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An Anti-Pakistan Armed Forces US Agent Nawaz Sharif Wants to Cut Funding from PAF: ‘PAF needs additional resources from govt’ PAF Chief

Our Young Lions : Sons of Sohni Dharti: US Agent Nawaz Sharif wants to clip their Wings





We overseas Pakistanis are the bulwark of support to Pakistan Armed Forces. We toil in foreign lands, so we can send our hard earned cash in dollars to protect our nation. Pakistan Armed Forces are our highest priority. Without their strength and jazba, Pakistan will cease to exist. The current government of US Agent Nawaz Sharif has history of animosity towards Pakistan Armed Forces.  Nawaz Sharif is a US sponsored Prime Minister imposed on Pakistani people. His highest priority is not  the economy, but to ‘de-fang,” and make impotent, the Armed Forces of Pakistan. He is sharpening his knife to cut the Defence budget, to please his American masters and Hindu Indian friends. Overseas Pakistanis are dismayed at the current spate of anti-armed forces statement from Nawaz Sharif hand his Naurattans, Ahsan Iqbal(Mafia Don of Narowal), Khwaja Asif, Ishaq Dar, Sartaj Aziz, Shahbaz Sharif, Pervez Rashid, Saad Rafiq, Hamza Shahbaz and others. Pakistan Air Force is critical for the survival of Pakistan. Pakistan Army and Navy cannot protect the nation without the defensive cover of ‘shaheens’ of Pakistan Air Force. Names of PAF heroes are emblazoned in every street and crossroads of our nation.  It is is distinct dishonor to their achievements and the PAF shaheeds memory to “BEG ,”additional resources from govt,”as described

in the “Pakistan Daily Times,” article:


‘PAF needs additional resources from govt’



Staff Report 

KARACHI: Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt has said to demand additional resources from government authorities to enhance capabilities of Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

This he stated during his visit to Air War College on Friday. He addressed the faculty members and participants of Air War Course about his vision of the PAF. Air Chief said that vision of PAF had actually been spelled out 65 years ago by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Jinnah had stated that a country without strong Air Force will be at the mercy of any aggressor.

Butt said that with available resources, PAF would be a force comprising empowered and motivated human resource that is prepared to handle the entire spectrum of modern day warfare. He said that his preference is a force which is competent to face present and future challenges with full capacity to absorb future technologies. 

He stated that he would approach Government of Pakistan for additional resources to enhance PAF capabilities. In these testing times, where nation is facing additional challenge of internal security, he said, PAF would leave no stone unturned for preserving its assets.

Air Chief further said that PAF leadership has actually been following the direction given by Jinnah. Starting from post-independence era, till date, intense efforts have been underway to make PAF a potent and modern fighting force. He stated that professionally skilled, morally strong and self-esteemed manpower is his priority. 

Air War College is the premier institution of PAF where senior officers of armed forces and friendly countries are prepared for assumption of key command and staff appointments especially in the employment of air power.


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