Fawad Chaudhry Ki Makroo Batain

Allama Tahir ul Qadri nay Pakistan kay waderay aur jagirdaroon key jarhyehn hilla dehn. Imran Khan Sahib ko toh Qadri Sahib nay Maath dey dee, woh toh ab Baghlay Jhank Rahey hain. Aisa lagta hai kay Pakistan 65 saal say hijack ho chukaa hai. Ab Nawaz Shariff, urf Ghugoo Waja bhi apnee asliyat pay utar ayen hain. Imran Khan sahib, jab sakth azmaish ahtee hai to bhaag jatay hain, naqli democracy kay pardey kay pechay. Yeh saray, Imran Khan samaith, ek hi thali ke chatte batte niklay. Inn kee leadership pay humain bhi shukh honay laga hai. Pehlay bhi Khan sahib Gidhar ban gaye thay jab Chief Justice key restoration ka mamla tha. Afsoos hai, kay ek mohibay watan ghair mulki Pakistani nay iman aur taqway say asee muhim chalayee ka sab key asal surat be niqab hoo gayee. Imran Khan jis say qaum ki umeedan wabasta thein, innoh nay be qaum kay saath dhoka kiya.

Aap Tahir ul Qadri say mutafiq hoon ya nahin, magar inn kay aanay ka ik faaida Pakistani ko zaroor hua, wo yeh ka Pakistan kay jitanay siyast daan hain yeh saab ek hi kishtee mehn baithay hain. Lotay Fawad Chaudhry bhi ghabra ya, ghabra ya lagta hai. Zardari, Karachi mehn baytha hai, Jahaz Dubai Bhagnay kay liyeh Badin Airport pay ready hai.

  • Malik Riaz ki asliyat bhi pata chaal gayee, yeh Zardari ki hee nahin Balkay Nawaz or Shabaz Shariff ka bhi yaar hai. Malik Riaz =Nawaz Shariff=Shahbaz Shariff=Asif Zardari=Asfandyar Wali=Sikander Jatoi=Pakistan kay luteray
  • Zardari, Nawaz Shariff, Shahbaz Shariff, aur Malik Riaz inn key guth joor hai
  • Pakistan kay shaitan ki shakal Fawad Chaudhry 
  • Punjab Paindoo Dakoo Chaudhrion nay Pakistan ko loot liya
  • Pakistan key logoon koo Bewaquf banaya jaa raha hai. Punjabi meh isay kehtay hai-
  • Pakistan ki ghareeb awam ko phudhoo banaya ja raha hai
  • Fauj bhi ek phusray ke terah tamasha dekh rahee hai
  • Fauj ka leader Gen.Kiyani ko Cigarat ka nasha maat rakhta hai, issay mulk kee parwaa nahin
  • 100 bandey Quetta mehn shaheed hua, Kiyani nay apnay nashay mehn chook bhi na kee
  • Yeh saray luteray ek jaga pay ikatay ho gaye hain
  • Inhay ab Dubai hey apna watan nazar aata hai
  • In sab kay ghar Dubai mehn hain
  • Pakistani jab tak theik nahin ho jagain gay, inn ki qismat jab tak nahin badlay gey

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