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The Role of Nawaz Sharif in the Neocon Game Plan to DeNuclearize Pakistan: CNN INTERVIEW: Mian Mansha Admits Yahoodi Levi Strauss Are His Partners

Pakistan’s Current Prime Minister ‘s Front Man Involved in Stealing Pakistan State Enterprises is none other than Pakistan’s No.1 Robber Baron, Mian Mansha. He has huge investments in US Stocks & Bonds and owns properties in US.



Mian Mansha & Yahoodi Owned & Operated Levi Strauss Company Partnership:

Mian Mansha Admitted in Interview Partnership with Levi Strauss

Is Nawaz sharif Partner Mian Mansha A Mossad Asset in Pakistan?



No Pakistani politician speaks against him, including Imran Khan & his PTI. They know that PTI will fail, if they speak against Mian Mansha. This Businessman Vulture has sucked the blood of free enterprise system in Pakistan, by establishing huge monopolies in cahoots with crooked politicians like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari. Pakistan’s Rural & Urban Poor, suffer from malnutrition, disease, filthy drinking water, lack of sanitation facilities and lack of roof over their heads.  Pakistan’s Robber Barons; use the nation as their hostage.  They have complete control of all aspects of Pakistan Governments Policy Making.  They incur debts on Pakistan by State Borrowing from International Lenders like IMF, World Bank, & Asian Development Bank. The State Loans are then siphoned off in form of Business Loans to State Enterprises, which are always running at a loss. Until, they are run into the ground through hiring of corrupt managers and directors at the behest of Robber Barons like Mian Mansha. Then starts the real scam. The State Enterprises are sold at 1 cent on the dollar to Businessmen Vultures like Mian Mansha, by democratically rulers of Pakistan like Nawaz Sharif. This is happening again. It was the same story of two previous Nawaz Sharif Administrations. Pakistan Strategic Enterprises like the Machine Tool Factory & the Heavy Mechanical Complex are now the target of Nawaz Sharif for Privatization, carried out by his handpicked cronies.


The Business Vultures Game is simple; have the State borrow from International lenders as loans for boosting the economy. Build State enterprises with these borrowed loans, show, devastating losses in these enterprises, and finally sell these enterprises at a rupee token price. Mian Mansha is the Master of these scams. He is also the front man for Nawaz Sharif’s dirty deals. The latest twist in these scams is ominous. Mian Mansha and Nawaz Sharif have found India as a safe haven for their financial investments. Therefore, both of them are ready to siphon off money from fire sale of Pakistan State Enterprises and invest it in India.  But, above all, they are serving India’s interests, by selling Pakistan’s defence related State Enterprises like Pakistan Machine Tool Factory, which makes parts for Pakistan’s Ghauri, Ghaznavi, and Nasr Missiles; and Al-Khalid MBTs. 

Nawaz Sharif’s ultimate target is Pakistan’s Nuclear Program. He wants to roll it back, by Privatizing Industries that provide components of Pakistan’s Nukes. History is repeating itself. Pakistan is being sucked dry through IMF, Asian Development Bank and World Bank Loan interests. Pakistan’s State Enterprises are being hijacked through Privatization. Pakistan’s is being taken into a dark alley, where hungry Pakistanis will gladly give away their strategic assets for a morsel of bread. The catalyst in this scheme is Gen.Raheel Shabbir, COAS, Pakistan Army, who was hand picked by Nawaz Sharif, over several senior generals, to look the other way, while, Pakistan is stripped of its defensive capabilities.  Nawaz Sharif is the finishing the job of stripping Pakistan of all its strategic assets one at a time, through a stealth mechanism. Nawaz Sharif has backing of United States, which wants Pakistan stripped off of its Nuclear Capabilities. End of Story…


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20110509Is “Ganja” alert to this false propaganda from his cousins across the border? He is anti-Pak Armed Forces and has been brought in to roll back the Pakistan Nuclear & Ballistic Program. He will again, be playing with fire, if he again tries to roll back the Nuclear and Ballistic (MRBM) Program under the guise of  IMF conditions and boosting the economy. Pakistan Armed Forces need to be vigilant at the rank and file level and prevent this “puppet,” to try to sell off our strategic assets, so he could buy more Rolex Watches in Washington.



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